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    Kubota BX2200 starts then dies

    Helping my grandfather with his early 2000's Kubota BX2200 ready for cutting grass. The tractor will crank and run will holding the key in the start position, as soon as you release the key it dies. I have cleaned the battery connections and charged the battery fully. I don't think it is a...
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    NH T4.75 Hydraulic plug location

    Trying to help a friend plumb his NH t4.75 for a lane shark. they require a hydraulic line that returns to the case of the tractor rather than through the typical hydraulic port. Does anyone know where this is located on these tractors? Thanks for the help.
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    New holland t4020 with 810tl curl leaks down while running

    My FIL has a NH t4020 with a 810tl with 1000 hours on it. Just recently the curl started leaking down while running and when off. it will completely leak down in just a minute or two, enough you can watch it and see it move. there is no issue with the boom. If you curl it back it will pull...
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    no till drill's

    A couple of us that hunt together are thinking about buying a no till drill sometime before next spring. Being that they cost as much as a small tractor we don't want to buy the wrong one so hoping some people here can help. we are looking to plant at some time or another corn, soy beans...
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    bush hog input seal omni gearbox

    I have a leaking input seal on my bush hog, I'm not sure of the model but the tag on the gear box is below. I have tried searching and haven't been able to come up with the part number for this input seal. any help would be appreciated
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    converting 3pt splitter to pull behind

    anyone ever convert a 3pt log splitter to a pull behind with its own motor and hydraulic pump?
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    ford 907 flail burning belts

    I have an old ford 907 flail mower that is burning belts like crazy if it gets in taller grass. it sat unused for 10 years or so and recently started using it again. everything seems to spin free. I am using gates belts. it is a C section belt. any ideas where to start looking into this?
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    Converting woods finish mower to quick hitch

    Is there any reason I can’t or shouldn’t convert the 3pt mount on my woods RD6000 to look and function like the 3pt mount on my JD mx6 bush hog so it is easy to hook up the quick hitch? Or is there a better way to make it quick hitch compatible. I have enough steel laying around and have a...
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    First time plowing snow

    Just like everyone else in much of the south we are covered in snow. We have 7 down now with 6-8 more coming today. I need to open the driveway up so my wife can get out Saturday. I have my 7 blade hooked up and my bucket on. Any tips or tricks to not screw up my gravel driveway or general...
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    bumper pull vs goose neck

    I've decided on a 14k 21'+3' dovetail equipment trailer with drive over fenders. I originally ordered a bumper pull and it should be in in the next month. They called me back to confirm all the specs I wanted and said they also a goose neck on the same order if I changed my mind for the same...
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    jd quick attach plus SSQA

    I'm getting closer to buying a grapple for my JD 4320 and like the EA grapple for upto 55hp. it looks like you either have to buy it for JDQA or SSQA. I am wondering why cant they have both? I know the lane shark and similar cutters that mount on the loader offer both mounts together so it...
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    hitch questions

    I placed a tentative order on a new 14k 24' (21' flat, 3' dove) with rear fold up ramps today. I got the equipment style with drive over ramps and the full 102" deck. this should weigh in around 3,500 lbs give or take. I think my f-150 is rated around 10,500 so I should have around 7,000 to...
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    quick hitch cat 1 for cat 2 tractor

    Is there a quick hitch that will fit cat 1 implements that will fit on a cat 2 tractor. My Imatch is only 1-3/8 wide where the lift arms fit and my new holland tractors have cat 2 lift arms that have 1-3/4 wide lift bushings. I don't want a cat 2 width quick hitch as the cat 1 quick hitch...
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    Rear Blade size

    I have a JD 4320 that is 47hp with r4 loaded tires and 4x4 with the ehydro transmission. with the loader I believe it weighs around 5700 lbs. I would like to add a 6 way hydraulic rear blade but don't know what size to get and what would be to big. My FIL has a 8' I believe modern ag but it is...
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    belt for old ford flail mower

    I have an old ford 7' flail mower that uses a C53 belt. I have been using a Gates belt but have burnt several off. They only burn off if I get in too thick of grass and don't take the cruise off quick enough. I have searched for a kevlar belt and also clutching cover belt but haven't found...
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    Jd 300b hard to start when hot

