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  1. WesKootenay

    BCS 732 clutch repair

    A BIG shoutout to Earth Tools in Kentucky. I was flail mowing when I encountered some hidden, 50 year old, fencing wire - that stuff doesn't give!. Managed to clear the mower but discovered I had no clutch. Got the machine back to my workshop and pulled the clutch (hoping it was just stuck) it...
  2. WesKootenay

    T1460 engine oil leak

    Anybody familiar with this Kawasaki 12.5HP FC401V engine? Noticed a slight drip while doing a belt change. The leak isn't easy to find as I haven't power washed it yet. The exploded parts diagram on-line doesn't show a gasket between the crankcase 'halves'. May have to wait until Fall, then...
  3. WesKootenay

    Inner tube woes

    Got an unexpected flat tire yesterday. The valve had ripped right off the tube, apparently this is a common problem since BCS switched to tires and tubes made in China. My problem is finding a 4.00/4.50-10 tube with an offset valve stem (right now I'm using a 4.00-8 wheelbarrow tube :)), anybody...
  4. WesKootenay

    1815 rear tire chains

    My 'new to me' tractor came with V-bar chains on the front tires, I would like to find some for the rears. The tires are Industrial 27x12.5-15. I have looked all over the 'net but can't figure out what size I need. :confused: Got really lost on so I e-mailed them for help, the...
  5. WesKootenay

    2008 1518 - first 'real' tractor

    New to this Mahindra forum. Spent a lot of time in the 2-wheeler area. My first tractor with a FEL and 3-point hitch - I'm pumped! The guy I bought it from is a maintenance fanatic, I like that. Edit: Can't change the title, should be 2008 1815.
  6. WesKootenay

    BCS blues

    Setting up my new 26" Berta flail mower today. As I don't have any other front mount implements, I have been bitten by the PTO rod rotation problem - it is seized solid! Found the BCS service bulletin 2-24 that shows how to repair it. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you what size punch you need...