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    Marketing hay?

    Where is the hay market, and how do I get my foot in that door? I end up with about 80-100 4x5 mixed grass and Bermuda bales each year and barely cover fertilizer costs. The farm is in rural NE Arkansas, and local folks have plenty. I see loads of hay headed north daily. Where is it going...
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    28 acres worth a hay operation?

    We fertilize and spray about that acreage. 10 acres Bermuda and the remainder mixed cool season grasses. Neighbors cut and bale it on the halves and we give them first option on buying our half. On a good year we break even. No way we could pay for equipment off of it. If it was all Bermuda and...
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    Looking for good LS dealer in Arkansas

    Salesman at Jonesboro Tractor Sales told me they were a new dealer a few weeks ago. They did not have many at that time, but I assumed they had more on the way. They have been selling Kubota for a long time, so I don't expect them to go away in the foreseeable future. Hirsch Feed and Farm...
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    Horizontal Studs???!!!!

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    Rotary Cutter Hydraulic hookup for flex wing mower?

    I've been daydreaming about a new tractor again and one of my main tasks will be mowing rough ground. When I purchase a tractor I want one well suited to pull a 15' flex wing mower. Should I spec 2 or 3 hydraulic valves for this? My uncle has 3, with the valve for each wing in the float...
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    P Series pricing

    Anyone have any fresh numbers on the LS P series pricing?
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    Bow Hunters

    Had to sneak away for a little tree sitting time yesterday.
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    Tell me about the NH TD5050

    Love them, hate them, anyone own one with some hours that can give me a heads up about these tractors? Ran across a 2011, low hours, 2 remotes, air ride seat, and NH 820 loader priced to me at $37,500. Any idea if that's a good price? I think it is, but I don't know what a new one would sell...
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    3 point spayer

    Next item I will be looking for is a 3 point hitch sprayer with a boomless nozzle. I am leaning towards the 150 gallon tank. Anyone have any advice to share about these? Will be spraying some rough hill ground, so I am afraid I would beat a boomed or trailor type to death up there.
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    Grapple Another grapple project.

    I have gotten an add on grapple to weld onto the bucket of my loader. This will be going on a 94 Belarus 825 with a Great Bend loader and 6" bucket. When trying to fit things the other day I decided it fit best setting up about 2 inches. In the pic I have it setting on a 2X2 tube scrap that...
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    Alphabet soup

    SAE, NPT, JIC, MNPT, NPSM..........It's all greek to me. Can someone give me the quick and dirty version of making sense out of hydraulic fittings? Is there a "standard" that I need to try to try to stay with?
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    Tapping into Belarus Hydraulics?

    We have a Belarus 825 cab tractor with a Great Bend loader. (yea, it sucks to be poor) I am going to attempt to install a grapple on the bucket this weekend. There are two hydro ports that are capped off on the left side in front of the cab. After looking at the book for the thing, I believe...