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    Bending Metal?? Looking for some advice

    As a life long but now retired professional welder I would use a Bessey style C clamp ( the sliding bar style) and a heating tip. Clamp it at the tip and start heating and tightening as it starts to move. This in not a major repair but a half hour job.
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    Exhaust options for my 4’ x 4’ generator shed

    I have what you almost have here in panama. My Westinghouse is a 7500/9000 in a 6x6 shed . In front of the engine side of the Gen I have a 1 square foot hole with expanded metel to keep out the larger critters. I have a good 16 inch fan sucking air and blowing on the engine. At the Gen /exhaust...
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    Many years ago at least 25 I was a welder for a machine shop we built a machine to cut open converters for a guy. He told me it took 25 full size converters to get a Oz of platinum. He broke them open put the contents in barrels and ship them to Europe to get the platinum extracted. He showed me...
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    built me some brush forks

    Nice. See folks it's true, as we get older we get smarter not stronger. Handy attachment
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    Welding a Disc Blade.

    As a life long professional welder I can tell you they are not cast iron. If that last photo is your weld you need more practice. Preheat with cutting torch or propane torch. Use 7018 weld the best you can and cool slowly, floor dry or cat litter is a good product for slow cooling. Pour 3 or 4...
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    Am I nutz?

    Not trying to be nasty but you could reinvent the wheel also. Buy a mixer and mix, dump it in your loader and drive and pour it.
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    New inexpensive trimode welder

    It's real easy if you were happy with your Everlast go get a Everlast mig. I am also very happy with my Everlast Mig and TIG welders Now retired welder my whole life. Second you will not find any made in America welder (Lincoln, Miller Hobart) etc for under about $3000. They can not compete...
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    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    Look in your area for any steel sales place. The welding shops have to be buying the steel they use from someone. Another source could be a steel scrap yard
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    Predator yay or nay

    If they are willing to ship to a addy in the US then why not to a freight forwarder. My opinion stands. They have their money no matter where it goes
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    crane added to trailer

    Nice. And as they say, as we get older we get smarter not stronger
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    Predator yay or nay

    Had the BS motor on my MTD lawn tractor break a connecting rod which on the net says happens to lots on them, put a predator 23 hp v twin and have 100 hours and no prolbem. The only bitch I have is with Harbour Freight, I live in Panama and they except Visa but will not ship to a freight...
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    Shoveling out a dump trailer - really!

    Years ago when I was in Canada I had a welding company and installed a 12 volt electric vibrators on a customer's gravel trucks. Not sure where he got them but all I had to do was cut a piece of plate about 12 inches Sq and drill and tap 4 holes and then weld them to the bottom of the truck box...
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    Mowing Steep Hills

    A friend has one called a Dixie Chopper 4x4 zero turn. When you want to turn a small set of wheels pops down and picks up the front tires to make the zero turn work. And he has some good step hills
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    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    Well for me never. I remember when they were telling us about cell phones that we should not carry them in a shirt pocket, not to have them near your bed when sleeping, use hands free to keep it away from your head and now that EV came out all those health protection measures are not heard...
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    Smaller rear tires to lower tractor ROPS so I can fit into my trailer when hauling

    Find a good fab man and have him design a folding ROPS and build it. It's not rocket science
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    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    Yes but do you remember when they were telling us not long ago about cell phones? Don't hold them to your head, don't carry close to body, don't have near your bed. But now electric cars come alone it's OK to sit on a huge battery and cook Eddy and the Twins. Think I will stay with y old gas car.
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    Your wife is correct on this. Get your tiller back hopefully before it is broken
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    Clearing a wooded acre

    Not a expert on this but with that big of trees is there any wood value? If there is talk to a small lumber mill and see if you can work something out even if you have to give them the logs at least it will be less work $$$ to just remove the stumps and not have such huge piles to burn
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    My bucket is broken !

    As a lifetime but now retired welder that small mig will do the job. 2 things help if welding say the ends back on the bucket. 1st is the mig gas. Use 75/25 as it burns hotter than straight CO2 plus less splatter. And 2nd weld vertical as much as possible as it allows you to see the weld better...
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    Electric ZT

    Not a chance. Folks seems to forget the warnings they blasted us with not many years ago but have since stopped about cell phones. Not to have them near your head, not in shirt pockets. Not on the headboard when sleeping. But now the tree huggers and electric cars are coming more into...
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    Bush Hog

    OK Karen
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    Remember grease is the cheapest tool in your toolbox
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    Swollen Ford Lug nuts

    Have not read all the replies but the small torch is not your friend. You need a big one that is fast at heating the lug nut before the stud gets hot. With a small one the time to heat is too long and the stud is absorbing the heat also thus expanding. A friend with a Ford noticed that on his...
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    First Tractor

    Like the old saying as we get older we get smarter not stronger. Your new ride is great
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    Hyd oil question

    Do we have a hyd oil expert on the group? I have a IHI NX15 mini excavator and the manual calls for #46. oil. So this is what I am wondering about. I live in Panama and a cold night is 73 degrees and average daytime temp is 90 to 95. Everyone down here uses #68 oil and 46 is hard to find. Is...
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    Can a diesel engine run on gas. .

