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    2012 Kioti RX6010 roof replacement parts

    Hi guys, and gals. I was towing my tractor the other night, and there was a broken branch hanging down in the road. I hit it with my tractor cab. It broke the orange top, and broke out a couple of the cab filters on the passenger side. I priced a new top through the local dealer, and it's...
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    2013 Kioti RC6010 curl function doesn't work

    Thank you. I'll have him check that, and then come back here. Thanks again
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    2013 Kioti RC6010 curl function doesn't work

    I have a co-worker that ows a 2013 Kioti RC 6010, 59 Horsepower tractor. I was using it and the curl function on the stick seemed to just lose pressure and function. Even with the tractor off, when I push it to the left, it feels like there is nothing there. No resistance and won't come back...
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    Iseki TS1910 oil coming out of breather cap

    This is an Iseki TS1910, G192. I got it and it had sat for 3 years. I got it running, by a lot of cracking open fuel lines and cranking, pressurizing the fuel tank, and a little starter fluid (I know it痴 not good). Once running, it sounded good, ran good. After a warm up period, it started...
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    New Iseki owner, some general info to get it started please

    Good morning guys, and gals! I just bought an Iseki TS1910 2WD tractor from a lady, whos brother passed away and owned it. I would like to start by saying that I am mechanically inclined and flip cars and boats quite a bit. Tractors are new to me, but I understand the Diesel engine and drive...