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    Frequency of lube changes

    1. It's my understanding that engine oil breaks down over time, regardless of engine operation. That is to say oil should be changed at certain time intervals even if the engine itself hasn't been used much. If true, why does unused engine oil still in the container have an indefinite shelf life...
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    270DTC Fuel Filter change ... 2 things to note:

    Just changed fuel filter element on my Farmtrac 270DTC. The petcock on the filter assembly has 3 positions: off, run, and air. After reinstalling the filter bowl with new filter, the petcock should be moved from the off position to the "air" position. This allows fuel to fill the bowl and...
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    Troy-Bilt 5,500 generator w. Briggs Stratton engine ... funky oil

    Hey folks. Yesterday on Craigslist I picked up a 10-year-old (plus or minus) generator as described in title. The B&S engine is a 200000 (series) model. The generator itself is no longer in production as I understand it. The guy wanted $300 but agreed to let it go for $50 less. The unit was...
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    Chimney Repair

    What would be the best way to repair this chimney and does it pose any danger in its present condition outside of a piece of concrete falling atop someone's head?
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    Neighbor plans to discharge standing water into creek

    Approximately half of my 6+ acre (400'x700' rectangular) property is wooded. A seasonal creek traverses my property, running from the northwest corner (bordering my neighbor Bob's property) to southeast corner. The creek overflows occasionally during the spring snowmelt or during periods of...
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    hillbilly forks

    Find 2 or 3 logs about twice the length as your bucket is deep. Set logs as shown in photo, tilting bucket so logs dont fall out. Set heavier logs across the ends of the "forks" that butt against the bucket to help secure the forks. As the bucket is loaded, the bulk of the weight should be...
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    Briggs 8.0 Genpower (Generac) smokes when hot

    We lose power occasionally. Sometimes twice a year, sometimes not at all. Usually power is restored in minutes. Sometimes hours. During major ice storms or similar disasters, we have gone days without power. I have a portable generator powered by a B&S 8.0 gas engine that I have used on a...
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    Front-End Loader Bracket Pins Stuck

    I have an 8 year old FarmTrac 2740 with a 1040 front-end loader that has never been removed from the tractor. The head of one of the loader bracket bolt snapped off, which apparently is a common problem with this setup, per the FarmTrac forum. In an effort to reach and remove the broken bolt...
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    FEL bracket bolt head Farmtrac 270

    I threw this up on the Farmtrac forum and ordinarily I would be patient and wait for a reply there. However the boss is not as patient as I am. She reminded me twice today that the manure pile is not getting any smaller and that it is time to either address the broken bolt on the FEL bracket...
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    correct gear lube

    I just purchased a new Leinbach PHD and the gearbox is dry. Manual says use 90 weight gear oil. I have an unopened bottle of Super Tech synthetic blend SAE 75W-90. "A multi-purpose, extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricant to be used where API GL-5 lubricants are recommended." Duh... does the 75W...
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    Farmtrac PTO lever frozen

    My Farmtrac 270DTC PTO lever is stuck in the disengaged position and now my brand new 5' Bush Hog Razorback rotary cutter sits idle. See "parts/repair" thread, title "PTO lever frozen" for further elaboration and real sexy pics. Best to all.
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    2740/240 PTO lever frozen

    See "parts/repair" thread, title "PTO lever frozen" for issue with PTO lever on FT model that is identical to Montana 2740 'cept for the paint and the rear remotes. Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered.
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    PTO lever frozen

    Farmtrac 27HP tractor (same as Montana 2740) with dry, dual stage clutch. This 3-year-old unit is closing in on 200 hours of flawless service. I made my final payment on it earlier this month. I had a new Bush Hog 5' Razorback Rotary Cutter delivered yesterday morning and after using it for...
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    Can cutter width be TOO small?

