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    Pulled the trigger (finally) kubota L3901

    That is a great deal on the tractor in this day and age. I paid something close to that for my L3800 with pretty much the same attachments in 2013 (it was new, but 200 hours is pretty close to new). I sold it a few years ago and went to an mx5800 because I needed more power and loader...
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    Want to buy a dump trailer, kinda torn here.

    I ready page 1 and page 11 - don't have enough time, but I'll chime on a few things here I bought a 14' back in 2013 - opted for gooseneck even though I hesitated on losing the bed of the truck (I've missed it a few times when getting a load of material and going somewhere, but I get by)...
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    L6060 Engine Noise Getting Louder

    My L3800 called for oil changes at 200 hour intervals. I was rather shocked when my MX5800 only called for the 400 hour interval. Since I only do 100-150 hours/year, I decided to go with a 200 hour oil change just because it had been a few years. Even on my pickup, I try to change annually...
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    Time to Upgrade- Stuck in Analysis

    The Kubota (at least the smaller ones including my MX series) don't require DEF. They do have a DPF and go through regen, but no DEF required. I couldn't find a decent used MX5100 when looking for mine or I would have gone that way. I see a lot of the L2501's for sale around here - I am...
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    Time to Upgrade- Stuck in Analysis

    I did the analysis paralysis back in 2013 and ended up with an L3800. Sold it recently to someone who was using a neighbor's Kioti and would have nothing to do with buying those. I didn't hesitate to buy orange again (I had actually already bought my MX5800 before I sold the L3800) The only...
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    Knowing What U Know Now!

    I'm tracking LD1 - I had an L3800 and it was great. But mowing tall grass it was struggling between overheating and bogging down way to often with a 5' mower deck. And the lift capacity drive me nuts. I stepped up to an MX5800 and love it. It is an animal. Started baling last year and it...
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    Fueling tractor

    I did 5 gallon cans for a while - really a pain and the wife doesn't appreciate my #2 diesel cologne. So, I got a 100 gallon transfer tank with a 12v pump off of craigslist. Put it on a skid of 2x8's and would lift it in and out of the truck with pallet forks. Then one day I had it good and...
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    Snow Equipment Buying/Pricing SSQA Front Blade

    Fallon - stainless steel looks interesting on that snow dogg. What made you decide on that one (other than a panic no-show-snow :laughing: - I've learned that the more hype the less snow around here). I can see where the float on the plow instead of the boom is better just for less "floating"...
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    Snow Equipment Buying/Pricing SSQA Front Blade

    Finalized a deal yesterday on a new Kubota MX5800 (58 HP 4wd HST utility tractor for the non-orange readers). I'm upgrading from an L3800 (38 HP compact). Living in the front range of Colorado, our snow varies widely, but usually doesn't stick around all winter. I've plowed with a rear blade...