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    1986 Ford 1210 - 3PH pulses up/down slightly with heavy load

    My brother has a 1986 Ford 1210. Recently it has developed an issue where the 3PH pulses up/down slightly when there is a heavy load attached like a 6ft rear blade. It is most noticeable when the hitch is raised to the half-way point. It will sit there and continue to raise and lower by about an...
  2. J

    JD RX75 engine surges under no load

    I have a JD RX75 with a 9HP Kawasaki engine. It starts easily and runs okay except the engine surges at all throttle positions when there is no load. If I start driving up hill or engage the mower deck the engine runs smooth. But as soon as I push in the clutch or go down a grade the engine...
  3. J

    2013 X500 engine ticking sound?

    I just purchased a 2013 X500. I have 7 hrs on it so far. It works great, starts easily and runs smooth. The only thing out of the ordinary is the engine makes a sort of ticking sound like a valve tick or something. If the engine didn't run so darn quiet I would probably never notice it. My old...
  4. J

    Craigslist Rod Oven score

    Picked up an unused Phoenix Dry Rod 10lb 100W rod oven from Craigslist today for $25. It works like a champ. I'm hoping to use it for drying open boxes of 7018 that I have sitting on my shelf prior to use.
  5. J

    2720 Step Project

    Like most, my knees have been asking me for a step for my 2720 since the day I took delivery. A couple months ago the dealer had a John Deere Days picnic at which they had just about every tractor that John Deere makes on display. Sitting next to a 2720 was a 3038E. My eye was immediately drawn...
  6. J

    2720 back from 200CX and 3rd SCV install

    The dealer dropped off the 2720 bright and early this morning - back from having them install the 200CX loader and 3rd SCV valve. I won't have time to try anything out until I get home from work but I thought I would post a few photos. As you can see, the 3rd SCV handle can be attached...
  7. J

    Plasma cutting - how much air do I really need?

    I have never owned a Plasma cutter but I plan to get one for home use. How much air flow do I really need? My compressor is a 2.5HP 10 Gal Harbor Freight jobbie. The sticker "says" 5.2 CFM @ 90 PSI. I use it to blow up tires, run some air tools like an impact wrench, air ratchet, etc. It works...
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    Got some 2720 seat time today

    While we didn't have as much snow as I had hoped, I was able to get some seat time with my new 2720, 54" blower and 60" Land Pride rear blade. We had about 3" of very wet and heavy snow so the majority of the work was done with the rear blade. I was out well before dawn and the front and rear...
  9. J

    How to remove plug to install 2720 engine block heater?

    I purchased a JD block heater for my 2720 (AR87167) and was all set to install it today. I had read various posts about the plug being tight. I removed the return hose from the hydro pump to give me some more room. Unfortunately I could not get the plug to budge. I tried using a 18" 1/2 breaker...
  10. J

    Disappointed with JD Remote Spout Control

    I finally found time to install the remote spout control on my 2720 with 54" blower. The instructions were a bit confusing as they included a lot of extra hardware. It was a bit of a challenge to determine exactly which hardware was applicable to my tractor. I got it figured out and installed...
  11. J

    How level does ground need to be to remove/attach 200CX loader?

    I would like to get a 200CX loader for my 2720. I can keep it on most of the time except for winter when I'll need to remove it to attach my 54" snow blower. How level does the ground have to be to remove/attach the loader? I don't have many level spots - at least nowhere I could leave the...
  12. J

    Newbie Hydraulics question

    Can someone explain to me the color scheme on the hydraulic quick-connect ports. My 2720 came with Red, Black, Blue and Yellow covers. My snow blower has Green, Black, Gray and Yellow. So it is impossible to simply match the colors. I only change connections twice a year so hooking the Red to...
  13. J

    What is the most recommended finish mower?

    Just curious what those of you with a lot of finish mower experience recommend? Woods? Land Pride? John Deere? Bush Hog? These are all brands I've been looking at. They all seem so similar and without any experience I'm not sure what the differentiators are. I'm looking at a 60" mower to...
  14. J

    Why does my 2720 top link touch the frame when raised?

