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    How Do You Get Driveway Gravel Out of Grassy Areas?

    Good to hear! Just invested in a front mount blower in February. (I know, horrible timing being after the 44" single day snow fall we got before Christmas!) I plowed more this winter than probably the last 6 years I've owned the tractor combined, and I cringe every time I see the gravel and...
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    Wife said what?!?!

    The 22 and 19 yr olds aren't mine so they tend to not listen to me, but that was also a point I made where my wife doesn't get them to help either. She could either send them out to help, or I get the blower and just do it myself without the BS. The most frustrating part is the 22 has her own...
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    Wife said what?!?!

    My wife had a similar attitude. Not toward selling the tractor, but against me getting a snow blower for it. She didn't want to add to our debt when we're trying to pay things off, which I understand. However, she's never the one to help move snow. (She has multiple ruptured discs in her back...
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    Snow 2360 cutting edge reversible?

    I have gravel sections too. Just got the blower so I set the skids at 1/2" for some clearance, and have a box blade on back for added weight with the benefit of being able to scrape or push back. Will see how it works once we get enough snow to really give it a work out again.
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    Snow 2360 cutting edge reversible?

    Good to know! Just picked up a 2360 last week for my 2011 GC2600. My MF dealer is 45 minutes away, but there's a Kubota dealer half a mile from me. And their main location 20 minutes away. I've seen other posts about the blowers being identical, and it makes me wonder if I can get an electric or...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    My newest snow weapon! This will replace the loader mounted ATV plow (I'm keeping it, but don't see much of a reason to switch back over yet), and I'm excited about not having to push snow anymore. That will be limited to using the box blade in reverse if I'm trying to make room while turning...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    This was Thursday morning after I finally plowed my way out of the barn and to the back yard to swap out for the big bucket. Measured 31" on the driveway, 41 closer to the house. Used this tractor to open up 7 other driveways between Thursday and Monday. Plowed more in the past week than several...
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    What's happened to Shield Arc

    My company just outsourced several major groups to India. What a fuster cluck. They don't respond to emails. They don't have historical knowledge of the org. They don't join (or if they do, they don't participate) in the Zoom/Google/etc calls regarding high priority issues (sometimes over an...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Looks a lot like mine! Except I went with the SCREW for the kids and other passengers.
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    ATV snow blade was too light for the recent storm. Kept riding up over the top so after about 20 minutes of messing around I dug my way to my larger bucket, and just used that.
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    New 16ft PJ I picked up today! I've been waiting a month for it due to manufacturing backlog, and it took a few days for the dealer to order/install the winch I asked them to add. Electric brakes on 5k axles, Heavy Duty ramp option, and SuperWinch 9500lb winch up front.
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    Your socket organizers

    That's one of the reasons I decided a whole new kit was better that trying to build custom organizers for my existing collection of mismatched tools. In addition to the sizes I was lacking (and duplicates in 1/2 and 3/8 if I need two wrenches at once) there was the labeling that made it so much...
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    Depth of workbench, 24 or 36 inches

    I found a pattern online for a 60"x 30" bench and it seems to work well for me so far. Still need to a reloading press or two and a vice, but I want make them interchangeable since they won't been needed all the time. This bench is in my office, so it'll be for lots of little projects in between...
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    Loader Dl95 loader capacity cuft?

    I have the same opinion of the DL100 loader bucket. I made a wooden expander to help shovel hay and bedding into when cleaning our goat pen. I went from 10-13 trips to our compost pile to 3, 4 at most, with the added volume! I decided to try it out on snow too. Broke it once, rebuilt it...
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    DL100 SSQA conversion

    I just found this auction on eBay. Almost Gone!! QUICK ATTACH CONVERSION FOR TRACTOR FRONT END LOADER. Free Ship | eBay After emailing back and forth with them I found the adapter will fit my GC2600 DL100 loader. They have the diagram for the pins that I got from another company that makes an...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    I added a rubber cutting edge on my rear blade and made some bushings to take the play out of it when on my quick hitch. Blade could really use to be a little shorter as my GC2600 doesn't have the height range on the 3PT to lift it high enough to not dig in when tilted for cutting into dirt or...
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    GC2600 lost key

    So apparently my wife lost the one key we had to our 2011 GC2600. I emailed a local dealer to see if I can get a replacement, but it has me thinking. Has anyone converted to not using a key to start? Like a twist dial or switch? That would be better than losing another key I think. All my...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    My new tow rig! Waiting on an adjustable drop hitch before hooking up the trailer.
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    What do you do with your forks?

    Yes they are! :D And that idea just sort of came to me after looking at that lip. I've seen a couple other designs where they put 2x4s on both sides of the bottom plate with a bolt through them. The bolt and fender washers clamp the 2x4s over the cutting edge. That might work for you. My GC...
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    GC2600 tachometer/squealing noise

    Today I had been using my GC2600 for probably at least 20 minutes after letting it warm up around 10 minutes. After using the loader to make several passes on my yard to move snow into a pile for the kids I heard a squealing noise, and the tach shot up over red line. The engine RPMs did not...
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    Massey Ferguson parts?!

    I just might take a look to see if there's something that might do the trick. I doubt there will be an exact match, just based on their design, and I didn't see anything matching on Grote. This is what they look like, front and rear.
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    Massey Ferguson parts?!

    I bought a MF GC2600 about 3 weeks ago. It was used, but only had 144 hrs which seemed really low for a 2011. My only problem right now is one of the rear lights was broken (along with 1 bolt and the guard missing), and the fuel cap is cracked across the threads in 3 places. A dealer 20-30 miles...
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    My carry-all

    Thanks guys! I'm taking it to my mom and grandma's house to be ballast while I do some loader work on their huge mulch pile and raised beds. And anything else they come up with once I'm there and they see how easy it is! Here it is painted with the bedliner. Hoping this stuff holds up a little...
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    My carry-all

    After viewing several carry-alls on here I starting looking around my barn for scrap material that would be suitable. Some bed frames cut and welded into a bike rack caught my eye. As did the the remaining frame of a manual treadmill my wife wanted, but never used (the plastic coated wood from...
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    clamp on forks

    I needed something to help move the flagstone steps to tear them down. Not clamp on, but they don't shift side to side. Just need to tilt them up to remove them. Cost maybe $20 tops between lumber and angle braces.
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    New from Binghamton, NY area

    Hello everyone. Just upgraded from a 1997 Husky lawn mower to a 2011 Massey Ferguson GC2600. It only had 144 hours when we got it, so nearly brand new! We've put about 13 hours on it in the 2 weeks we've had it now, and I'm sure we'll put on far more than the original owners did in the time they...
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    Best Mod/add on to compact tractor or attachment

    I spent a few days looking through this thread looking for ideas for my new-to-me Massey GC2600. So far I have 3 grab hooks welded on, an 4x4 set of forks, and a carry all under construction.