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    lowe's wrong chain saw in box

    totally agree. You got victimized by some miscreant who bought a new saw and then shoved his old crappy saw in the box and returned it. Nobody bothered to look at the return and they just restocked it for another sale. Unfortunately for you, they thought that *you* were the miscreant in this...
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    Zero turn mower advice

    I have 3.14 acres and an Ariens Ikon X-52 that I got about 4 years ago for about $3k. It's a great ZTR. It takes a bit longer in spring when it rains a lot and the lawn is sloppy mess and the grass is thick, but in general it's about 3 hours and one tank of gas to do the whole thing. In fall...
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    Scam? I think so.

    There are tons just like this on craigslist. Here's how it works.. 1) somebody died, and somebody else is in posession. 2) it's an unbelievably good price (typically $1000-$3000) 3) the location that they say that the tractor is at is very different from the location where the post came from...
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    Interesting and relevant war/crime/kill-switch/business ethics/hacking

    I think the key difference is that, you can pull the fuse to temporarily disable OnStar or you can disconnect it from your own vehicle if you want, whenever you want. Deere uses it as a VIN locking mechanism to prevent people from performing non-dealer modifications. Intent. Funtionally, does...
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    Interesting and relevant war/crime/kill-switch/business ethics/hacking "What John Deere did to Russian looters, anyone can do to farmers, anywhere."
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    Need to move an 800+ pound concrete slab.

    A little BX 3pt could lift it as long as it was oriented vertical on a carry-all in the back or something (close to the tractor), but you'd need counterweight in the bucket and it would be a bit awkward (hills or angles would be terribly unstable, but 100% flat would be okay; 5' x3' wouldn't be...
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    16 acres and a hobby farm what tractor?

    As others have said, the front end definitely could not lift that bale.. But... the back-end might. the 3ph capacity on your B2650 is ~2100 lbs (which means it "might" lift a little bit more than that if pushed). Now, 2000 bale is mighty close to that and you'd probably want 500lbs of...
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    FEL level indicator

    I've often thought about just attaching a piece of plastic or any rigid material (painted metal for instance) to the top of the bucket so that I can get a better indication of level vs trying to gauge the top of the bucket from the seat, which could be off by 5-10 degrees depending where the...
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    Pulled the trigger (finally) kubota L3901

    I got my BX used about 18 months back and it came with a fiberglass canopy. I think it's great: (like this one)...
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    Looking at MX5400 for my 80 Acres-good choice?

    I wonder if an air-ride seat would make this much more tolerable? It's a pricey upgrade ($1400), but heck, not on an expensive tractor that you expect to be riding for 8 hours across rough terrain.
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    Rodents win again

    Unlike tomcat traps (which I personally use and like, but I only have a small mouse problem near the chickens), something like this can catch a huge number of mice on a daily basis without intervention:
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    Would you buy a 30 year old truck with 51 miles on it?

    CV and/or inner/outer axle universal boots. You'll probably spend a fair chunk replacing all of those. (another rubber part for the list)
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    Cordless Tools vs. Other Options

    Interestingly, I've been going retro. I've actually been buying some decent air-powered tools at auction. Nothing can match the compact torque of an air wrench when doing things like big bolts such as for mower spindles, etc. The harbor freight ~25 gallon compressors hold plenty of air for my...
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    Cart or wagon?

    This might be on the small side, but it works behind my Kubota BX2350, JD 322, and Ariens ZTR just fine. It'll haul almost 1000 lbs of stuff, despite its diminutive size, and it has a manual dump lever. I use it for moving firewood stacks, occasionally mulch, bags of concrete, sticks, etc...
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    Buying Advice Looking for a tractor

    Oh my, I agree with Deezler. Mowing 40 acres once a week means a REALLY big mower, or you're going to spend your whole weekend mowing. 1) you'll want a tow-behind mower for that size if you don't want to spend the entire weekend doing it. 2) do you really need a loader for it? That's going to up...
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    How can I be sure the check will be good?

    There's a new(ish) service called that is designed for exactly this kind of transaction. buyer sends money to 3rd party escrow. Seller sends buyer the item with a built-in evaluation/return period (I think it's configurable), and then escrow releases money to the seller. It's kind of...
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    Right to repair - we WIN!!

    This is not unprecedented. The same thing used to happen with cars and catalytic converters years ago. They were all proprietary and you had to go to the dealership to get the thing replaced for an arm and a leg. When right-to-repair passed on cars, all of the proprietary stuff had to be...
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    ZTR or Rider?

    I've got pi acres (3.14) and have a ztr. It's flat, unlike yours, but it's a LOT faster than a wheel-driven tractor/mower (trust me, I have one of those too). The trick is those front wheels might be a little tricky to keep going if the slope is slippy. Different tires would help in that...
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    Water line question

    PEX is much better for freeze resistance. if you bury it deep enough, that shouldn't matter, but it is better. That, and fewer couplers for your run and you have fewer chances of latent mechanical failure. Pex has higher tensile strength, higher chemical resistance, better temperature...
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    Advice needed: Looking for smallest SCUT or Garden Tractors with a loader

    I bought a Bx1500 at auction. it's okay for mowing grass and some small-job class 1 3ph work. It didn't have a loader and finding one for it is nigh impossible (and getting the hydraulics controls added would be another expensive proposition). So, I got a BX2350 on craigslist. More HP for...
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    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    Maybe some locking coupler pins instead? as easy to use as a lynch, but won't spring out.
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    Zero turn mower only restarts after sitting a couple days

    on my Ariens ZTR it won't start unless the emergency brake is fully engaged. If you have one, try pushing it down and pulling it up a few times and make sure it's engaged. I had a problem where the rod that attaches the brake lever to the mechanism was bent and it was exhibiting symptoms similar...
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    Bx2350 won't turn off

    I think the same thing. I ordered one last night. We'll see how it goes.
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    Bx2350 won't turn off

    2021, and I'm having the same problem with Kubota BX2350D not stopping. All the fuses are good, but I do note that the solenoid doesn't activate when turning ignition off, but neither does getting off the seat or doing anything with either of the seat buttons (pressure switch under seat or the...
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    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    In PA, NJ, and MD, at least, all of the Autozones and Advanced Auto have a huge metal container in the back where you can dump waste oil. You just go in, say "where's the oil container", take it into the back corner of the store, and dump it into the huge bin. Sometimes they will tell you it's...
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    kubota bx1500d won't engage pto

    yes, it has a belly/front PTO (mower deck, snow blower) and a rear PTO for the 3ph. the select lever controls whether front is engaged, rear is engaged, or both. None of them work because it has become clear that the shaft that pushes in and engages the PTO clutch was completely out of the hole...
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    kubota bx1500d won't engage pto

    Since I'm not intimately familiar with the parts, do you have a diagram I can reference? I know where to look, over the left rear wheel, and I think I have found one problem immediately, that the spring that holds the handle from just gently falling down towards engage is most likely...
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    kubota bx1500d won't engage pto

    For some reason my pto engage lever doesn't engage pto any more. I have topped off the hydraulic fluid, and it's okay (was 1-2 quarts low). I tried manually turning the PTO shaft and it turns freely when pto select is in neutral, but it still won't engage. I tried moving it just a little bit and...
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    concise list of differences between BX1500 and BX1500D

    Does anybody have a concise list of differences between these two tractor models? I've searched and haven't been able to determine what's different. Thoughts?