    For some reason the top link on my 2720 makes contact with the holder bracket enough to bend it (see photo below). As the top link approaches the bracket the "S Hook" pivots out of the way as the body of the top link contacts the "S Hook" bracket. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong as all...
  15. J

    Can someone help identify this connector?

    I am trying to determine the size and type of this quick connect. It is part of the rear outlet kit on my John Deere 2720. The connector is marked "Pioneer" but has no other markings. Is this 1/2", 3/4", etc. When purchasing a mating mail quick-connect, what do I tell them I have? Thanks!
  16. J

    Front tire chains on 2720

    I'm preparing my new 2720 for winter use with the blower. I have a steep gravel driveway and have always needed chains on my previous tractors. My intention was to use chains on all four wheels. Although once the tractor was delivered I was disappointed to see that the clearance of the tie rod...
  17. J

    What engine oil for a 2720?

    What engine oil are folks using in their 2x20 series tractors? I just got a 2720 and according to the manual the recommended engine oil would be JD Plus-50 5W-30. Most of my usage will be during the winter with only light duty during summer months. I do not mow or have a FEL. I went to the...
  18. J

    Parking brake adjustment on 2720?

    Is there a simple adjustment for the 2720 parking brake? Mine doesn't seem to hold unless the tractor is on level ground. :confused: If I'm sitting on the slightest incline the tractor will still creep with the parking brake engaged. The brakes seem to work okay although it takes about 3/4...
  19. J

    2720 finally delivered!

    After multiple delivery delays my 2720 finally arrived today! The remote spout control for the 54" blower hadn't come in yet but the dealer agreed to come out and install it once it arrives. I should have a few weeks yet before the first snow hits. :) I've been following these forums for...
  20. J

    Buying Advice Recommended online sites for John Deere parts and accessories?

    Can anyone recommend any reputable on-line sites that sell John Deere parts and bolt-on accessories for CUT tractors (SCV kits, light kits, etc.) Thanks. - John
  21. J

    Replace NAA vane hydraulic pump with piston type?

    Does anyone know if it is still possible (feasible) to replace the original NAA vane hydraulic pump with a piston pump? Apparently at one time there was a factory kit to do so. It looks like you would need the new pump and new suction/pressure lines. Is there still a source for these items...
  22. J

    Is my hitch hydraulics working properly?

    Can anyone tell me if the hydraulics on my Ford NAA hitch are working properly? I've changed all the fluids and the hitch raises and lowers okay but it does not seem to raise my snow blade as high as my 9N did. It seems to have plenty of power. My 72" LandPride snow blade weighs at least 250...
  23. J

    Where to get 12V / alternator wiring diagram?

    I'm still working on what is turning out to be a life-long project... getting my NAA into running condition. :) The person I bought it from had already converted it to 12V but I've been having intermittent charging problems. One min it charges fine (10-15 amps) the next minute the ammeter is...
  24. J

    Direction of water flow on Jubilee/NAA?

    Time for a silly question. What is the direction of water flow from the water pump? Is water entering the radiator at the top or the bottom? I'm trying to determine if my thermostat is opening.
  25. J

    NAA - Problem replacing temperature gauge

    First - let me say that I really appreciate the help from this forum. Not many places to go to get advice from folks with experience with old Fords. I purchased a new temperature gauge for my NAA and replacing it was easy enough but the temperature probe will not tighten on the engine. Even...
  26. J

    Ford NAA - Do I need a new clutch?

    I have my newly acquired NAA just about ready to go into service. One thing I've noticed is that the clutch really has a different feel than the one on my 9N. The throw is a lot shorter and it feels softer. In gears 1st thru 3rd and reverse, the tractor takes off very quickly if the clutch is...
  27. J

    Proper rear tire size for Ford Jubilee/NAA?

    I'm trying to get my recently purchased Ford NAA into operational condition. The rear tires are "ok" but the rims are nasty and the innertubes are questionable. I would like to replace them prior to the upcoming snow season. I'm a little confused as to what size tire I should have installed...
  28. J

    High oil pressure on Ford NAA?

    I just bought a 1954 Ford NAA and I am in the process of doing the usual tune-up and fluid replacements. I changed the oil and used 10W30 which is what I use in a 9N I have. The tractor starts quickly and runs very smooth but the oil pressure guage didn't work when I bought it and upon replacing...