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  1. kevinj

    Case DX-34

    Thanks to everyone for the leads. He ordered a housing from someone today!!! I have no idea if it was new or used.....
  2. kevinj

    Case DX-34

    Ya, used is a risk too. If the donor does not have a backhoe, good chance it will be fine. This one was missing bolts from the hoe sub frame on one side so it flexed enough to break.
  3. kevinj

    Case DX-34

    Thanks, we have checked a few yards but nothing.
  4. kevinj

    Case DX-34

    Ya, can be bought new fer lots of dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. kevinj

    Case DX-34

    WOW, lots of lookers....... Are these little DX things rare???
  6. kevinj

    Case DX-34

    Does anyone know of any salvage yards that have these. It is the same as a New Holland TC-34 I think. My buddy bought one with backhoe that was broken at the clutch housing due to missing & loose bolts in the sub-frame. He needs the clutch housing and maybe the input shaft to the hydro charge...
  7. kevinj

    Galvanized bolts? Need 36 carriage bolts, washers and nuts

    I just go to the local hardware and pick em up!!! Time ya pay fer shipping and such ya wont save much.
  8. kevinj

    What is up with battery sizing?

    What group size was the original???
  9. kevinj

    quick attach

    for houser52
  10. kevinj

    How are you dispensing gear oil?

    I use this.
  11. kevinj

    Was moving snow banks and then...

    I add a valve the first time I change them.
  12. kevinj

    Bucket Hook Placement

    I think ya stole it from me!!!!:laughing:
  13. kevinj

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    This one one is cool, came up on it at a light today
  14. kevinj

    My new Cornpro deckover

    Looks a lot like my 8 year old corn pro...... I just got this one this spring to replace my 18 year old 7k....
  15. kevinj

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    My stuff for firewood
  16. kevinj

    Replacing Cutting Edge

    MY 724 was factory drilled and the first thing to go on it was a double edge!!! I should never wear out the original.
  17. kevinj

    Saved from the scrap

    My boss was going to junk this. A few hours of repairing some loose & corroded wiring it was running fine, and I have a nice portable to go along with the DialArc 250. Then I had to paint it up a bit:thumbsup:
  18. kevinj

    Finally finished bucket hooks

    I got around to putting the last 2 hooks on. I have to get some more Chevy orange engine paint to finish up. The Kubota paint is not even close. Both Chevy orange and Allis orange match much better.
  19. kevinj

    Pittsburgh plow ID

    Does anyone know the model number? It looks just like a Ford 101. I do have the landing lever off as it was bent.
  20. kevinj

    Snow The snow blower has arrived !

    It came in yesterday. I just had to set it up and be sure all was well. The only issues were 1 bolt missing and a couple of paint scuffs.
  21. kevinj

    Bucket hook pics

    Since ya all like pics, here is a couple shots of the ol' 3940.
  22. kevinj

    Quick attach fit

    I have searched the forums but cannot find the thread about shimming skid steer attachments. I have a Markham grubber that fits a bit too loose while everything else fits fine. I would rather shim it than ship it back. I see several ways to shim it but would like to review what others have done...
  23. kevinj

    BX Hitch

    This is the hitch I made to allow the BX to work with my small trailer and sweeper.
  24. kevinj

    sig pic

    pic upload