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  1. 3Bladz

    Bobcat flood

    I heard everyone at Bobcat was out trying to build levies to deter flooding. That is a real mess they are going to have deal with. Record flooding is expected through the next 5 days I think.
  2. 3Bladz

    HP management

    Does the owners manual tell how to select or determine if horsepower mgmnt is on or off. It has the keyless electronic pad. My manual is at the shop and I keep forgetting to bring it home to look it up. And yes, I have read it completely, but it is not memorized. I had it reflashed at the...
  3. 3Bladz

    PTO snowblower

    I hooked up my 74" pto driven snowblower today. The 5610 ran it better than I expected for the 25 hp rated pto. It seems like it powered it better than my JD 3720. It for sure ran a lot smoother. It is kinda hard to keep the pto speed at 580 and real easy to over speed it. I does stick way...
  4. 3Bladz

    Attachment too high

    I bought a snow pusher from FFC for a compact tractor. It has the bobtach quick attach but the problem is the toolcat boom wont lower far enough for the pusher to sit flat on the ground. It is about an inch too high. Should I cut off the attachment plate on the pusher and raise it up? Has...
  5. 3Bladz

    22-02 error

    Any ideas what to check for a 22-02 starter on error. The starter is not running as far as I can tell. The code clears when I shut it off and does not come back on right away. It has come on the last 4 times I ran it.
  6. 3Bladz

    Steering while stopped

    Why cant I turn the wheel when Stopped? Like when I want to do a 3 point turn. The steering wheel will turn about a half turn then it seems to run out of hydraulics until I start to move again.
  7. 3Bladz

    Boomer 8N

    What do you guys think of the new 8N? There is a post in New Holland forum with pics. It looks cool.
  8. 3Bladz

    speed of a toolcat

    How fast will your toolcats run down the road? Does it slow down much when going up a hill? Mine will only do 20 down hill with the wind behind it. It usually is between 10 and 15. The thing accellerates like a loaded freight train. I was expecting to really cut down travel times between...
  9. 3Bladz

    radio install-not oem

    I am curious what it will take to put an automotive type radio it the 5610. The antennea is easy enough but I am not sure the headliner will hold a radio or what to use to mount it in there. I prolly will use surface mount speakers somewhere unless I hear a better idea. Bobcat seems...
  10. 3Bladz

    5610 loader float

    Does the 5610 loader have a float position? I didnt notice a detent position in the joystick control.
  11. 3Bladz

    5610 pto usage and 3pt lift

    I sure would like to hear some results of using the pto and 3point. I really want to know if it would run my old woods D80 two bladed bush hog. Also concerned if it will pick up my 72" brillion seeder, its pretty heavy. I might replace my JD3720 if it can handle my existing 3pt stuff.