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    Rear tires for 2155

    I still have my factory tires on the rear and they need to bee changed. They are 20x9.00-8nhs. Bad thing is there are not any manufactures making this size anymore. Any suggestions for a different tire size or if anyone has had the same issue? Thanks.
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    2155 attachments?

    Are there any attachments for the 2155's? I have always wondered if there were any. After getting stuck in the mud last week, I am changing my rear tire tread type (going aggressive). Now I shouldnt have any traction problems for any implements. Thanks, Dwight.
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    I got stuck in the mud and had to wash everything. I didnt realize the dipstick was out of the tranny. Im not really sure if i got water in the case or not. I had to run it to get it on the trailer but it wasnt milky after i loaded it. Do i need to buy the hydro fluid for a cub or does it use...
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    2155 blades will not engage

    My 2155 model blades will not engage. I am thinking that it is the pull switch, but not sure. I have power to both sides of the clutch and i am thinking that one side should be a ground? Im an auto tech, not a cub cadet tech. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...