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  1. woodlandfarms

    Mower options for 1430

    If it where me I would look around for a mower head from a golf course mower. Those can be had at a good price and for a couple hundred you could have someone adapt it.
  2. woodlandfarms

    PT-425 PTO Not Starting

    Those valve coils do pull a lot of juice.
  3. woodlandfarms

    Mower options for 1430

    IMO pts mower is mediocre. The brush mower is better. If you want a good grass mowing buy a dedicated mower.
  4. woodlandfarms

    PT-425 PTO Not Starting

    My initial thought is you did not have the connectors for the mower in tight. If you flip the switch and the engine dies your valve is working correctly.
  5. woodlandfarms


    About the same price as a gas replacement.
  6. woodlandfarms

    PT-425 Aux circuit QCs

    When I store a utility I connect the hoses together to keep them clean. If you want some fun do that in December then try disconnecting in the hot July sun.
  7. woodlandfarms

    PT425 Electrical Short - Doesn't Start with Jump

    The wife saw the picture of the boulder and wants it.
  8. woodlandfarms

    Wanted - PT-425 or PT-1430 in good condition

    Go big. No replacement for displacement. These machines are super bendy so getting bigger isn’t an issue in my opinion.
  9. woodlandfarms

    Wanted - PT-425 or PT-1430 in good condition

    I am down in the Vancouver area if you want to drive an 1850 before buying.
  10. woodlandfarms

    Brokedown in a bad spot

    Having ruptured so many hoses I have a trick. I have the master chart, and if it is obvious I go get a hose made. If not I have a selection of overly long hoses for temporary use. Basically what I do is I disconnect the broken hose, generally on the tank side. I attach the new hose with a...
  11. woodlandfarms

    Brokedown in a bad spot

    If anyone wants to drill on my property, I have 20 gallons of processed crude available.
  12. woodlandfarms

    Bolt on blade for buckets

    So my bucket teeth are welded onto a bar that bolts into the bucket. I am can get you pictures, but that bar that the teeth are welded to ads a lot of support to the lip of the bucket.
  13. woodlandfarms

    Brokedown in a bad spot

    Well, just a story. So the wife took the tractor out into the back 40 and a line ruptured. Usually not a big deal, I have some spares that I can plug in to limp back home. Not so lucky this time. It wasn't that I didn't have the hose, it was I could not find the break. On top of it I have...
  14. woodlandfarms

    PT-422 Electric Conversion.......Done!

    Koensig just showed an amazing motor they just designed. Small and super powerful.
  15. woodlandfarms

    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    So what are the symptoms of air in the system? Given how cursed I am I would have huge leaks and I have none that I know of.
  16. woodlandfarms

    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    Oil filters as tight as you can get it by hand. Do not use a wrench to tighten. All gasketed filters should be 3/4 turn after gasket contact. If you are leaking you may have another issue. Too high pressure or a warped oil pump plate.
  17. woodlandfarms

    PT diesel for sale

    Pumps. Hoses. Dated machine. Fun project but not cheap and end results probably not worth it.
  18. woodlandfarms

    What did you do with your Power Trac today?

    No pictures but I am using my York rake on my mile long gravel driveway to remove snow and ice. It’s less destructive than a blade and digs down and breaks up the ice.
  19. woodlandfarms

    Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays everyone! I hope all have pt oriented Christmas dreams.
  20. woodlandfarms

    PT 425 motor mounts

    Santa ain’t done shopping. Please suggest!
  21. woodlandfarms

    Not much discussion going on....

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  22. woodlandfarms

    PT mounting plate question

    I make my own adapter plates. Very simple design. I have used an adjustable top link. It was broken a number of times.
  23. woodlandfarms

    need to sell either the 425 or the 1430 SOLD

    Both are pretty inviting.
  24. woodlandfarms

    Charging valve / hydraulic accumulator

    On my 1850 we have both automatic and hand pump for the brakes in case you can’t get the engine started and need to move. It’s a pita and I had to do it a couple of times (hand pump) but it can be done.
  25. woodlandfarms

    need to sell either the 425 or the 1430 SOLD

    Where did you post them up?
  26. woodlandfarms

    PT-425 Cement Mixer capacity

    As for pt I hear they are doing great considering. That said they are faced with a major redesign loosing the diesels they had so I am sure energy has shifted until they get those new machines online.
  27. woodlandfarms

    PT-425 Cement Mixer capacity

    I doubt the barrel is made in the USA. Importing is a pita . That said I believe pt works on an assembly line model. They make 50 of x then 50 of y so they do run out.
  28. woodlandfarms

