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  1. gwdixon

    M7040 no start but weak attempt

    I did a search but didn't find the problem I'm having with a M7040HD-1. When turning on the ignition, the dash warning lights are fine but the center rectangle (with the hours etc.) is very dim and unreadable. When the key is turned to the start position the starter tries to turn over but...
  2. gwdixon

    Source for Pallet Fork Frame Only - I have the Forks

    See if you have a Ritchie Bros. Auction in your area. I have purchased several fork frames from them for making custom implements. They sell both new and used. Used Heavy Equipment for Sale | Heavy Equipment Auctions | Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers An example:
  3. gwdixon

    Rotary Cutter Bending lift arms on brush hog

    Do these photos relate to the OP? The OEM frame was cut off, a tool bar welded to the front of the disk, and this A-frame mounted.
  4. gwdixon

    placement of weld - on grab hooks for loader

    There are LOTS of threads on just this subject. Check the very bottom of this page for links to just some of them. If you have a standard duty bucket, you might consider welding a heavy 3" angle iron across the top of the bucket with the top of the angle iron parallel with the bucket bottom...
  5. gwdixon

    How did I do that?

    After the skidder gets straightened (or replaced) and welded back on, you may consider hardfacing the ground contact area. The skidder gets thin from wear and is displaced much easier. Hardfacing in a crosshatch (#) pattern has reduced the wear in several of my implements. Tillers especially...
  6. gwdixon

    Tie down advice

    3/8" chain and ratcheting chain binders at all four corners is my go-to setup. Never had anything get loose. Those ratcheting chain binders are easy to use and put a real stretch on the chain! Harbor Freight is a good place to get 3/8" chain, especially when it goes on coupon or when you have a...
  7. gwdixon

    2010 m7040HDC-1

    The weight carrier for the front and the log carrier were homemade with forklift frames bought at Ritchie Bros. Auction. The log grapple on the front of the carrier is for small trees. I also have a momma size and a papa size grapple. It makes the tractor look like a narwhal but it sure make...
  8. gwdixon

    2010 m7040HDC-1

    The QA is a bit hard to see from the seat for sure. Just make sure the angle of the QA plates match the rear bucket angle, or a little bit more. Then inch forward as the FEL is slowly lifted. Line up by looking at the center of the bucket. You'll get it. As TripleR implies, you'll soon be...
  9. gwdixon

    Root Removal - BB Rippers?

    I helped take out a large eucalyptus orchard for a neighbor. I wouldn't even think about using scarifiers on my 3PH for taking out the roots (and stumps) and I have a fairly heavy-duty BB. Using it would lead to tractor damage, BB damage, or both. Here is another option that I also wouldn't...
  10. gwdixon

    Disc clogging...but only one or two sections.

    Isn't that a complete PIA!!!! It turns the disc into a tire! And then there is the fun of getting the mess off with a digging bar. Mine used to do the same thing. Of course, the mount that holds the bearings cleaned those sections off. Sooooo...I took some old lawn mower blades, fabbed a...
  11. gwdixon

    How to make box blade type shanks penetrate further?

    I'm not sure that the 3PH on the M-series tractors have adjustments like shown on your L-series hitch. Or, I maybe I'm full of bull****. (Well, that's a given.) I'll check this morning. It is not shown in the OP's photo of his MX. Edit: Based on the description by the OP below and my M7040...
  12. gwdixon

    How to make box blade type shanks penetrate further?

    In my case, with a box blade, the blade needs to be used with a short top link to keep the blade from engaging the ground. Without a blade, I'd agree that a longer top link would dig aggressively and lower the scarifier frame closer to the ground. I have a tool bar set-up that does just that...
  13. gwdixon

    How to make box blade type shanks penetrate further?

    I agree with the idea of taking off the implement and measuring the 3PH balls to the ground. Before you do that, measure the distance from the balls to the ground with the implement at full depth in the ground. The difference is how much digging room is left. From the photo, it appears that...
  14. gwdixon

    Quick Hitches Quick Hitch- Pat's or HF

    I know this will sound petty, but you might consider putting the bent part of the washer on the bottom when the lynch pin is put through the top. That way the bail can fully close. Having it slightly sprung can be asking for trouble. Having the bent part on the bottom also allows the Pat's to...
  15. gwdixon

    Pat's Easy Change Pat's Easy Change System - Order Online!

    Try this. The OEM Pat's can be modified by using one washer. The others are from parts. Also, the OEM Pat's seem to hold better if the lynch pin is inserted in the non-bent end. The ring is more secure. One more thing, the black lynch pins from Tractor Supply are VERY strong compared to the...
  16. gwdixon

    Plow first or go right to tiller?

