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    Material for hydraulic hard lines, Copper-Nickel or only steel?

    I would probably use Stainless lines and look for something with a 3,000 psi working. I would encourage you to go with 3/8" tubing as it will be close to 1/4" hoses in size. Tubing is measured by the OD and hose is measured by the ID. 1/4" tubing is extremely small and will be very very slow...
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    3010s New Holland tractor triple remotes

    Nice job. Very professional looking. Thank you for sharing.
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    Good approach to good ownership. Its amazing what you find when greasing. Not a fun task, but an important one for good care of equipment.
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    I try to grease every 8 hours. However I will grease before doing a large job, or after a long time of sitting. Figure the grease drives the water and contaminates out. I would love a battery powered grease gun, but have to settle for an air powered one for now. Greasing every oil change is...
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    Ford 917 Flail Need Main Rotor!

    The part number is BU81622. It is discontinued by CNH. it was previously $1621. Buying the parts unit would most likely be the best option, assuming no other damage was done to the unit when it snapped. Catastrophic damage like what is on your unit had to have required some significant...
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    What are the most reliable tractors to own?

    Reddogs, all the brands you list make good machines for the most part. They have all made duds as well. The dealer is the deciding factor. For example I know Challenger is a good brand, however my coworker has terrible issues with his, but most is due to an incompetent dealer. With that...
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    CountryLine Post Hole Digger PTO Shaft

    On a shear bolt style driveline the pin hole is normally small. Its a pilot hole and you drill it out to fit your needs.
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    Massey Ferguson 231 Injector Pump

    There is a member here who helps lots of folks on pump questions. He has an injection pump shop and is well thought of in this forum and others. Below is his profile.
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    Door handle for Kubota MX54 factory cab.

    I am assuming you have a Kubota MX5400, since the MX54 is not a valid model. The door latch on the MX5400 left door appears to be the same as the Kubota B3030. The B3030 has a handle for the right door I am guessing that they would work on your right door. Below is the diagram for the B3030...
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    New hydraulic top link won't clear the lift arms on my B-series

    Not Sure about AU, but finding banjo fittings in the US is terrible. We normally replace them with O-Ring Boss (ORB) due to rarity.
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    Case DX-34

    I believe the part you need for the clutch housing is SBA320111930. It is used on the New Holland TC34DA, TC35DA, Boomer 2035, T2220, Case IH: DX34, DX35. Parts Manuals can be found here. Salvage tractors can be found here...
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    What trailer should I get for Kubota Tractor, and what should I pay?

    Not sure were Reddogs is but if he is up north the steel deck trailers rust something horrid. Salt gets in between the deck and the cross members and wrecks havoc. What is the weight capacity of the current trailer are you using Red? I am surprised that it is struggling with your Kubota if it...
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    Front end snowblower conversion

    I hope you don't mine I have a few more questions. What did you use for a pump and motor, make/model or specs? Also what were the diameters of the lines you used?
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    Front end snowblower conversion

    I do not know how I missed this thread. Orebonder you did a great job on the fab work. Thank you for showing us what you did and how you constructed it. I am curious on some details on the reservoir. The well pressure tanks generally have a diaphragm that is attached to the inside sides of...
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    PTO driven leaf blower

    The Little Wonder blower most likely has a 3600 rpm engine on it. With a 540 PTO you will have no blow, and it will most likely turn the wrong direction. You will most likely have to replace the motor, or look at some serious fab work to make it function how you want.
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    A&I Products Parts for Kubota and Tired Iron Tractor Parts

    With allpartsstore it is a site run by A&I for the dealer. So your buying from A&I with the local dealer getting a cut, if I remember correctly. I know that would be a good safe bet. I cannot speak about the other sites, not that they are not reputable.
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    A&I Products Parts for Kubota and Tired Iron Tractor Parts

    A&I is one of the major aftermarket agricultural parts distributors in the US. They have thousands of dealers, and are a reputable company, and have been in business for quite some time. But watch out about shipping glass from them. I know they pack it really well, however they have some...
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    Extension cord for block heaters?

    I like a 12 gauge SOOW or SJOOW cord. They are very flexible down to -10 or so. I have not see any other cord be able to handle the cold the same. I have destroyed many of the thermoplastic cords in winter. I would have to move cords between equipment at job sites due to limited power...
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    The most dangerous trimming of the tree branch with a John Deere backhoe in my life..

    I did this a few winters ago with a Ford 655D. Had a limb hit me in the face and throw my glasses off. Had to have my friend who was in the tractor lower the bucket so I could find my glasses. Not what I would call safe. But you have to do what you have to do some times. I had made a...
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    Pallet Fork Length

    I like 48" for most things. 48" allows for me to set things further back in truck beds, or the center of a trailer. I can lift more logs / pipe / etch with a 48". They allow for me to get further under what I am lifting such as a trailer. In the woods or barn, I just watch what I am doing. I...
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    Prime attachments grapple

    Whats the weight on the Prime Grapple? Also do you want a rock grapple or a brush grapple? The brush grapple has wider spacing so debris falls through like DGZRT posted. A rock grapple will have narrower spacing to allow dirt to fall through but retain rocks. The removable sides, along with...
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    Portable air tank

    I see Grainger has some USA made 20 gallon Speedaire units. Not sure who else makes a portable unit. 20 gallons is a darned big tank to lug around.
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    RTV900 Hydraulic Steering Line Replaced. Questions???

    We all appreciate followups. It helps others who might have the same problem in the future. I cant even begin to count the times that a follow on an old post on what the OP found helped me solve my problems. That is the great thing about forums, the problems and solutions are saved for...
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    RTV900 Hydraulic Steering Line Replaced. Questions???