    PT1850 Burst Hose Replacement

    Wait. I will take a picture but it is a sweep. I just said 90. We have huge hydraulic shops around here so parts like a 90 seeep are easy. Will take pictures tomorrow.
  29. woodlandfarms

    PT1850 Burst Hose Replacement

  30. woodlandfarms

    PT1850 Burst Hose Replacement

    Just wanted to reitterate, if you have a cutlist you can premake your hoses, and use the old hose to pull the new hose through. Works way better than fishtape. I have a collection of male to male connectors just for this purpose.
  31. woodlandfarms

    PT1850 Burst Hose Replacement

    I have ruptured this hose twice. What I did was a bought a 3:4” 90 that I put on the wheel motor. Then I had the hoses made straight. It’s a bit tight but it works. I use a male to male connector to join the two hoses. I use the old hose to pull the new hose through. Also on the sharp edges I...
  32. woodlandfarms

    PT1850 Brush Cutter Belt Routing

    I just saw this. I can take a picture of mine and get you the belt # if you still need it
  33. woodlandfarms

    Does anyone use aw32

    Wondering if anyone uses aw32 or hydraulic oil instead of engine oil in there hydraulic system.
  34. woodlandfarms

    PT Manual

    Yup. It will be fine.
  35. woodlandfarms

    PT Manual

    I use the cheapest 10-40 I can get my hands on. Usually a case of chevron at Costco. I burst hoses too often to risk leaving synthetic on the ground
  36. woodlandfarms

    Fuel Line size for the 1850

    There we are 3.5mm Thank you PTM.
  37. woodlandfarms

    Fuel Line size for the 1850

    Sorry. I meant the fuel injector line. So sorry
  38. woodlandfarms

    Fuel Line size for the 1850

    Hey Team, Deutz sprung a leak. This will be my second time running fuel lines so no big deal, except I completely forgot what size the fuel line is. It is something weird, like 3mm VW line. Anyone point me in the right direction?
  39. woodlandfarms

    Prices went up

    This group is there last bastion of zero politics. Can we keep it that way?
  40. woodlandfarms

    PT1850 Tilt Seat Mercury Switch Adjustment

    I would like to make mine fully electronic. If any of you have an idea on how to do it let me know. My seat always feel slow to react.
  41. woodlandfarms

    Facebook group ??

    FB is a great place to find out whatever your political and social views are are not correct. I like this place. I can search it and it is specific to my needs. And everyone is cool in the pt group except Ken)
  42. woodlandfarms

    Facebook group ??

    My problem is it is not very searchable. Lots of tips and tricks have to be repeated constantly
  43. woodlandfarms

    Marketing: Power Trac vs Ventrac

    Happy to be part of the team that convinces you on the tsm. I have an 1850 and love it. Where are you located? Antonio’s were our first choice but lift capacity and the crazy price killed the deal. But they are super nice.
  44. woodlandfarms

    PT 422 fuel tank

    I had a smelly mist on my 1850. Injector hose ruptured and was spraying into the cooling fan. Freaked out. Grabbed the extinguisher and waites fir it to all cool down.
  45. woodlandfarms

    PT 422 fuel tank

    You ever look at your lawnmower? Gas tank bolted on the engine next to the exhaust. And the tank is plastic.
  46. woodlandfarms

    Money where my mouth is.

    Just be prepared that the machine won’t be perfect. Pt has a tendency to ship with a loose hose or bolt. Otherwise it’s going to rock.
  47. woodlandfarms

    Money where my mouth is.

    Jeez, I was going to add notes but after reading everyone hit the high notes. Get lots of adapter plates (or make your own like I did, they are easy to make). Get a pickle fork. don't buy the 4 in 1 but do buy a grapple. Mower is brush only, never tried the fine cut cut but very tempted...
  48. woodlandfarms

    Hiccup in power trac plans

    18gpm at 3000psi. Uh uh. That’s not going to happen.
  49. woodlandfarms

    45 degrees is steep

    I have a few spots on my property that get near 40 degrees (running an 1850). A few notes. I never run that steep without a run out at the bottom of the hill. Meaning I don’t mow riverbanks cause I can’t swim. Second is you really have to set up your 1850 to go beyond 35 degrees. The right tire...
  50. woodlandfarms

    Who manufactures the oil cooler on the PT1850

    I will check mine as well but haven’t seen a number. Will also check for looseness.