    I agree that such an implement (or a box blade with scarifiers) does an excellent job of breaking up soil. BUT...It has to be bare soil or very shortly mowed foliage that does not have a lot of surface clutter. These tend to load up with debris, lift the 3PH, and slide over the surface. And I...
  17. gwdixon

    smoothing behind disc

    I'm guessing that you want something like this: There is no way to get it with a one-pass discing and a one-pass dragging. First, you have to get rid of the foliage debris. That can be done by discing, wait two weeks, disc again, then once again in a week. The next step is some sort of...
  18. gwdixon

    3-Point Hitch m7040 kubota

    One way to evaluate a situation is to imagine the extreme case. If the vertical lift arms were attached all the out to where the attachment balls are located then the vertical lift arms would be at a severe angle. This severe angle would shorten the the distance from the top of the vertical...
  19. gwdixon

    3-Point Hitch m7040 kubota

    Here is the procedure from the WSM:
  20. gwdixon

    3-Point Hitch m7040 kubota

    I agree the 3PH on a M7040 does not lift high enough for my tastes either. But there are some things you can do. >There is a lift limiting linkage that can be adjusted so the 3PH will lift until the hydraulic pump goes into relief. Here is a photo of it. It is at the top of the left side lift...
  21. gwdixon

    Loader Chain hooks on loader

    If you are able to weld, these weld-ons have worked well on four of my tractors. 3/8" also works with 5/16". Weld On Grab Hooks | Truck n Suggestions: >Mount two or three across the top of the bucket. DO NOT mount them outside of the FEL arms to avoid tip-over. Mounting them all on a...
  22. gwdixon

    Calling all EA Faithful Customers!!!

    How about from the old days when you were Corriher Implement Co.? I have a nice blue aerator from those bygone times.
  23. gwdixon

    Any one use an auto lift with their tractor?

    Why, sure. Just pull back on the lift lever and it "auto" lifts. That is what this thread is about, isn't it?
  24. gwdixon

    Flail Mower Can anyone identify this flail mower?

    I'll go with the Mott crowd as well. Here is (was) mine in the middle of rebuilding. However, note that the pulley arrangement is on the opposite side of the OP's.
  25. gwdixon

    Mott flail mower history.

    I posted this once but it didn't get through somehow. Below is what Shield Arc sent. TBN won't post anything over 1 MB (1000 KB). If you see something on here that I missed and is less than 1 MB, I'll post it. Let me know.
  26. gwdixon

    How to reset old bottom plow

    Have to agree with jeff9366. Your best bet is to break down the mechanism and give it a good cleaning. Then grease it at all pivot points, whether there is a Zerk or not. Then reassemble and grease the Zerks (is so equipped) every couple of uses. I broke down an old Ford 101 and the grease...
  27. gwdixon

    LandPride 8' rotary cutter review

    It should do just fine. My M7040 handles it without a hiccup. But it takes all 70 HP in wheel high grass. You may want to run it in a lower gear since it is a HSTC. Just play it by ear.
  28. gwdixon

    How much tractor to run sprayer for orchard

    Also, what is the power source for the sprayer? PTO, self-contained gas engine, electric? A PTO pump would make the biggest difference in tractor selection. It seems that you need to determine the sprayer and then determine the tractor. A sprayer should have a manual to describe how much PTO...
  29. gwdixon

    Box blade, roll over box blade, or land leveler????????

    It is a bit difficult to see, but a chain is attached at the post at center/top of the blade. A ratchet load binder was used to go over the roller and, by tightening it, the tongue was raised. Before it got too high a chain was hung on the front of the tongue. When the tongue was at the height...
  30. gwdixon

    Box blade, roll over box blade, or land leveler????????

    I think what jenkinsph meant about stump holes is that the hole generally has non-packed soil. So you'll be driving along and suddenly your tractor is sitting on its floorboards. 4WD is no help at that point. Please don't ask me how I know about such things. ;) Getting a landplane on loan, or...
  31. gwdixon

    Field cleaning thoughts...

    A box blade with scarifiers will do an amazing job of working the soil. It will load up a lot less than a landscape rake and will almost "disc" the land similar to a chisel plow. If you set the scaifiers right and the tilt is right then the box blade will do a fair job of leveling, also. With...
  32. gwdixon

    42" light duty forks or 48" heavier duty forks?

