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    811 Locator Markings

    Our new home finally passed the final inspection so we called the power company to run the final leg from the SAW Pole to the house. Line locator guy came out while I was at work and marked the line leading into the ground transformer. Then he also wrote something off to the side which no one...
  2. J

    Interlock vs. throwing the main circuit breaker for generator powering a house

    Is there a difference in safety if I just turn off the main 200amp circuit breaker versus having a generator interlock installed? My understanding is the danger of backfeeding power to the outside power pole and transformer. Thanks, JFoy
  3. J

    Replacing the generator - suggestions?

    Had a Generac 3300 for several years and it did great but ultimately developed an oil leak. Lucky for me, still had two weeks left on the Lowes extended warranty - they opted to just refund my money. Needs: 240v connector - will back feed the panel via a welder plug. Dual fuel - gasoline /...
  4. J

    Metal roof - Ice / Snow Guards?

    Our new building has a 4:12 metal roof. When they came to put on the gutters, it was highly recommended to get these ice/snow guards installed. I've talked to a couple companies and received a lot of different advice. Some have clear plastic glue-on pieces, others have screw-ins, etc. First...
  5. J

    3/4 frost free sillcock/faucet

    With my new building, I want a 3/4in frost free sillcock/faucet for the garden hoses. I've called all the plumbing supply houses and they all tell me 1/2in is what they have. I don't understand why there aren't 3/4 frost free ones. So, if I have to go with a regular 3/4 spicket with a vacuum...
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    Mini-Split or Conventional for HVAC?

    My wife and I are builiding a 1000sqft apartment to move into and then sell our older current home. Specs are: Metal building 24x60 4in concrete slab with 1in foam board underneath and outside the footers Climate zone 3 1in closed cell spray foam for the entire building The apartment takes up...
  7. J

    0.22 Cal Drive Pin vs. TapCon

    Erecting stud walls inside metal building on concrete slab. Putting down Pressure Treated wood for bottom sill / plate. Not sure if I should go with 0.22 cal Drive Pins (nails) or TapCons. Any thoughts? Thanks, JFoy
  8. J

    Concrete pad has micro-fractures - that bad?

    Just had the pad poured for our 24x60 building yesterday. Today, the concrete guy came back to finish the edges and said the pad is extremely hot and has micro-fractures in it. We did add 1in EPS rigid foam board below the concrete and the board has a foil side that was faced down. So, the...
  9. J

    Plastic above or below insulation for slab?

    I am having a metal building erected that will be turned into an apartment. We are climate zone 3 so insulation under the slab is not required but I still want to put 1in foam board down under the slab. The foam board I have bought has foil on one side. The question is whether or not the...
  10. J

    Trap camera placement

    The wife and I have been using trap cameras to see various wildlife around the property lately. I have two spots I've been watching. The first is my patio and the feral cats that come eat our scraps. I set the camera on the patio floor which puts it in the same horizontal plane as the feeding...
  11. J

    3rd Party Warranty?

    Just before Christmas, I received a post card telling me the factory warranty on my BX-25 was about to expire. It encouraged me to talk to my dealer about an extended warranty. With everything going on around Christmas, I put it off until last week. I emailed the dealer about it and was...
  12. J

    Lawn Roller 24x48 on sale at TrueValue

    TrueValue has Precision Steel Lawn Tractor Lawn Roller, 24 x 48-In. on sale for $242 "ship to store". Best price I found for a lawn roller of that size. Precision Steel Lawn Tractor Lawn Roller, 24 x 48-In.: Model# RL2448GY | True Value
  13. J

    Silverado DEF engine penalty progression?

    So, I just started working for a local Chevrolet dealership doing IT and support work. Having no background in the cars and trucks, I learned that the diesel trucks now have the DEF incorporated on them. Naturally, I asked what happens if you run out of fluid and was told the engine...
  14. J

    Stump Grinder Woodland Mills WG24?

    Here are the pics! Below, note that the float had to be used on my quick hitch as the height between the lower link to the top link was not quite the same as on my quick hitch. Part of this issue is because the unit wants to lean back and away from the tractor. On the front end, there...
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    When my wife buys tools... ugh...

    My wife enjoys working with wood and stuff like that. Presently, she's making some tables out of some 2in maple we had milled from a fallen tree. Now, my darling wife is the queen of finding good deals. I have over 20 years in IT and she still bests me in finding stuff online. BUT! When...
  16. J

    Hello from NC

    Welcome Ben. John here, south of Winston-Salem
  17. J

    BX25 vs. B3350HST

    I've loved my BX25D thus far with a few exceptions. With my current project though (clearing land), I'm thinking about upgrading. I'd like to keep a MMM so that means the B series. I'd still get the FEL and BH as well. So, question is, aside from a rated 8hp increase, how much stronger is...
  18. J

    CC vs. HP

    I'm trying to understand the relationship between displacement and HP. Using a couple models from the Kubota line, both the L4701 and the L6060 have a displacement of 148cc. The L4701 has 47hp and the L6060 has 62hp. So, does that imply that the 148cc displacement on the L4701 is under...
  19. J

    Learning curve on a mini-excavator?