    I will begin by saying that I have about 1 acre of a 2 acre horse pasture that gets overgrown this time of year (for some reason, the horses avoid certain areas of the pasture) and a wooded trail about 1/4 mile long that gets weedy as well. I'm looking closely at a 42" lightly used rotary...
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    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog Squealer SQ160

    I plan on looking at a used (3 years old) 5' Bush Hog rotary cutter up for sale locally. Seller is asking $750. Is that a reasonable ask? I'm not sure if it has the (optional) slip clutch. Is it reasonable to ask seller to mount the unit on his tractor and give her a whirl to be sure it...
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    auger point

    After looking high and low for a replacement point for a 12" auger I finally found what I thought to be a suitable fit. After returning home from TSC with the new unit, I was disappointed to find that the diameter of the non-business end of the point exceeds its receiver by about 1/8". Three...
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    Weld Yoke?

    What is a weld yoke? Is it simply a yoke that is welded to (vs. slipped over) the end of a shaft? Thanks in advance.
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    common insert bearing applications?

    What are insert bearings commonly used for? I picked up 3 of these replacement type bearings at a local going out of business auction for a few bucks each ... just because. Thanks.
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    27 HP Daedong oil filter

    Does anyone know if the following (engine) oil filters are compatable w/the 27 hp Daedong as found in Farmtrac, Montana, and I believe Mahindra units? If these not compatable, which are? Thanks in advance. P550158 Donaldson PH2801 Luber-Finer
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    What's missing in these pictures?

    Can anyone venture a guess as to what previously mounted part was removed from this Daedong 27 horse engine? It looks like it was once mounted above what I think is the intake manifold. Two bolts held whatever it was in place. I noticed this after the tractor (Farmtrac 270) was returned to me...
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    labor for 50-hour

    Took my Farmtrac 270 in to the dealer who I bought it from for 50-hour service earlier this week. All filters (hydraulic, fuel, oil) and fluids, including hydraulic, were changed. All nuts bolts torqued, including head bolts. Valve clearance checked. I also purchased a brush guard and had...
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    women from venus, men mars

    Site guy lays down up to 18” of stone for a 40’ x 24’ pole barn being built on my property. The builder shows up next morning with 2 clam-shell type post hole diggers and a couple of helpers that are the nicest guys in the world but need to spend a few more hours lifting weights at the gym. I...
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    farmtrac question

    270DTC has 27 HP engine 300DTC has 30 HP engine 320DTC has 32 HP engine 330HST has 33 HP engine and the 360DTC... 39 HP, of course. Can anyone explain why it isn't called a 390DTC?
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    hazard light issue

    Took delivery of my new Farmtrac 270DTC on Saturday, July 1. This is my first tractor. While going through the “once over” in my driveway with the dealer, we found that the hazard flashers worked perfectly. So good in fact, that they failed to switch off. We had to manually hold the switch...
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    steel tank/system components ?

    “Driving over septic” thread in “owning/operating” forum above got me to thinking I should post my predicament here and see if any of you kind folk can offer me your perspective. The owner of a home we bought last December had a new tank installed as the previous "tank" was simply (from what I...
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    windshield fluid to load tires

    Talked to a dealer yesterday that said he generally uses windshield washer fluid to fill rear tires. He does install a tube first. What are the pros and cons of using windshield washer fluid? I searched previous links (including but not limited to those below) however most were somewhat...
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    farmtrac 270 spool valve

    What does it take to install a remote spool valve on the Farmtrac 270DTC? Is it possible and if yes, what should one expect to pay? I noticed that a remote valve comes standard on the Montana 2740 so I assume the Farmtrac unit will accommodate one also. My needs will eventually call for a...
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    function of spool valve and chains

    Farmtrac 270DTC "other features" include adjustable stabilizer chains. What are these? Same question for the optional double-acting spool valve kit. What is a spool valve and when would the double-acting valve be needed? Thanks in advance.
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    NEWBIE looking for advice

    The Challenge: Just bought small old country home on almost 7 acres of property. A small creek runs across the entire property, dividing it into two. Home, 2-stall horse shed and about 3/4 acre fenced pasture sits on one side of creek covering about 2 acres. On the other side of the creek...