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    Removing floor of Grand L?

    Went to go crank the L4760 this afternoon and was greeted with a couple errors on the dash around PTO switch and F/R HST sensors not working correctly. Shut the machine down and took a look, somehow a rat took up residence right under the floorboard behind the steering column. Argh. Looking at...
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    Super UDT2 shipping prices, ouch

    Coming up on the 50 hour service, was planning on swapping all ~12 gal of hydraulic fluid however every place I can find it is charging near the cost of fluid(~$150) just to ship! Nearest dealer is about an hour away, it's a total pain to burn two hours on a weekday but I'm having a hard time...
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    Sometimes it's nice to have 7,000lbs of tractor around

    So the wind decided to come through again like it has been this winter. We've been lucky so far with our temporary shelters and the like generally holding up minus a few ripped tarps here and there. However today was different, the direction of the wind switched. Halfway through the day I look...
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    L4760 / LA1055 loader subframe bolt count?

    So there's a part of the loader bracket that's right infront of the step that goes to the rear of the subframe that has a bolt pattern for 4 bolts. When I got the tractor delivered it came with 3 of the 4 bolts installed. Two on the front and the third on the bottom. I had some setup issues...
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    Maintaining existing hay fields

    The adjacent 5ac lot came up for sale recently, it's not like you get a chance to expand your lot often so we took a shot at it and looks like everything is going through (closing is next week). Our lot and this one are both hay(alfafa) fields, we've deveoped our current lot pretty well but...
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    Driving ground rod with bucket?

    Setting up the electric fence in our new place tomorrow, got about 1800' to eventually hot wire so stepped up our ground rod game a bit and grabbed 3 6ft grounding rods to drive tomorrow. I've done them the old-fashion way with sledge hammer and garden hose. Planning on soaking the ground a...
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    Loader lever joint

    Trying to wrap up some loader work a bit quicker than I normally use the loader for managed to snap the loader joystick right off the 3 "joints" that it articulates around. No amount of hand effort would get it back in place, before I start pounding on this with a rubber mallet am I in danger...
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    Bulldog coupler

    Anyone else always end up on the wrong lateral side of the bulldog coupler when hitching them up? Never have a problem with the standard trailer hitch but always seem to overshoot on the side that needs to be closed. Was moving a few trailers today and did it every single time, argh.
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    Looking at 40-ish HP options

    We'll be moving to our new place that we've been building over the last year-ish. Going from 2.5ac of mud in the winter/dust in the summer to 5ac of lush farmland. Here's what it looked like ~4 weeks ago before the grass really took off. While the Ford has been good to us as the field at the...
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    Ford 1710 will crank but not start

    Here's the section on timing + diagrams. There's a part on the previous page about getting to the gears, if you need that as well let me know.
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    Ford 1710 will crank but not start

    Just for reference I've never seen our GP indicator *ever* glow at all on our 1500. Here's the wiring diagram from the 15xx/17xx/19xx service manual I have if that helps: Let me see if I can dig up the timing section and will upload that as well if GP look okay.
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    No HTTPS on TBN?

    What's with the lack of HTTPS on TBN these days? Not cool to be sending passwords and session IDs in the clear. Plenty of great options out there like Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates. Heck if it's a cost thing I'd happily pitch in for an SSL cert.
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    Hauling tractor for the first time, tell me what I'm doing wrong

    Moving our Ford up to the new property ~200 miles away. Drive is going to be a mix of interstate and Highway 101. This is the first time hauling our tractor any serious distance, I *think* I've got it secured pretty well but would appreciate the wisdom of the internet on what I might be...
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    Swapping Tach on Ford 1500

    Tach went out on our Ford 1500 last week, parts are pretty much impossible to find for it. However I did find a tach for a 1510 at Wengers for ~$50. PTO speed was the same and looked like same mating threads so I ordered it. Just installed it and while it works, it seems a tad slow. PTO...
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    Used oil containers

    After having my second set of cheap auto-shop oil cans spring a leak on me I'm looking to grab something that'll last a bit longer. Before I scrub through Amazon reviews, anyone have any favorites they can recommend?
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Officially joined the flail mower club today. 54" Caroni, was a little worried that 4ft would be too small but the size is perfect with the offset. Since we're mostly using this to keep our pasture in check I set the roller and skids at the highest level and it did an awesome job cutting down...
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    Grease amount for king pins on Ford 1500

    Doing the first set of service on our new-to-us Ford 1500. All the other zerks took 4-6 pumps before I could see grease come out but the king pins on the front axle took 30-40 and I still wasn't seeing anything come out. Grease was certainly going in, do they just take a ton of grease or is...
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    Electric Cars: Chev Bolt seems to be the first practical one.

    Nope, wrong. Don't try and go breaking out Ohm's Law on me, now you're in *my* industry :). Battery life is affected by *temperature* not charge rate and Tesla has a massive cooling system on the Model S(see my previous comment about louvers on the front of the car). It'll favor battery...
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    Ford 1500 Oil Gauge Kit

    The hose that sends oil from the side of the crank case to the gauge popped on us today when turning it over. Going to pull the cable later to find the thread size so I can block it off with a bolt until I can find a replacement part. Anyone have a clue what part# or where to find a replacement...
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    Farming with a tank

    Ex-WWII tanks still used as paddock bashers on Australian farms - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Of course this is Australia, crazy Aussies.