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    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    The Zero Turn is made to do one thing and that is mow grass. It isn’t good to me for much else. I like to drink beer when I mow the three acre I have care of but my zero turn won’t let me do that. The other thing is the ZT is fast! Nothing like beating the shit out of my back on those rough...
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    Building a custom home - HVAC options - could use a bit of help please!

    I had a cousin who was dating a guy in college for havc. He came over and did all the calculations for the house i was rebuilding and when we talked he said return air was the just about as important as anything. i built the system the way he designed it. A pain in the ass to get all the return...
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    Sticker shock

    My Father has warned of inflation in our talks for now 40 years. Even now i hear the underlying tone of people talk about how the pain can be avoided. As i mentioned this is a tone ive been hearing of for 40+ years. We do not need to avoid the pain ( kick the can down the road) in my mind. We...
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    Bolt Size Help

    The two open holes have thick paint in them from the manufacturer. So no bolt will fit till you clean/remove the paint from the threads.
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    Three point hitch draft control M4700

    I love my draft control when Im working with my box blade.
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    I have a backhoe attachment that would work nicely on a 75 hp tractor. A Kelly 55. I don't want much for it as its to big for my 30hp tractor.
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    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    My draft control is the key to my box blade use. I was amazed when the results i can get when i discover it. Gravel drives it wroks awesome. Lose dirt is wonderful. i use it on almost on all my box blade work. A top hydro top link is a must for the Box blade also.
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    Ford 9N intermittent spark, won't run

    I had a problem similar to yours with my 1974 IH 354 gas and i went round and round with it for about a year. It would start then wouldn't want to start. I don't like throwing money at problems so i tested everything still no luck. I finally replaced the distributor cap ( the old one looked good...
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    I would want to ask about the PTO speed. I use a 5 ft brush hog to cut field grass and when i first started. i ran the tractor rpm to slow. I liked that my motor wasn't singing and the gas savings but it did not cut well. Now i get that PTO up to 540 and i get a clean look. i run sharp blades...
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    Happiness is:

    Happy is rarely a destination I'd say from observing others. But you might be the exception John White. Great post! The happiest Ive seen people is when they have a goal in life and just got a little closer to achieving it. For what its worth i try to apply this in my life. Set a noble goal...
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    How many Attachments?

    9. With the box blade being on the tractor most, followed by the rotary cutter next. Then the FEL stuff. Box blade Drag harrow Angle blade Cultivator Single plow 5 ft rotary cutter Pallet forks 5 ft material bucket 3 pt scoop bucket
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    Newbie to Trailers... Looking but no idea what for

    I have two trailers; one is a 5x8 1500 lb rated single axle. The other is a 7000lb rated twin axle 18 footer and what I’ve learned is that the bigger the trailer the bigger the pain in the ass. More tires to maintain/buy, more bearing, harder to park, hard to move, more ware on the tow vehicle...
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    Backhoe Backhoe attachment,What options do i have?

    Looking for ideas as this attachment is to big fo my tractor. Make it a towable backhoe? are they any good? American Made, Kelly55 Kelley backhoe attachment in great shape. Pins are tight, Dug out drainage ditches in a farmer's field its whole life. The man was 76 and decided to let it go to...
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    Riddle me this? my tractor has half the power it did?

    1974 International harvester 354 Gas I was doing great with my new FEL. Finally got it attached and i was getting some much needed digging done. It made quick work of most of it. I still hand shoveled a lot of the dirt but having the tractor move it and dump it was a back saver. The hand shovel...
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    FEL hook up. will this work?

    I purchased this 2250 FEL and am just about to mount it to this IH 354. The parts manual shows a AUX port on the hydraulic block under the seat.(see pic) I want to run the inlet to the FEL controls from the AUX port and the outlet from the FEL controls down to the suction tube shown.(see pic)...
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    Front-End Loader Will this work? FEL hydraulic hook up

    Reposted in right forum : Hydraulic's
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    i bet this is a simple question for someone

    Ive purchased my first tractor this week, a International 354 gas. There is a few things i dont know what they do . Plus whats a good manual to buy? 1. What are these Silver knobs for and how the heck are you suppose to turn them? They seem really tight.