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    Wd- 45 (s)

    Is there any market demand remaining at all for narrow front Allis WD- 45 s?
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    Made a Mistake

    Mistakenly clicked on "Mark all Read" is there a way to UN-MARK it?
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    X350 John Deere - D140 Hydro Tranny Question

    The X350 specs lists a K46 hydro but the lowe's site that sells the lower class D140 tractors doesn't list the tranny number. Does anyone know which transmission is in the D140 or could link a spec sheet that gives that information? thanks
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    Wind Generation

    Has anyone ever seen evidence of a buried cable from any of the large wind generators in your area or a power sub-station to distribute electric power? I've driven by thousands and have never seen any evidence electric power is being distributed anywhere. Rather strange I'd say.
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    Engine Shutdown Systems Reading this post prompts the question : Has there been any improvement made in shut down systems that keep one from the expensive repairs as in the above post? Water and oil temperature shut...
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    Gate Hinge

    Anyone ever use this type of gate hinge?
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    Your IRA Provider

    Have you ever fired your IRA provider. Reasons Ok, company names please withhold.
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    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Looking for advise from anyone presently using an Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean carburetor parts etc., their recommendations and cleaning solutions that work for industrial type parts. The last I used one was 40 some years ago while working in a small jewelry manufacture shop during college. All...
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    Propane Prices

    Texas gulf coast Mont Belview wholesale is 0.354 cents. How much are you paying?
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    fill - er - up

    The last time wholesale propane was $0.34 was in 2002 .
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    can someone explain what these symbols are and why they appear in the text? *************************************************************** 1鐔 3鐔
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    Willys - Year ??

    Any guesses as to the year of manufacturer. Old enough to have a fresh air vent but new enough to have wipers. If I was younger I'd love to have it to restore. All it would need is a blade and added weight to push snow.
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    John Deere LA 135 Rectifier Needed (pics)

    My Lawn tractor needs a rectifier. Is there a Briggs parts man here that can tell me which rectifier number and possibly charge voltage for my Briggs? After market will be fine being they are all made in the same place and seem to last only a couple of years.:D
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    Go to Last Page

    Is anyone but me having problems with " go to last page " ? Works intermittently for me like 1 percent it will and 99 percent of the attempts it won't.
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    A lost Asset in Auto Transmissions

    Until recently the automatic tranny was useful in conditions such as snow, ice, sand or mud and worked equally well in all of those conditions. To start from a dead stop under those conditions we were able to select 2 on the shift selector, ease down on the accelerator to begin forward motion...
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    Ethanol in Autos

    Why doesn't ethanol adversely effect components in automobile fuel systems like it does in small engines? Automobiles - nearly unheard of. Small engines - constant battle.
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    Ford F1900

    Does anyone here have a F1900 or know of anyone that does? I was trying to get a feel for reliability and the availability of parts.
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    Small Stump Puller

    With the supposedly bad economy is there any market remaining for Ajax tractors? Any collectors out there have a value idea / range for one in this condition in case I want to raise my hand at the auction?
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    Hold That Red Button Down

    Got tired of holding that red button down while pushing green striker button and attempting to look in that little window down below to see if / when the pilot lights. Quick Grip clamp to the rescue.
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    Quality After Market Safety Switches

    For decades safety switches have been a pain in the butt. Not limited to lawn/garden tractors but in more recent years the big tractors are involved. Wouldn't you be mad as **** if you paid a quarter million for a tractor and in less than 30 days from the dealer it wouldn't crank because of...
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    Grapple ID

    Does anyone recognize the brand of this grapple? Trying to determine if it will fit on a NH TD75D. I don't think the pallet is keeping it from the elements but the paint looks good. Thanks
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    Private Messages

    Is there a way to upload pics when sending a private message? Don't see the "manage attachments" or anything else there to do it with.
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    Roadblock In TX

    Ennis traffic momentarily comes to a standstill or until he decides to allow traffic to resume flow. Yep, like Ennis has a high traffic flow.:laughing:
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    Ten Minute Saw Buck for Kindling

    Needing a saw buck to hold long slim poles that were too big to break for kindling but could use a sawsall to cut I made this one in just a few minutes. It actually surprised me how large of poles it will hold. This one will take a 6 inch diameter about 8 ft. long. On smaller poles I use a...
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    Trail / Game Camera Buying

    Looking on ebay to see what is now available in the trail camera department I read a listing that re-newed and triggered my thoughts again on buying these cameras used. This particular listing is for camera only. No box, no instruction manual, no batteries, no strap. These cameras are so...
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    Rectifier Location on a John Deere LA-135 LE

    Needing to test the rectifier because of alternator not charging. According to one source it is a metal box with 4 wire tabs but where it is located on the tractor is the question. One source says the operator's manual shows - not so. I've searched for a on line service manual but struck out...
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    World's Oldest Running Car Sells for 4.6 Million

    World's oldest running car fetches $4.6 million at auction
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    Blind Spot/ Hot Spot mirror removal

