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    My PT-422 mods

    iRe: My PT-422 mods After replacing the original EH65 engine (when it died) with the EH72FI, and then having its fuel pump go after around 50 hours of use, I realized (as many of us PT4xx owners have) that the Robin engines and cramped tub space of the PT do no go well together. More recently...
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    EH72FI surging

    Hoping someone might have advice regarding my engine issue. It happened the other day when I was in the middle of digging an underground electrical wire run to a detached garage. At first I thought it was bad gas, so I drained and replaced it with fresh stuff. That didn't work, so I took off the...
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    Potential cause of your leaky wheel motor?

    My '06 PT422's front driver side wheel motor has had a slight leak for a few years now. I ordered a rebuild kit (p/n 200222001B) on ebay, but hadn't installed it yet. I've been moving a lot of dirt/rocks over the last few weeks, and noticed the wheel wobbling when driving on Monday night. I...
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    Cheap DIY tooth bar

    I thought I'd share a small project I did over the weekend. It cost me just under $20 in materials if you don't count the tools, two bolts and two short pieces of steel I already had laying around. :thumbsup: Some history: I have the 48" light materials bucket for my PT, which is great for...
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    Would you buy another PT?

    Yes, for mowing large fields the larger tractor is better. If you are mowing a typical lawn with the same size deck (e.g. 60") then I'm convinced the PT425 is faster, especially if you have any slopes, soft areas, septic fields, etc that would be impacted by heavy tractors or AG tires. As you...
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    PT422 engine swap completed (with pics)

    Thanks Woodlandfarms. When I run with the Robin muffler, you can't really notice it's hot except when it's really dark you can see a faint red glow that's even across the entire unit. Contrast that with the PT muffler that gets bright red only where the pipe mates up. It really seems like a flow...
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    PT422 engine swap completed (with pics)

    Okay. Another update regarding the exhaust. As I mentioned above, the Robin kit wasn't meant for the layout of the PT. The tubing is thin and needed to be brought out of the engine bay. Recently, I decided to take another run at using the Robin muffler. The PT muffler got way too hot (glowed...
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    PT422 lift arms rise in float

    Anyone know why my lift arms rise up when placed in float? I don't think they used to do that. It's causing me a problem when attaching my snowblower, because they go upwards and tip the snowblower forward. I think once I add the final bracket the weight of the attachment might hold it down, but...
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    Thoughts on converting lawn tractor snow blower to PT422

    I was knocking around the idea of putting a snowblower on my PT428 (PT422 w/ Robin EH72 FI swap). The price of the PT attachment new ($3200) is way too high for me. What do you guys think about about picking up a used 48" lawn/garden tractor snowblower attachment on craig's list and adapting it...
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    PT422 engine swap completed (with pics)

    Success! For those of you who read my previous thread you'll know I had my previous Robin EH65 engine die on me. I will most likely fix it back up and use it for something else, but I took the opportunity to replace the original 22HP motor (that refused to start if the temperature dropped below...
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    PT422 Engine shaking / sputtering

    I started up the PT422 today (Robin engine) and there was a slight bogging down that happened briefly while idling, but nothing too bad. I parked it for a while and started it up again later in the day. It ran okay, but I thought I could almost hear a dull banging sound over the engine like...
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    Replacement blade part # for 48" PT4xx mower?

    I'd like to get new ones but I keep forgetting to take the current ones off, measure them up, and search online. Has anyone already done this and can share a replacement blade part number? Thanks!
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    PT422 front wheel squeaks

    Hi all, My right front wheel squeaks when I have a load in the bucket. It's quiet otherwise. Anyone know if there is something I need to grease or fix? Thanks! :thumbsup:
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    "Best" alternative to PT-4xx

    This is just for fun and primarily out of curiosity, but what do you guys think would be the best overall, non-PT alternative to a PT4xx machine for your "average" homeowner? I know answers will be very subjective, but that's okay... just explain briefly your reasoning. (e.g. easier to...
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    Best place for purchasing wheel motors?

    I figured I would order a new wheel motor for my '06 PT422 which is leaking. My plan is to replace the leaky motor, and then have it repaired as a backup. I might want to get a rebuild kit at the same time as purchasing the new motor. I still haven't had a chance to get the wheel off and try...
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    Small leak on 422 front wheel motor

    Is it likely that I will be able to replaces seals etc to fix a leaky wheel motor on my 2006 PT422? Better to replace? I did some searching around the forum and founds different posts, but it was difficult for me to piece all the info together. Any suggestions on where to buy parts other than...
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    "Best" synthetic hydraulic fluid for the money?

    I know this topic comes up every now and again, and there are some differences in opinions and recommendations... By being specific, I'm hoping to get some advice from the forum regarding my particular "requirements". :) I've decided to completely replace the motor oil used for hydraulic...
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    Would like to do dual exhaust conversion

    Like many of the PT owners here, I have a lot of heat build up and would I'd like to convert my 422 to dual exhaust. I thought the simplest way to do this would be to locate a Robin engine exhaust port adapter to change it to NPT threading. From there, I could use standard piping and other...
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    My PT-422 mods

    I've posted some of these previously, but I added a few more "upgrades" and thought I'd post some pics. Thanks to all the forum members for the ideas and inspiration for most of the changes. :) My tractor: 10" cooling fan: Spinner knob on steering wheel: TSC springer seat: Mini hoe...
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    PTO stopped working on my 422

    Hi all, I just picked up the finish and brush mowers for my PT422. I used the brush mower the other day and it worked great. I went to use it again today and when I flip the PTO switch I get nothing... :( I did some searching around and saw owners talking about letting the machine cool down...
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    Crooked bucket?

    Are the LM buckets supposed to be slightly crooked when mounted on the machine? The bucket itself is fine, and it's actually the quick attach plate that isn't welded on straight. One side of the bucket is about an inch or two higher than the other... I verified all this with a level, so it...
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    Mini Modification

    Here's my "mini mod" intended to keep the quick connects clean. When I'm using the mini-hoe, the covers go on the connections left hanging. When the mini-hoe is put away, the covers go back in it's connections to keep them clean while waiting for the next job. Can anyone guess what they are...
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    How does the mini-hoe attach/operate?

    Does it hook up to the "quick attach" hydraulics? How do you control the bucket? :confused: Thanks!
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    Question on 422 power

    Hello everyone. I'm brand new to the site, and have been browsing the forums for a few weeks before joining. I've been looking at the Power Trac, and this forum has been a huge asset (thank you TBN members!). We're close to the completion of a new up-state NY home on just under 6 acres. The...