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    conflicting advice on using bucket with rotary cutter

    After one picks shed antlers out of a front tire, one runs with the bucket to find such things. After one has had to use the FEL & bucket to pull assist the tractor in escaping wet grounds, one runs with the FEL & bucket to escape such situations.
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    Comparison The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

    Buy Once, Cry Once! (author unknown, but frequently quoted in equipment & firearms choices) Bought 2 JDs, never again. 11 months down for backordered parts, test equipment, etc. on a 49Hp tractor. British threaded bolts at $8.00 for a 50 cent SAE bolt? I'll cry once again when I buy the new...
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    Compact Tractor Dealers Ignore Two-thirds of Their Potential Website Customers, Industry Survey Shows

    Customers/Prospects choose the Channel they want to obtain information, negotiate & buy through, hence multi-channel. There are no "wrong" channels.
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    Compact Tractor Dealers Ignore Two-thirds of Their Potential Website Customers, Industry Survey Shows

    Interesting, the survey that started this thread was conducted in July 2021 - Dec 2021, a period when Dealers had little to no on-hand inventory. Industry best practice is a same day return contact via email. 2nd best practice is within 24 hours. I don't know the average cycle time for a...
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    Burn Barrel that works

    One box of .45 ACP later, I had 2 barrels, side by side, done. I did have to sit down to space them out correctly.
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    Kubota vs Kioti?

    Interesting .... that Kioti needs a bucket reinforcement cutting edge before it leaves the lot? Some of us have a Materials bucket and a separate Digging bucket with teeth. I bought a used Bobcat SSL QA bucket for $200 and spent $200 more for CAT teeth to have an effective digging bucket...
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    Pushing A Tractor To It's Limits

    "Stupid Is as Stupid Does." Forest Gump's Mother
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    snow blade rubber edge help

    polyurethane or UHMW cutting edge (eBay) ..... easy to work with. All ready been here, done this with BX-22 and L3940. I replace the edge every other year. Yes, you can cut & drill a scrap piece or pieces. If wide enough, then it's reversible....probably need new holes. Helped my neighbor...
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    Kubota vs Kioti?

    This time you posed a proverbial Ford vs. Chevy pickup question substituting tractors. I went back & reviewed your requirements. Both tractors appear to meet or exceed the requirements, but you didn't define the weight/size of the rocks you intend to move. You might be "enamored" with a...
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    Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

    WoW! Just saw & read this whole thread that devolved into Dealer bashing. There would appear to be a general, complete lack of understanding of the Dealer Business Model, particularly in understanding profitability and business impact from Unit Sales, Implement/Accessory Sales, Parts, and...
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    Features best included at time of purchase

    My short list would be: - FEL SSL QA - I'm not hunting down brand specific attachments. - Bucket Hooks (4) - buckets w No hooks are just plain wrong. - Lights Front & Rear, then more lights on each side. Ha, you don't think you need them until you neeeeeeed them. - 2 Power Ports - 1 cell - 1...
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    Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

    I would consider buying a used Kubota with service records before I'd buy one of those slick looking Bad Boys. Suggest you also consider something larger than an L2501. I started with a little Kubota BX-22TLB from a rental fleet and through some trades/sales now have an L3940 TLB. I was...
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    Tractor Brands Market Share

    Ask your Dealer for the data his OEM provides him to determine Market Share. Market Share is divided into Segments. Segments are by machine size which corresponds to market segment. An example is Compact Construction Equipment, Backhoe's and smaller. There are ~14 companies in this segment...
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    Truck bed extender legality Section 4513.09 | Red light or flag required. Ohio Revised Code Title 45 Motor Vehicles-Aeronautics-Watercraft Chapter 4513 Traffic Laws - Equipment; Loads Effective: October 16, 2009 Latest Legislation: House Bill 1 - 128th General...
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    Chain hooks on Bucket or just use pallet forks? (For misc chain hoisting)

    Hooks, Hooks, Hooks on bucket top lip. I cringe every time I see a crushed bucket. Bucket without hooks is like hand with no fingers to grasp. Buy 2, 3, 4 hooks on ebay. example WELD ON GRAB CHAIN HOOKS 3/8" G70 WLL 6,600 BUCKET TRAILER RIGGING 0900104 | eBay Put bucket in pickup truck bed...
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    Truck bed extender legality

    Stumbled on this panty twist thread. Headed to HF to buy extender for my weenie 4" truck. I'm not offended. I just throw a tire or a board & concrete block over the boards up near the headache rack. I bungee the end sticking out. No matter what I've had hanging off the truck or trailer...
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    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    That Custom chain saw holder is flawless and so darn handy!
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    Authorized Kubota Warranty Service Provider? Part 2 of 3

    A close buddy bought a Chevy 1500 recently. A beautiful truck. On my very first visit after his purchase, I offered to take his hammer and put the first dent on the bottom of a quarter panel so he could be over that "new truck experience". Might as well get it over with. I suggested he do it...
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    What if....?

    Reality Check: Most small and medium contractors own 1 piece of earth moving equipment and rent the rest for each job. This approach was reinforced when capital and projects dried up in the 2008-2010 period. Contractors did not have the cash flow to support the monthly loan payments on the...
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    How can I be sure the check will be good?

