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    What is it compatible with?

    Both are that is something to think about. May be that using it in the drip torches when we burn would be a safer use of it.
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    What is it compatible with?

    My initial idea was that a little here and a little there would have zero negative effects. I am old......and have screwed all manner of apparently simple things up over time, and continue to do so.....I figured I'd at least ask whether someone had a definitive answer.
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    Compatible with any of these?

    Friend left me a couple of almost full gallon containers of JD HYGUARD fluid. One is TY6354 The other is TY22000.......listed as low viscosity. I've got a Kubota M8540 A CAT D5G A Challenger MT 525, with Diamond mower What will the JD be compatible with such that I can use it to top off any...
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    What is it compatible with?

    Friend left me a couple of almost full gallon containers of JD HYGUARD fluid. One is TY6354 The other is TY22000.......listed as low viscosity. I've got a Kubota M8540 A CAT D5G A Challenger MT 525, with Diamond mower What will the JD be compatible with such that I can use it to top off any...
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    Aftermarket available?

    That is a idea I had not considered. And as one of the guys who hunts on our property is a first rate welder it's a idea that will get tried! Thank you!
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    Aftermarket available?

    I should have posted the picture of where it the ball and socket......not really sure how that can be fixed as that was my first thought.
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    Aftermarket available?

    Kubota M8540.........telescoping stabilizer bar for the 3-point. It's part #40 in the diagram. Getting actual part number was not something I could find. Any idea if aftermarket or used is available? New is $124....... I've gone old school with a section of 1/2 inch chain in there now. But...
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    JD Hy-Guard compatibility....??

    Friend gave me about a gallon each of John Deere Hy-Guard hydraulic fluid......low viscosity and regular....... Not wanting to waste it I'm wondering whether I am safe using it in my Cat D5G for the hydraulic system......or in my M8540 Kubota's hydraulic system? What is it compatible with?
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    Cross Reference not as simple to find............ least not one I actually understand. So I'm going to ask what must be a recurring question. Have a Challenger MT525 which has specifications for hydraulic oil of Permatran III CMS M1145.......where is a cross reference chart to find similar as I do not see it for sale around here?
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    Update......Diamond Mower.............

    Called them and even though I am the second owner Diamond Mowers service folks took time to explain a few things and then sent the operating and the parts manuals via PDF for no charge. Thought it proper to give a company that went above and beyond credit for it. So often we ( I'm guilty of...
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    Diamond Boom Mower On Challenger.........

    Got a older one that we just got a couple of welds fixed on so that it's now ready to use but, as it's old ( 10 years ) and as there is no manual I was wondering whether someone here had a link to one. Diamond does not have one at their site that I can find.
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    9000 hours on Challenger MT525..............

    So.......9000 hours on Challenger MT525.....if oil test and compression check out is that a disaster waiting to happen or okay? It'll take me 4-5 years to put another 1000 on it. Back when we ran shrimp boats 10000 hours on a Cat or Detroit was not that big a...
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    Cracked magnets on hydraulic filters......??

    Bought 2 Kubota Brand filters about a month ago from a reputable dealer and when they got here I simply checked the part number and opened the tops of the boxes to be sure they looked new. They were new.......and the boxes looked new. So today I finally get around to working on the tractor and...
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    Hydraulic fluid...hours of operation....???

    Fluid and filters were changed at a little over 600 hours per the the dealer. Tractor is now at 1100 hours. Changing it is a pain as we use the tractor in the woods and skid plate that's a bear to remove and replace. I've got to change the oil soon but would like to wait on the...
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    NAPA Fuel filter to replace Kubota......???

    Is there any reason to spend extra on a Kubota Fuel filter when NAPA has a cross referenced part number for a NAPA filter that is less expensive? It's only about $10 difference but if the performance is the same........??
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    How do I find the part number for this?

    On my M8540 ( About 7 years old. ) I have a third function for the grapple ( Oliver Dahlman ) that has a little spring loaded rocker switch in it that opens and closes the jaws. That switch no longer has spring action so needs replacing. Now it looks like a simple standard spring loaded rocker...
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    Has anyone tried used hydraulic oil in a drip torch?

