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  1. AMD

    CK2610 HST vs CK3510H

    here's the image I took last night, it kinda shows how the tires too. I measured 63" at the widest looking down but they angle in about 1.5" on each side
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    PTO Indicator

    Hey all - I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues with their PTO indicator not coming off? I was using this tractor to bush hog last night for the first time and though clearly the PTO was disengaged the light wouldn't come off. I actually couldn't start the tractor again until I...
  3. AMD

    What's your dog's name and how did you name it?

    Ours is a Redbone Hound mix - a little lab in there but she was the only one in the litter that came out all red. We named her KayAnne - a play on the spelling of cayenne peppers for her red colour.
  4. AMD

    AMD's 1968 MF 135

    Everything had been going well with the tractor until the 22nd of Dec - got home from work and needed to blow snow. Had the tractor plugged in while I was out, so started and went in to see wifey and son and get changed. Came out to find a puddle of oil under the tractor which was pouring out of...
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    AMD's 1968 MF 135

    Finally got both fenders back on the tractor! Poor picture but I was excited last night... I installed the fenders 1 position higher than they'd been previously as I picked up some chains for the winter that are pretty bulky with large links that I was worried about clearance on. But for 25$ for...
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    AMD's 1968 MF 135

    Thanks Jon - I'd never been to that site before, but unfortunately they still didn't have what I wanted. I guess I kinda got discouraged looking when I heard that it was a discontinued part. I did however end up deciding to make my own out of an old piece of 25 gauge galvanized steel wall stud I...
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    AMD's 1968 MF 135

    I was in at the Massey dealer on the weekend and I found out the origin of the fenders I have - as mentioned they were not from a 135. He was able to plug in the stamped part number off them and found them to be from either a MF302 or MF304 - both industrial which did explain the yellow paint...
  8. AMD

    AMD's 1968 MF 135

    Sorry Kid, I was replying to you about the nosecone being the same one... but I see now that the wiring diagram looks the same too! No worries, thanks, that will be a big help. As mentioned I'd removed my fenders - the carriage bolt that attaches the bracket at the axle must be worn and allows...
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    AMD's 1968 MF 135

    When I brought it home: Here's how it stands now - haven't done much but I did flip around the seat and fix up the front nose cone.
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    AMD's 1968 MF 135

    Hi All, Just over a month ago I picked up a 1968 135 diesel (US). The price was right and I couldn't pass it up. I joined TBN around then and have spent much time since reading many of the threads in this forum. Overall the tractor is in good shape mechanically, but needs some TLC. A few things...
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    Shout-out from the Ottawa Valley

    Hi All - just thought I'd give a quick hello + some background... I grew up on a small farm for which my dad had (has) 2 Masseys and I was recently lucky enough to find one for myself - a 1968 MF 135. It will be used mostly for driveway maintenance and of course snow removal. It has a Kelley...