    Have a 70痴 model John Deere 300b backhoe that on the first crank of the day will bust right off easily. However after warmed up the starter has a tough time spinning the motor. The battery is a few years old but even with jumper cables it wont crank. The only way I can get it to crank is to...
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    Jd 4320 curl seems weak

    I have a jd 4320 with a 400x loader. I致e only had the tractor for a few months so I don稚 have a good baseline however any other tractor I have ever used if you can lift something with the bucket you can curl it. I知 not able to do that. Yesterday I loaded my 6 disc and 6 mx6 bush hog on...
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    Finally added rear remotes

    Couldn稚 find the thread where everyone helped get me started but wanted to show the results now that I got my remotes installed and everything appears to work great. I ended up with a 5 valve bank made up of 2 float valves, 2 spring center valves and one solenoid operated valve. The solenoid...
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    JD 4320 air ride seat wire

    I looked in my fuse box and the slot where the air ride seat fuse is supposed to go is hot but no fuse. Is there wire run back towards the seat for this? I have an open station tractor and I am looking for 12v power switched by the key to power a solenoid and thought this might work if it is...
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    Jd 4320 wire ID

    I plan to add a solenoid operated valve on the rear of my 4320 compact and found this wire connector that is capped and would like to use it. Can someone tell me what it is for. It is on fuse 05 that is the 妬gnition run power fuse. Yellow and red wires just behind the �assenger side of the...
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    Adding Lights to JD 4320

    I'm looking to add some LED lights to my new to me 4320 compact. I see there are two wires at the base of the ROPS that appear to be for "work lights". they are powered when the switch is all the way to the right and use the 20 amp fuse. I have a couple questions before I hook into this wire...
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    Tufline BCP3616 cultipacker questions

    I have a Tufline BCP3616 12 3pt cultipacker. That I bought used. I have to replace one of the clamps that holds the cultipacker wheels together. It痴 one of the interior clamps that is broken. Here is the parts schematic. It looks like there are brackets on each end with stub shafts. Does...
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    JD 4320 Hydraulic tank port

    I'm picking up my new to me JD 4320 this weekend and want to start planning how I want to do my hydraulic upgrades. I will be using a lane shark on it and with that you have to plumb the return into the tractor tank port vs running it back through the valve. When I hooked up the backhoe last...
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    4320 width

    I bought a 4320 compact this weekend but wont pick the tractor up until next weekend. I'm planning to load the rear tires and had considered widening the rear tires. Does anyone know the stock width of the 4320 compact with R4 tires? Is the easiest way to widen these tires just switch sides...
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    JD 4320 adding 5 remotes

    I'm in the process of buying a 2011 JD 4320, it has the power beyond kit for the back hoe but doesn't have any rear remotes. First I want to be able to have a grapple and also run a lane shark from the front end. second i would like 4 rear remotes for a top link, side link, 2 extras. what i...
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    JD 4320 hst compact

    Someone I kind of know is selling a jd 4320 hst compact open station with roughly 300 hours and I believe around a 2011 model. It has a backhoe and some other attachments with it. First is $20,000 a decent price, everything appears to look good with no noticeable problems? Also I would like...
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    King cutter slip clutch repair

    I borrowed my father in laws 6 foot king kutter gear driven tillar, model TG-72-YK. It has only been used a couple times and today I hooked it to a 65hp tractor to start breaking up a food plot we plan to start next year. After about one acre smoke started billowing out of the slip clutch so I...
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    Pto locking push pin removal

    I知 tried getting a rusted up pto shaft to work and the push pin was stuck. After some penetrating oil and a hammer it came free but the spring inside is broken. I don稚 see how it is held in other than maybe the end of the housing is crimped. It doesn稚 have a stem and snap ring like some...
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    Ford 22-125 flail advice

    My father in law has an old ford 22-125 7 flail mower, we yanked it out of the weeds this weekend and I知 going to borrow it and try it out for mowing food plots down before disking them down. We cleaned it off and everything appears to spin freely it痴 missing 6 or so hammers right now. Other...
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    New Holland 2012 workmaster 55 hydraulic pressure

    Cross posting here to see if someone else here might know. I have a 2012 new Holland workmaster 55 and if i pull into a pile of dirt and get a full bucket it doesn't want to curl until i back up. I'm looking to see if the bucket is slightly too big or if the pressure relief valve many have been...
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    New Holland 2012 workmaster 55 hydraulic pressure

    I have a 2012 new Holland workmaster 55 and if i pull into a pile of dirt and get a full bucket it doesn't want to curl until i back up. I'm looking to see if the bucket is slightly too big or if the pressure relief valve many have been set a little low from the factory. I cobbled enough stuff...
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    NH 1920 alignment after tie rod end replacement.