    Have to change both the engine oil and the hydraulic oil in my M8540 here shortly. The engine oil I know will work fine in our drip torches for prescribed burning, just need to let it settle and then only use the top 90% or so and it works about like diesel. The hydraulic oil I have no...
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    Adding insult, and more injury......and a bit irony..............

    Not a close up but you can get the idea. Not a finish mower.....a John Deere MX7 rated for 2".
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    Adding insult, and more injury......and a bit irony..............

    So with some helpful input from folks here I managed to get the blades sharpened and back on the JD MX7........which took most of day before yesterday. Felt good about it too, no wobble and the test cut was good. And then, today......about 2 hours into mowing fire breaks I somehow managed to...
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    Socket will not fit into access of JD

    Have a JD MX7 cutter that while mowing fire breaks yesterday with I managed to somehow bend a blade on. Went to remove the blades, figured I should do both as they are both OLD........and the darn access hole in the top of the unit is not large enough to get a socket that will come anywhere...
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    Screwed this up to fix??

    I know that a Cat D5C is not a tractor but I'm thinking someone here will have knowledge on how to rectify this.......hopefully. What I've done.....twice leave the primary power switch on, once after a filters/oil change and once while the drive clutches were being fixed on one...
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    Lift on 3 point seems awfully to fix?

    Kubota B2920 with a cutter. I've messed about with the various lift adjustments but it seems that the problem.....if that's what it is? that the travel of the lift arms is say the least. It's as if the arms are set on the splines such that they will go to the ground, but not...
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    Will my M8540 pull this??

    I know......hard to answer because soil makes such a difference......but if anyone has pulled similar and in what conditions that would help. M8540 4WD and am considering: Oliver & Dahlman | Series TOLH Offset Lift Harrow The 2800 pounds gives me pause. Have a Hardie 360 Ditch Bank Cutter that...
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    Can not find...........??

    Have a older Hardee Ditch Bank Cutter, model 360. Fluid tank says to use 403........but I can not find 403 so am wondering whether I can use the 68 I use in the D5??
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    Can not find this.................

    Have a 1999 Cat D5 with the Mitsubishi engine. Will someone give me some insight into RPM operating ranges? Have been keeping it below 2100.......but don't know if it would be safe to go higher? It has a forestry cage and that is what I'm using it for. Was pushing up stump in fire break...
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    MX 7 Clutch rebuild or replace whole thing?

    Clutch for JD MX 7......... After twisting off the shaft a couple of weeks ago the cause of that was discovered in the slip clutch, which was rusted and seized up. It being a Friday evening, and there being mowing to be done on Saturday it was decided to tear the clutch down and see if it would...
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    I'm a idiot.....can someone help? Cat D5C hydraulics to 6-way......

    So I took ALL the hydraulic lines off ( most needed replacing ) from the frame forward and procured the new ones needed. Got it all cleaned up.....was a state forestry fire unit so was a mess!......but neglected to get enough pictures of how the lines went back on. Was over focused on the...
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    Hydraulic lines on Cat D5C the 6-way?

    Would like to replace all of them, from the point where they exit the frame of the unit all the way up the the cylinders. Beyond the fact that Cat makes it near on impossible to find a schematic such that I can get the correct parts ordered there is the fact that I have never tried this...
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    Kubota LA1335 loader......weak?

    Using it yesterday when I noticed that it all of a sudden quit going all the way up? It'd go about 1/3 of the way and then act as if it had hit a stop? Same thing going down, pushed to the ground and then only a couple of more inches? And obvious things to look at? Plenty of fluid, no leaks...
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    Blade size.......confused!

    Been taking advantage of the knowledge base here by lurking for a couple of years.......not posting because I'm still to ignorant to be of help to anyone!.......and because until now I've managed to find the answers to my questions by simply searching. Now though stumped. Have a M8540, 4-WD...