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    Branson 4720h Engine replacing rings

    Tis better to let them think you are a fool than open you mouth and remove all doubt. (Mark Twain)
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    First Tractor

    Wise choice and welcome to the forum!
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    There is another thread pertaining to this topic. I grabbed a rattle can of "safety red" while at my local hardware store. It turned out to be a tad darker than the Branson red. Next time I am there I will grab a shade lighter and give that a try.
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Last Spring I was burning some very large brush piles. I was using my pallet forks to re-stack limbs and small tree trunks as the center of the piles burned out. The factory grill guard while being a stout unit has some rather large holes in it. I took a large spruce limb directly to the steel...
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    Branson 2515H tractor

    I agree, these reports can be scary until you read between the lines. To draw any reasonable conclusion a buyer really needs to know how many units are in use, as well as annual sales. Any manufacturer that deals on a large scale customer basis will have complaints. Some legit and some not. I...
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    Bought a Branson

    Well done! congratulations on a nice find!
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    Branson 2515H tractor

    Sure good advice, I read through these before purchasing my Branson tractor last spring. You can also pull up reports on every brand including the "big 2". Branson is currently building a very robust and reliable tractor but, as with all tractors they are not perfect. The "big 2" have their...
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    Branson Tractor Reliability

    You will get a dash light and alarm "ding". You do not immediately have to stop working. You can continue work the tractor and it will intermittently continue to remind you. Once you are at a stopping point, you park the tractor, pull all select levers in neutral and engage park brake. Pull...
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    Branson Tractor Reliability

    As a fairly new Branson owner I was hesitant to chime in. I purchased a brand new 5520R last April. I currently have 176 hours on the tractor. Not enough hours in my opinion to pass the reliability and longevity test. I will say all good and this time with no issues. This is a gear driven...
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    Yanmar or Kukje?

    "If Kukje is no longer licensed to use Cummins pattern what's in 'em?" Licensing pertained to Century using the Cummins badge on the tractor. Not what parts are used in the engine. The A series comes in 3 and 4 cylinder configurations. I don't know the numbers but I suspect there are hundreds...
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    Yanmar or Kukje?

    It is my understanding that Cummins purchased the Onan diesel many years ago. Cummins made some changes one of which was converting the from a sleeved block to a parent bore. Someone on the forum may need to correct me but I believe the early Branson tractors named Century tractors carried the...
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    Yanmar or Kukje? Hope this link works. Certainly has one man's opinion but lots of factual information as well. The Kukje diesel engines offered in both TYM and Branson tractors are simply an A-series Cummins.
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    Branson relief valve

    I have the 2021 5520R which I believe to be the turbo charged version of the 4820R. I am extremely pleased with this machine. Norm
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    Branson 5520R 50Hrs Service

    I'm not by any means an authority. My understanding (and someone please correct me if I am wrong) "303" should not be used in anything but the older vintage tractors. It does not meet recommended or have the recommended ratings to be used in a more modern tractor. Very cheap stuff and those who...
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    Branson 5520R 50Hrs Service

    I'm not endorsing Travelers brand however i have seen this very topic discussed on this forum as well as other tractor forums. I have never seen a failure reported from the use of Travelers. I did see a complaint about water in the buckets where apparently pallets of the oil were exposed to rain...
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    Branson 3620

    I am new to Branson so I have no experience with the previous models range selector. The new H pattern is very smooth but if you are rolling it will grind. It would be extremely convenient if they could synchronize the range selector. I am not a tractor engineer. I wonder if there is room to...
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    New here New 3620

    I too am a fan of the gear driven tractor. Congratulations on a nice machine.
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    Branson 3620

    Mr ptsg is one of the most informative, accurate, and knowledgeable, members of this forum. So I mean no disrespect just a simple correction. I have a 2021 Branson 5520R and the main gears are definitely synchronized. The range gears unfortunately are not. Regardless it is a very smooth shifting...
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    2021 5520R First Regen

    Your reply got me thinking on why they would have a plug in port on the data recorder. Only guessing but possibly a proprietary reader for that brand of data recorder that would allow diagnostics of the sensors associated with the DPF?
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    2021 5520R First Regen

    I don't know what an average or "normal" regen interval should be and "normal" may not exist. I realize it can vary greatly in how these tractors are used and driven. Owning an emission equipped tractor new to me. At 102 hours the warning "ding" and dash light came on. I had hoped to go longer...
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    JD 4052R HST vs Branson 4820/5520CH (I chose a MF 2850M)

    I bought a Branson 5520R a couple of months ago. I looked at many brands of tractors. One of the single biggest deciding factors was the simplicity of the Branson emissions and fuel delivery system. I did not want a tractor with an ECM. Having the possibility of a check engine light or even...
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    Up-sizing my Branson 4015H to a 5520H

    Congratulations on your new purchase. Keep us posted on how you like the upgrade.
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    Exhaust Mod on my 3725

    Yes Slim, you are correct. Climate on Oregon coast is very mild with wet winters. Snow is a rarity. I will have limited use for my tractor come November through February. Pastures will be too soft depending on rainfall. I am currently doing a lot of field mowing and will move to herbicide...
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    Exhaust Mod on my 3725

    I have a 2021 now nearing my 50 hour service. Have yet to see a regen light. My plan has been to leave system alone as long as it is working properly and not requiring constant regens. Or hoping someone else does the modifications and posts procedure and results.
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    New 5520ch owner

    Very nice. Congratulations!
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    5835 first regen

    Watching your post. Very informative. I have a 5520R that just past 41 hours. I have yet to see the regen light come on. I assume our engines are very closely tuned with a 3 hp difference. Thanks for posting. Norm
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    Considering a Branson 5520H

    Hello everyone, first post, I purchased a 5520R about a month ago. I looked at nearly every brand of tractor including Mahindra. We as consumers have some very good tractors to choose from today however the biggest reason for my decision to go with Branson is the lack of an ECM and or a common...