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    Parts for Lenar

    I have a Lenar 274-1 tractor. I am hoping to find someone that can direct me to where I can get parts. The bushings in the rocker arms are shot. Any thoughts out there would be most appreciated. Thanks, Desert Rancher
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    Governor Stud Seal?

    Hello I have a Kohler Command 20 (CH20S) on a Lincoln Welder (Ranger 8). Has 250 hrs. Hasn't been used for about a year. Always started well till now. Noticed the sun had gotten to the fuel lines so I replaced them. Started and ran great for about 20-30 mins. when I saw what I thought was...
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    Looking for a carb

    Looking for a carburetor off an International Utility 300 tractor. I haven't seen the carb yet so I don't know what kind it is. Do know that a small tube inside (some sort of metered orifice) that doesn't come with a rebuild kit for it was broken off. Anyone know what this "tube" is? Where...
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    Nice to meet ya'

    Nice to meet ya'
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    Gresen Valve

    I have a Gresen valve on a loader. Casting #2753 above outlet side and a K0?, 6, or 8 stamped on a machined spot on top of the relief valve. Anyone know the specs, what type of valve this is, or (most importantly) where I could get parts to rebuild it? It's paired with the pump listed in my...
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    Prince PTO Pump Specs

    I have an aluminum housing Prince PTO pump for a 1 3/8, 6 tooth shaft. Casting # is C-387, with the #81177 stamped into the face of the housing just above the Prince logo casting. Anyone know the specs of this pump? Couldn't find it listed on the Prince site. Thanks