    Has anyone successfully removed a peel and stick blind spot mirror stuck to another mirror? Wishful thinking of something that would dissolve the sticky. Here at the ranch on Saturday I have at my disposal WD-40, carburetor cleaner, diesel fuel, kerosene, acetone, lacquer thinner, paint...
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    The Neighbor Kid's 12 ft. Blade

    If I'd known he was going to do his drive I'd taken some before pics. It was a washed / rutted mess but in just a few minutes he had it much better and I'm sure this is the first time he ever used this blade. Unlike a box blade there is almost no learning curve and no resulting speed bumps.
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    Small V12 Engine

    El motor V-12 más pequeño del mundo. - YouTube
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    Yes or No

    After reading about all the accidents when mowing down steep hills, is it safer to have the front loader bucket attached or removed? This question is for down steep hill travel only where traction may be lost and with either a 3ph mower, belly mower or no mower at all so size doesn't really...
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    Would You Fly

    if airplanes had the same quality safety switches as tractors?:laughing:
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    Backing Through the Drive-Thru

    Being a country boy, I'm often looking for a logical and better way of doing things. So at the Drive-Thru it's customary for the driver to order burgers, fries, drinks or whatever and get it just right for that better half in the passenger seat and the kids or passengers in the back and then...
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    Winterizing around the Farm/Ranch

    As we prepare for winter weather we usually think to drain garden hoses and/or put them away, check antifreeze levels in vehicles etc. etc., but did you ever think to check the operation of your frost/freeze proof hydrant. They are freeze proof only if they operate as designed.:D There are a...
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    Did I Dream it or Read It? (removing mower blades)

    On side discharge decks the popular 2x4 wood block works pretty well on the blade next to the discharge chute to keep the blade from turning while the nut is removed. But on other blades under that same deck that block of wood isn't all that convenient in my opinion. So today I tried what I...
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    DO You have Ink-Balls

    attached to or under your oak tree? Tried researching them and came up with mostly a blank sheet for information.
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    Fifty years ago Kendall motor oil was as common as a button on a shirt and was advertised as the 2,000 mile oil. It has been MIA for several years and now I see it back. Does anyone run Kendall oil?
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    Did You Loose Your Small Screwdriver?

    My son found it but didn't know he did until he took his pickup to the service center for an oil change and they told him. Must not be a Snap-on because the handle broke.:laughing:
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    Tractor Anti-Lock Brakes

    This is the way I see it. Home owners and tractor operators are going to continue to attempt to mow their too steep hills and rolling their tractors until the government mandates more safety devices. If you think safety interlocks are a pain now wait until this one is implemented. It'll make...
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    Filler / Plug / Dipstick location

    The loader arms/ brackets etc. being in the way doesn't help one bit but could someone tell me where to find the hydraulic oil filler / plug / dipstick location on a TD75D. Left side , right side, rear, most anything would help. The pics are from the operators manual and the best I can do from...
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    Banking in Palmer Texas

    I suppose the price of a cup of coffee at the Quick Trip has increased too. It seems as if this fellow had to stop and get more money.:laughing:
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    Amp Gauge Question

    This old tractor amp gauge looks old enough to be 6 volt and it isn't marked. Are amp gauges volt specific? If it came from a 6 V system would it destroy it to test it with a 12 V system?
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    TD 75D Grease Question

    While having the front wheels/tires off for service it looks as if this would be a good opportunity to grease 3 points each side. The pic is left side looking forward at front wheel hub area. Fitting #1 is a tie rod end (for a lack of book terminology) and fitting #2 is the top of king pin (for...
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    Is this Valve Stem Tubeless?

    Slow leaks on the front tires of a TD75D is causing a guy to want tubes installed. Can we look at this stem and determine without a doubt that he has tubeless tires on his tractor? Being they are on a newer tractor I'd bet yes but would like some opinions other than mine.
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    John Deere 830 Crankshaft

    This 830 is a non-running tractor. There is history of one in my area that broke the crankshaft long time ago and due to the expense it was never repaired. This tractor is to be auctioned and so my question. What would be a reliable way to determine if the crank in this tractor is broken or not...
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    It Takes a Lot of Nerve

    to as for $5.00 shipping on top of that price.:laughing: Lawn Tractor Tire Tube 10" 170-100 - eBay (item 290507192725 end time Mar-31-11 14:16:56 PDT)
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    Is There an Electrician Handy?

    I've been ask to research Written Pole Technology. The purpose of the research is to determine if a single phase electric motor could be purchased of sufficient size to power an irrigation pump so the costly expense of running 3 phase power to the location could be eliminated. The motor...
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    Is There a Bearing X-Pert in the House

    A 6203 ball bearing seems to be a common bearing for several applications. But they all seem to have other numbers and letters following the 6203. Example: 2RSJEM, 2RS,RS 2RS1 Is anyone familiar with these number/letter designations or know where there is a chart that will de-code them and...
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    John Deere LA-135 blade shaft bearings

    It's often suggested to buy the complete assembly, but has anyone ever tried to disassemble one of these 100 series housings and replace the bearings? The number on the housing is GY20454 and of course it says made in china. If a press is required I have access to one but knowing which way to...
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    Moving a Barn the Nebraska Way

    YouTube - Bruno Barn Move