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    Hydraulic cylinder ID

    Can anyone help with Brand ID of this welded Hyd. cylinder? It is yellow...duh 2 inch bore 1.25 rod. Will any repair kit work of that size? See writing on cylinder. The collar has worked loose a couple of times. this time tightening it does not stop a hyd leak around the rod. I can also get...
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    Opinions on will this cause harm

    I was changing my oil at the ranch...noticed that I had wrong oil. Calls for 5W20 and I had 0w20. I had already drained it, so, it was put dirty oil in or the new synthetic of wrong weight. this is in a Ford Ranger 2.3 ltr engine with 116,000 miles. i know many engines show multiple weights of...
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    Besko loader valve assembly question, Yanmar 324

    I am looking at buying a Yanmar 324 and putting a grapple on it. The Besko valve has 7 lines I think they are the 4 ports to the loader, tank, pump, and power this right? To add a 3rd function I need to put my new valve in line with the system...take power beyond off and put it into...
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    Looking to purchase Yanmar SA 324, add 3rd function,grapple

    I want to add a 3rd Function valve for a grapple. At the dealer I am not able to see the loader valve. Does it have 7 lines on it? As in...does it have power beyond or is the loader end-of-the-line. The dealer said he would add the backhoe function PB for $300 I would rather go straight to...