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  1. K

    being banned

    If a person is banned from this site is his name taken off the register? If he resigns on his own is he taken off?
  2. K

    Limited posting space

    When I try to post, I get very limited space. I see posts that go on forever, but I am very restricted. Been here since 2008. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. K

    enjoy this

    Making Woodworking Tools I love this kind of stuff, hope some one finds it useful.
  4. K

    Free TV

    Does any have any info on PC Showbuz? It's a $30 program that allows you to watch cable tv stations on your pc for no monthly fee. Sounds good but I don't want to give my cc# to an outfit I know nothing about. Can't find much on the internet. Any ideas?
  5. K

    po' boy back hoe

    I thought someone might be interested in this. I made a bucket to fit on a potato plow mounted to the FEL. It digs to about 2 ft as is. With an extention could dig to about 3 ft. without hitting the tractor on the curl. I use for planting and starting holes for the PHD in hard ground.
  6. K

    small mystery

    I have sort of a small mystery with 3/4" npt Katz block heater installed in a MF 180. I've burned out two of them so far. I spoke to a rep. and he gave me 3 usual reasons for burn out. Plugging it in with the element not submerged, element touching metal when installed in block, or air pocket in...
  7. K

    sickle sections

    I need to change sickle sections on my haybine.I see there are under or over serrated blades. which do you use under what conditions?
  8. K

    baler test

    I looked at A NH 310 square baler at a dealer.I brought some hay to run a few bales through the baler.Some of the bales were bannana,some chisel shaped,and one pretty good.The dealer didn't make a windrow,just pushed hay into the baler.I could see one haydog was broken.Is this a fair test of the...
  9. K

    hauling baler

    Is it possible to haul a square baler on a 15 ft. flatbed? Has anyone done it ?
  10. K

    Big Brother

    Big Brother has made another inroad into Virginia. When you now take your dog to the vet. you are reported to the local licensing agency, so if your dogs aren't licensed you will receive a bill. i'm not against licensing. but I think this is a breach of client privacy. My vet. feels the same...
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    loader forks

    I've been kicking around an idea for awhile and thought I'd see what you guys thought.I was thinking of making loader forks out of bale spears.They seem cheap , and are plenty strong.Easy attachment with 3/4 nut.With provision for 4 spears it could be used for brush.A piece of pipe slipped over...