    Cash is King! Certified Checks issued by a bank can be stopped and are not guarantees of payment. Wire Transfer would be my second choice.
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    ROPS and my apple trees

    There is a Kubota BX model in the series that has a folding ROPS. I believe it's the model with the backhoe. If this is a huge problem, then I'd acquire the folding ROPS and install them. The model BX22 TLB had the folding ROPS. The backhoe is detachable. Under no circumstances would I...
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    Trans/hydraulic fluud

    Can I use another brand UDT because it's [choice] 1) less expensive, 2)my favorite, 3)available locally, 4)somebody else uses it .... has been discussed forever on this and other forums. Please use the UDT prescribed by the OEM in the manual for the model. Please change the UDT at prescribed...
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    Who writes owners manuals?

    Anybody else running my equipment stopped when I observed my neighbor's hired help keeping my tractor at max rpm idling in place. They were working a drainage project and couldn't be bothered to idle down when they got off the tractor for a few minutes. I run at about 80% max, moving up when I...
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    Ground compaction

    If dry weather & ground, I'd use the T770 and a rented chipper (tree service company size). On our property, we have multiple brush piles that provide habitat, so we don't usually chip. We have a rarely-used, small PTO chipper bought at auction. I have used a rented Kubota KX080 excavator...
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    Time to Upgrade- Stuck in Analysis

    The only worry you should have is IF you are buying a big enough Kubota?
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    Husqvarna TS 348/54 Bagger Experiance?

    2 answers. 1).I had a 2018 Husqvarna TS354 (54" deck) with triple bagger using OEM stock mower deck blades. I did not buy mulching blades. I leveled the mowing deck per instructions on the level garage concrete floor. It sucked up everything. I never raked....ever...just unloaded at mulch...
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    New Kioti Leaking Oil.

    Sailorman3, Apologies for the additional post but it just dawned on me ........ Could you use the "wait time" for repair to get going on your Simonizing time? You're probably hours away with paste waxing before your first project??? The wheels really need 2 coats back & front.
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    New Kioti Leaking Oil.

    Sailorman3, Hailing from a PAB family, I get it. You spent the cash or signed the note and received a series of Kioti CK3510 that leaks, garage floor full of UDT, no extra, expensive UDT stored in the garage to fill it back up, and you probably have a list of projects &...
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    I WANT A TRACTOR, but ......

    There's a bigger tractor in your future. Please go tryout somebody else's Kubota L40 series - L3940 or L3540 before you buy a subcut. I put 600+ hrs on my first subcut....Kubota BX-22 TLB. There are great used tractors out there! Dealers and Rental Centers are sources for rental fleet...
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    Is it used

    I bought a Kubota BX-22 TLB with 163 hrs from the dealer's rental fleet and discovered it had a 2 year residential customer warranty from the time I put it in the dirt, starting from the hours it had on it when delivered. Check your warranty. I recognized later that most tractors aren't even...
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    Husqvarna TS348 - Wheel Weights, Weight Bracket, Accessories List?

    Just purchased a TS348 (Kohler, no locking differential) and want to add wheel weights, maybe a weight bracket? It's not in service yet. I can see Husqvarna's incomplete accessories list on their website and I have the parts list with exploded parts diagrams. Is there an unofficial list of...
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    Kubota L3940 HST - Radiator Capacity vs Cooling System Capacity

    Doing coolant replacement yesterday, I realized Kubota published specs for L3940 cooling system is 8.7 quarts, but radiator is less. This is an issue trying to get 50/50 coolant/water mix when you can't completely empty the cooling system. After the flush, I added just under a gallon of...
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    Price Check Pricing? - 2003 L3130 Hydro FEL 32 HP 178 hrs

    Hi! Trying to price my Kubota L3130 for sale? Is it worth $17,000? 2003 - 178 hrs 32 hp, 3cyl Hydrostatic Trans New LA513 FEL with 66" pin on bucket - installed 3/9/2007 Rear PTO (no mid-mount PTO) 4x4 Ag tires Intellisystems Panel, Cruise Control, Tilt wheel Went in the dirt May 2003. Always...
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    Oil Sampling & Testing

    Just came home with a 2002 Kubota L3710 HST with Cab & LA682 Loader. Unit has 530 hrs on it. Previous owner states that fluid & filter changes were made in his shop, not a Kubota dealer, at 500 hrs. Where do I get the fluid tested to confirm/deny? I know Cat Dealers do it. I'm planning to...
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    Adapting a Grass Catcher - GCK60-BX on a BX-22TLB

    Can the GCK60-BX Grass Catcher be adapted for use in lieu of a RCK60-22BX Catcher? What are the part differences? Will I have to make any mods? Has anybody done this?
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    Bought 2003 BX22 TLB - Thank You to Forum Posters

    Thank you for assisting me remotely with this purchase. I closed the deal today. I'm a tractor neophyte from the suburbs. I'm also posting so other newbees/NFGs/neophytes/green horns may benefit. Dealer was great! After I did my homework across multiple web sites, forums, eBay, Iron Planet...