    We have about a 1/2 acre of land the is overgrown. Land was cleared about 10yrs ago so most of the trees are from 1in to 8in diameter. Soil is sandy loam on top and down to clay beneath. Composition of trees range from maples, winged elm, pines, coppells, etc. I want to selectively clear the...
  20. J

    Dolly for Backhoe?

    This is what I do with mine: To move it around, you could put it on one or more dollies.
  21. J

    What time of year to redo a yard?

    Got an acre of land on about a 7degree slope that was a garden for years but has been fallow for the past five years. And during these past five years, it has just been brush-hogged every year. The ground is rather lumpy. We're getting ready to build a new house and this field will be our...
  22. J

    New tiller setup - dang...

    So, been wanting to get a rotary tiller for a while now. Shopped around and decided to get a Landpride RTA1250 50in for my BX25 from my local Kubota dealer. Left house at 12:30pm. Hammered out a deal for the tiller and boxblade. He only had the tiller in inventory so I brought it home and...
  23. J

    Looking for manual fuel transfer system for 5gal fuel can

    I recently added a 2x4 board as an arm on my ROPS to mount a toolbox for my BX25. Having the toolbox is great but it is positioned above the fuel cap so it is definitely harder to fuel up the BX. I really don't use enough fuel to justify a 55gal fuel drum so I get my fuel in the standard 5gal...
  24. J

    Mowing Rotary cutter swing arc

    I've got a Kubota BX25D and Landpride RCR1248 rotary cutter. Just started using the cutter and noticed it swings quite a ways left to right. What do you guys recommend as far as the swing arc for one? Thanks, JFoy
  25. J

    BX25 with BH weight over septic?

    The 4" septic line from my house to the septic tank is around 10ft long. From the house it starts out cast iron and about half way to the tank, switches to what we believe is terracotta pipe. Looking down the cleanout of the cast iron pipe towards the tank, it appears the terracotta has...
  26. J

    Need help with my geometry

    Yet another way to solve it. Now it is all Pathagorean.
  27. J

    Mowing Can you leave on the Backhoe while operating the belly mower on Kubota BX25D

    I've started removing my FEL when mowing simply because it was slowing me down as I was trying not to hit things with it - heh. Once I learned how to take off the FEL, it goes pretty quick. The BH on the other hand, is never hooked up unless I specifically need it. Hooking up the BH was...
  28. J

    Teaching the young...

    Got an apartment next to my house I rent to a 20yr old boy. He's a hard luck story - being abandoned by his parents. Works for a pipe laying company and the owner tells me he does his share of work which is good. He's a little short of money this month so I let him do some yard work around...
  29. J

    It won't lift it! Arrrrr!

    So, twice I've tried to lift loads with the forks on my new BX25D and it wouldn't do it. First was about 500lbs of lumber using the forks. Tonight, I had 400lbs of cement blocks to load in the back of my truck for rear weight due to the snow. Oh yeah! Pallet and tractor time! Loaded the...
  30. J

    Heat from a fireplace insert?

    Our present house has a fireplace that has never worked well as the chimney was constructed wrong. We were originally thinking of a wood stove but given how far it will stick out into the room, we're not so sure about that. Now we're thinking of a fireplace insert. For us, it's purpose would...
  31. J

    Buying Advice BX25 BH Thumb?

    Dealer wanted nearly $400 for the BH thumb on BX25D. Seems like a lot for such a thing. Any recommended alternatives? Thanks
  32. J

    BX25D Work Shop Manual

    Anyone know the part number for the BX25DLB Work Shop Manual? Also, suggestions on where to get it? Thanks
  33. J

    BX25D / B2601 Time to switch between MMM to BH w/ subframe

    So, I'm talking to my dealer about buying either a BX25D or B2601. From what I gather, you cannot raise or lower the MMM if the BH subframe is in place. They recommend having either the MMM or BH+subframe, but not both at the same time. Now, switching this subframe in and out sounds like a...
  34. J

    Buying Advice Need tie breaker on Kioti CS2410, CK2510, Kobuta BK25D, or B2601

    I grew up on a Farmall 150 and Cub. Fast Hitch is all I've ever known but the family Farmall tractors are wore out and frankly, we don't plow and plant big fields anymore. Two groups of equipment I'm considering: Group 1: Kioti CS2410 vs Kubota BK25D Group 2: Kioti CK2510 vs Kubota B2601...