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    Posted Photos finally vGT2544

    Posted my pics finally of my little sweetheart , and the attachments. Sleeve hitch, and Tiller. Todd
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    CC2544 OIL Service #@*%!!

    Well; Changed the engine oil before JTKUB posted his oil change post and I agree he..he.. what a flub that device is without a 90 degree elbow. But tring to find oil seems to be a major Headache for the Trans, found one place that would ship and 2 gals at $65.00 didn't seem bad until they said...
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    New GT2544 on the way

    Just had to post here since you guys were a great source for info when I marched out to buy a Real Garden Tractor. I also ordered the triple bagger 190-210, tiller 190-002, hard to get exact info on exact attachments that are available and more specifically what is req'd for what. I ordered an...