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    What works against rodents

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I just got another vehicle (van) back from the shop to repair damage from some kind of rodent eating the wiring. We have tried moth balls, Irish Spring, coyote urine but nothing seems to keep the little buggers away. They haven't found the tractor...
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    Kioti CK3510Hst PTO lever (manual) won't engage

    This is a repeat of a question about the PTO on a 2018 Kioti CK3510HST. I think the original question was posted in 2019 but when you are old, time flies, minds wander. At that time, the PTO would not engage after sucking up a piece of 4x4 into a flail mower while clearing some tall brush. The...
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    CK3510 HST - PTO wont engage after mowing problem

    I am a fairly novice tractor owner and was mowing in high brush and brambles with a flail ditch mower directly behind the tractor and it caught and jammed a foot long 4x4 into the housing and stopped the drum. Belts screamed, I got the clutch in and disengaged the PTO lever. Got onto the road...