    Both of my front tie rods ends are shot on my NH 1920, I have the new ones ordered and plan to change them in the next week or so. what is the best way to align the front tires, it is a 4wd tractor. thanks for the help.
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    A/c fan switch wiring help

    My fan switch went out in my tractor so now only one fan blows and only on high. The current switch has off-low-high. The new switch I got has off-low-med- high. I put an ohm meter on the switch and the orange highlights are what is touching in each position. The bower fans I have only have a...
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    NH T4020 rear remote

    I am looking at adding 3 rear remotes to my tractor. I called the local dealer and they quoted around $1600 per remote. That痴 crazy for what it is. Now I知 needing help with the setup. I would like to mount the valves in the rear with either cable or electric going to a joy stick that is...
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    3 pt lift valve

    I have a Belarus 65hp 570. When in position control mode with an attachment hooked up and lifted in the air I can hear a squealing coming from the valve. If I let it down just a little it will be quiet about 10 seconds then start again. In select control mode where the lever stays in the...
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    JD 300B problems

    I have an older 300b that I am having hydraulic problems with. last time I went to dig out beaver dams I noticed lots of hydraulic oil coming out underneath at the hydraulic filter. when parked all of the hydraulic functions worked as should. I pulled the filter and the o-ring had been put on...
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    8' disc

    I would like to have a new disc so I've been looking at different ones and the more I look I thought i could build one for not a whole lot of hassle. My disc is used almost exclusively for food plots in areas that have been cleared of stumps and are flat. The soil is river bottom sand and clay...
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    8' blade

    I've been slowly looking for a rear blade. I found this 8ft on Craigslist. Does anybody know what brand it is or what a reasonable price would be
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    iPad pictures

    Did something change with posting pictures from an iPad on the forum, I don't see where to add now?
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    3pt side mount bushhog

    I have been thinking about how to clean up the sides of our roads at my deer camp. We have a couple miles of roads. After a clear cut most are replanted in plantation pine so after 8 years or so they start to bush out into the road so I would like to trim them back a little to keep the roads...
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    pin on pallet fork bushings

    I started building a set of pin of pallet forks for my NH 1920 yesterday. the mounts on the back will be 4x3/8 flat and 4x6x3/8 angle. on my bucket between the mounts and where it connects to the loader are bushings. my pins are 1" diameter, would a cut down 1" pipe nipple be fine or should I...
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    Widening disc

    I have a old 5ft angle iron disc that is pretty similar to this King Kutter Angle Frame Disc Harrow 5 1 2 ft Notched 16 16 G N YK | eBay It is needing new bearings, housings and a blade or two this winter. I would really like to have a six foot disc. Is it possible to just add the spacers...
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    mahindra 5010hst 3pt stabalizer

    Lost one of the turnbuckles for the 3pt stabilizer arms. I took the other off to get a new one and the Mahindra dealer doesn't have one and will be 2+ weeks before it could come in. if anybody has the 5010hst tractor handy could you measure the closed and extended length of the stabilizer...
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    New axle

    Well a bearing finally went out on my old homemade 5x8 trailer. The trailer was built years ago and used a cut down trailer house axle. I would like to now change it out so I can find tires for it easier. It doesn't seem like a standard width so I would like a little help on what would work. I...
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    I'm looking for another 6' foot disk and saw this for for sale locally. Just wondering what it would be worth. From the picture it looks like the back half hinges but not sure. Has anybody used one like this? Is it worth using? It will mainly used for deer food plots
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    Belarus wiring

    I have a Belarus 570 tractor that I have a question about the wiring. It has 2 batteries in the back making 24 volts. Every wire that I have checked under the dash has 24 volts. I've been working on getting all lights and a/c and wipers working and have a question. Is everything supposed to...
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    Rear Blade Land leveler

    New here but I have a question for the experts. I have a new holland 1927 and a Belarus 570 and I'm looking for something to better smooth out our gravel roads at the deer camp. Right now we have about 7 miles of road but only about 4 get driven on much and need quarterly smoothing. Every...