    Search TBN for "Ballast". Some of the guys have clever and cheap solutions. A Carry-All is a good choice if that is your preference. Trouble is, it is forks out the front and forks out the back. Loooooong. You'll think of creative uses for the forks. Be sure to share.
  33. gwdixon

    Those DARN lynch pins

    While at Tractor Supply, check out the black lynch pins. Those are super strong pins. I've not had one ever come loose but the zinc plated yellow ones have come off a couple of times. Just don't get your finger caught in one while testing it. Another trick is to put a large, properly fitting...
  34. gwdixon

    Bucket hooks on round top bucket

    Good ideas posted so far. BUT...don't put hooks outside of the FEL boom arms!!!!! It is a way to tweak your loader arms when lifting something heavy from one side. Not to mention the possibility of tipping the tractor. Even though the normal grab hooks are not designed to weld on, they work...
  35. gwdixon

    Pat's premium Quick Hitch on a Kubota with Telescopic lower links.

    The Pat's slide in replacement for the telescoping arms can't be telescoped. It removes that feature. I had them. The standard clamp-on Pat's apparently work fine on the telescoping arms from other people's posts on the issue. Of course, it extends the lower lift arms about 4" - 5", or so. The...
  36. gwdixon

    Need knowledgable person to help with Ford 101 plow

    I got my 101 parts from a John Deere dealer. They had to be special ordered but one of their catalogs had them. Below is a photo of MY 101. (Hardfacing on landslides added.) Also a photo from the manual and parts dimensions. As jeff9366 mentions, this is just one example of what may be out...
  37. gwdixon

    What do you do with your forks?

    Consider these (in addition to the forks): A boom, bare fork frame, front weights, log carrier for stacking / loading / bucking. Not pictured is a mounting plate, which can be welded to just about anything to make it attachable to the FEL. There are others attachments as well. Check a Ritchie...
  38. gwdixon

    What do you do with your forks?

    Although you didn't ask me:
  39. gwdixon

    How big is a kubota M59?

    I have one of each, well, close. See my avatar and signature. (Note: The M59 and L48 are almost identical in size.)
  40. gwdixon

    BX2200 Fan Protection

    Quite some time ago I indicated that I'd post my homemade BX2200 fan protector at the next hydraulic change. Instead of searching for the very old thread, here is a new one. In fact, I'm not sure this is the website. (This info will be copied/pasted to the other forum that I visit.) The device...
  41. gwdixon

    7018 use on cast iron

    Boy, going through the posts and searching the Internet sure has conflicting advice on using 7018 for cast iron! An old Mott flail mower that I sold to my neighbor had a Zerk guard on the roller snap at the single mounting hole. It is about 6" long and 2" wide. The break looks to be the...
  42. gwdixon

    Delete photos

    Did a search but came up with nothing. How does one delete photos from the "Manage Attachments" files. Some are old and outdated and I'd like to clean them out so I don't have to go through pages and pages of "now where is that photo I need" issues. Is it even possible? Thanks.
  43. gwdixon

    Can't recycle hydraulic oil...what?

    Just came from the local garbage company's oil recycling site. Had 30 gallons of oil in 5 gallon containers. They rejected two of the containers that were filled with hydraulic fluid. One guy said that it was "too clean". The person in charge called the office and asked about transmission...
  44. gwdixon

    REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L48????????????????

    2002 Kubota L48 Backhoe Only $7 900 | eBay
  45. gwdixon

    Kubota zerk grease fitting size

    Does anyone know the grease fitting size for a Kubota Zerk? The research I've done indicates it is 8MM x 1.25 but would like verification. Also, is the size universal across the Kubota line? My three tractors (M7040, L48, BX2200) and a neighbor's L5240 all need a zerk or two (or three)...
  46. gwdixon

    Another re-roofing thread

    Interesting reading about the recent roofing thread in SF Bay Area. My place is about 90 miles away. Anyway... The house is 35 years old and has a concrete tile roof. There is no underlayment, nothing between the tiles and the sheetrock ceiling except insulation. You can look up and see...
  47. gwdixon

    BX replacement seat

    My wife finds the OEM seat on the BX2200 uncomfortable for her back condition. The vinyl has also begun to crack and deteriorate. A new one might make a good holiday gift. So I'm looking for the Kubota brand improved seat for BX models, and maybe B models, that is supposed to be more...
  48. gwdixon

    Land Leveler

    After hijacking a different thread I thought that a new thread on the subject would be prudent. Attached are photos of what I believe is a home-made land leveler that was purchased for $50 from eBay. It is operated by attaching to a standard drawbar on the 3PH of a 70 HP tractor. The amount of...
  49. gwdixon

    Welding a tie rod

    Motivated by another thread on TBN, how would one go about welding this tie rod attachment point back together? Is replacement the preferred option?
  50. gwdixon


    Anyone know what happened to OTT (Orange Tractor Talk)? The site has been shut down for a couple of days now.