    If gas will destroy a diesel engine can some please explain how a friends old TD9 International crawler with a over shot bucket starts on gas and then is switched over to diesel to work. I realize there is no load as it sits and warms up
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    Ditching job

    If you could rent a Gradall that would be perfect as they all have wrists
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    Rodents win again

    Peanut butter works good as bait
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    Block Heaters 24/7

    Having grown up in Canada a block heater and oil pan heater are a way of life. In the a out 40 years using then I have never had a problem. Plug it in a forget it. A oil pan heater should be part of your setup. You want oil that flows the second you touch the key. If you want to do a test put...
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    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    Sorry to disagree as a life long welder that does not put you in to a Tig weld. It puts you into a mig weld using a shielding gas not a Flux core wire. The gas can be straight CO2 or what is called 75/25 and that CO2 and Argon . The 2nd one is more expensive but the weld bead lays down better...
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    The most dangerous trimming of the tree branch with a John Deere backhoe in my life..

    Well like they say if your not living life on the edge then your taking up too much space.
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    Getting ready for 20 inches

    Yup being a weather person means you can be wrong most of the time and still have a job.
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    Starting a tractor in extreme cold temperatures

    All good but remember the oil in the pan is as thick as honey when it is that cold. Buy a strap on oil pan heater so when it does start the oil can pump to where it should be Remember heat rises so it will also help heat the block.
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    Kubota engine difficult to turn over when cold (not battery)

    I live in Panama and my B7100 is the same way. Even here were it is warm glow plugs needed but it has always started. My biggest problem is the steering box has piled up 2 times. I think the FEL might be putting to much stress on it. Might see if I can find a box out of a old Datsun, Toyota and...
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    Kubota engine difficult to turn over when cold (not battery)

    Same here from when I lived in Canada never a dead battery in the summer 30/40 below and they stop cranking as good. Now here in panama the heat cooks the battery so I usually open the hood when I get home to help cool the engine compartment
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    Plow now or wait?

    The best way I found to handle this was 15 years ago when I made sale and moved from Canada to Panama. Have not had one day where I needed to plow my driveway. Ok ok I know the words your thinking. I also think plow before the rain
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    Cleaning Up Substantial Yard Debris

    With that much tire eating stuff in the mix rent a cat and have him dig a hole and push it in and cover with the material from the hole. Some treasure hunter will unearth it in a 100 yrs or so
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    Drain plug 3/8 +/-

    Find a open end wrench that is a little small and grind it to fit the plug and just keep it for that use only
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    Cold weather start, with glow plugs and block heater. Why does my tractor not start at minus 20 C?

    After living in Canada most of my life and owning many gas and diesel engine things I honestly believe that the best thing you can do for a engine in cold starts is have a oil pan heating blanket. Block heaters are needed also but all they do is heat the block, the oil pan hangs below the block...
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    Big Cars are killing Americans

    I have read that the covid19 so called vaccine has been proven to attack the brain. This was proven by autopsies on people who's friends and family said their mental state changed before the death
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    Half ton pickup tires

    Mig welding is your best choice for that. Tig is mainly for Aluminum and stainless steel and other alloys
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    Half ton pickup tires

    One other note when I had my welding company in Canada I did a lot of work for Costco and the manager of a store told me their top of the line Kirkland tires are Michelin. My F350 portables were heavy and I started buying their tires and loved them.
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    Anybody here have much experience with either 3 point or tow backhoe?

    If you have enough work for it buy a mini hoe. I have a IHI 15NX and added a thumb as the pedal and lines are already run out to the stick. Yanmar 3 cyl and has been a great machine. I retired to Panama and out of boredom bought it and put in house foundations as they do not do basements also...
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    Half ton pickup tires

    Something to remember. Factory tires are called round black things. That is because the car manufacturers push for cheap prices from the tire manufacturers this they build a cheaper tire because they get to sell millions of them. This is really noticeable in motorcycle tires. I personally think...
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    Do I need a general contractor to build a house?

    1st off I do not know where you live and that might make a difference but as I get older I never miss not having a basement. Make the house a little bigger if you need one extra room for hobbies etc or make a small shop as a free standing side building if you need one. Going up stairs at 60 is...
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    Tractor Parts Yesterday

    You needed to do what a friends dad did years ago. He owned a small electrical company and on the way home one night in his work cloths stopped at the Chev dealer wanting to buy 4 new company service vans. Walked in in work clothes not one sales person even greeted him. He wandered around he...
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    why so many jeeps now on road?

    Not really sure about the new ones except what I hear about gas milage but I sure wish I still owned my M38A1. It was slow and sparce but would go anywhere you pointed it. Even found a manual at a old car swap meet that showed you the pattern to plow fields as I guess lots were used after the...
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    Which oil is better??

    I tried ever synthetic oil I could find for my 1985 Honda golding and the best I found was Amsoil. Put 250.000 miles and was still running strong when I sold it. There could be others as good I do not know. The biggest risk is the oil filter. Saw a video years ago where a guy bought a bunch of...
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    Is AB-1346 The Beginning To The End Of The GARDEN TRACTOR?

    My old MD GOLD broke a con rod so I put in a harbor freight 23 hp v twin. Not that I even live in the US but if I did I would peel the 23 hp decal off the engine take it to a company that make decals and proudly drive my new 27 hp lawn tractor. It's. Ot hard folks.
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    Mini Excavator?

    Wrong machine. I own a IHI 15NX here in panama and with the thumb I put on it it is great machine. I can pick up a 24 inch dia rock and also great for trees but it would suck as a plow.