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    Hub to axle seal job complete on a 1533, Photos

    You are absolutely correct Mr Steve, the seal does come with the sleeve all ready installed. Because of the pre installed lube and dark colored I was missing that fact. I used a magnet and it stuck to the top and bottom of the sleeve edge, so indeed metal. Leaving the old sleeve on the upper...
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    Hub to axle seal job complete on a 1533, Photos

    Good day everyone. Some excellent detail on this post and much appreciated. I own a 1528 MF and have had 2 seal failures in about 950 hrs, first at about 600. I have a question about the 4266334M91 upper seal. 1) did the original seal also include a speedy sleeve as part of the seal assembly...
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    Massey Ferguson 1405 dozer blade

    You will need to remove the loader to use The blade. I have the same set up on my 1528, but mine is used for a front mount snowblower which I really like. No issue really as the loader comes off quickly as you know.
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    Chainsaw holder/axe holder/pole saw

    I have looked at the saw holder idea as well, depending on bar size you may be able to use 3 inch or 4 inch PVC. No issue with chain damage with the PVC. I also like the open bottom, as guaranteed the saw is going to leak bar oil, at least all of my saws do leak. Nice set up for the axe too, as...