    According to the workshop manual P286 that is an indication of not enough bleeding. Below is a link to the manual "RTV 900 WSM".
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    Bradco Stabilizer Cylinder - Need advice

    A local hydraulics shop should be able to provide the seals needed, if you bring the cylinder to them. Otherwise Bradco is part of Paladin now.
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    Pin Lock quick attache

    They only sell to dealers.
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    Pin Lock quick attache

    I know HLA makes several quick attach adaptors, they are in Listowel ON it might be worth giving them a call.
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    Pin Lock quick attache

    You have a pin grabber. It will allow you to only use attachments that are made for that model of loader. If you want to use the standard skid steer quick attach you will need to get an adapter that will replace the pin grabber, something like an ATI MF3. You will then need a bucket with a...
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    Disk Harrow - round axle with square disks?

    The round axle with square discs is common on smaller equipment. I would not worry much about it.
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    Mix or match?

    It is not great to mix tires as the sizes are never identical causing the spider gears in the differential to turn all the time. Also if you engage differential lock you will stress the axle with the larger tire more. However I have seen many 2wd tractors with mis matched tires. It will not...
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    Batwing with a single remote?

    One option might to use a ratchet jack in place of the rear cylinder and just use the tractor hydraulics for the wings. You could set the deck height, and just leave the mower at that if your not having to transport it.
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    Plugged hydraulic intake screen jd5055e

    Thanks for the update. Hope all goes well for you.
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    Easy top link extension

    Can you expand on why it did not work well? I am assuming the flat bars bent into a pretzel, but it would be good to know the details.
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    Bushing Size

    None of the associated parts really list any dimensions, not surprising for Kubota. Good news is that the K5763-42192 is around $15 retail so not too bad of a price.
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    Breaking up very hard dirt clods.

    When I worked grounds keeping for a college, we would keep our nice top soil in a shed. It had been their years and was very hard. We would load it with a backhoe into the dump truck. To spread it we used a Kubota BX2400 with a tiller. Spread it with the bucket, then use the tiller to grind...
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    Bushing Size

    There is no good way to my knowledge. The pin might have dimensions, but thats about it. I do not think Kubota dealers see much in the way of detailed specs, unlike JD dealers who have access to lots of great details. What is the part number out of curiosity?
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    I do not have experience with electric grapple, but do have experience with electric actuators, and grapples. I will assume we are looking at the Worksaver electric grapple. If there are more on the market please post up. I find innovation interesting and an electric grapple is innovative...
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    Looking for value on a MF 40B and an International T6 Crawler both restored.

    Good! Glad I was wrong, sounds like your neighbor is having a rough time, and this is something that worked out well for them. Thanks for posting a followup!
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    Looking for value on a MF 40B and an International T6 Crawler both restored.

    Your neighbor has some some nice machines. The T6 is stunning. However he is going to struggle selling the Massey since it does not have a PTO. He might want to put that in the ad so folks don't waste as much of his time. Also he did not mention in the ad that it has a hydraulic side link...
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    Spring attachment to keep front hydraulic hoses out of the way

    Here are some hydraulic hose holders I found.
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    I have a Massey 18 scraper, which was made by Gill for Massey. I purchased shanks from Quality Farm.* You will need to make retainers to hold the blades in. Below is the post I used as a reference for making my retainers. I would...
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    Engine dead

    The biggest issue is that using starting fluid on an engine without glow plugs or thermostart can cause the fluid to ignite prior to the end of the compression stroke. Often this will cause the rings and lands on the piston to bust off. Diesels can be equipped with a ether start system that is...
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    Eight Minute Barn

    It would greatly reduce injuries from falls if the roof is sitting on the ground. With medical costs these days, it could be a good savings on the back end. Also you could build on windy days without worrying about sheets flying away, or trusses swinging, then lift when the wind abates. You...
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    Hydraulic hose quality

    The leaking crimp fittings is concerning. NRP Jones is a quality manufacture of hose. I looked at them a few years ago at bringing them into were I work. They should not leak. NRP uses a Custom Crimp crimper, they are all variable stop crimpers. I am betting you are right and the operator...
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    Grapple style preference

    I have not run a #2 type of grapple, so here are my thoughts. Most of my experience is with the grapple on a 2k lift skid steer so lift capacity was not as much as an issue as with compacts. I loaded lots of scrap, brush, and manure with #1 brush grapples. I have never had a problem grabbing...
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    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    Minnesota requires the underground discharge to be 6' deep, I think Wisconsin did also. We always ran them 6' down, to under the foundation which was normally 8' as we did not like making holes through the wall, and preferred to bring the line up in the basement. We used full sized backhoes so...
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    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    Even if your ground is pure beach sand you would not be able to get a subsoiler to go 36" deep.For pespective, to plow in a line 36" deep you would need a Vermeer RTX750, its a 6000lb 75hp trencher / plow. Most drillers I know will...
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    Comparable or good $

    I would get a dedicated pallet fork. It would not be hard to over stress a bale spear. Also the flat forks on a pallet fork will be gentler on a pallet than a spear. With a spear you might damage a pallet. Also you will be unable to move the spears in or out to move different shaped pallets...
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    Case 580D Parts and Model Year Search

    DJ54 posted the link to the parts books. Once you know what your looking for your local Case construction dealer will be able to help. For salvage machines that might have the parts you need. Below is a link that lists some salvage machines...
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    Comparable or good $

    Not sure if I agree with Jeff on everything he states as it depends on what you want to do with the tractor on if weight vs hp vs lift is most important. For example I have found horse power to be a key factor when mowing is a major task, for example the Kubota B7500 I used on a friends tree...