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    Swag PortAband Table ?????

    Harbor fright Sells a foot pedal switch that works with that saw nicely. Be sure to the the on/off one, not the variable speed one. And there may also be a push on/push off style too. I wouldn't like that, but you might. You can also make a larger table, and stand yoursrlf. That's what I did...
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    tractorbynet android app not working?

    I can't get the tractorbynet app to start anymore. Looked for updates, but I'm up to date. The error is something like "unknown response from server" or something like that. Now the only way I can check in is at the library.
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    refrigerated air dryer: free

    We are cleaning out the sprinkler room at work and came across the old air dryer from the old shop. It was working when it was removed from service 17 years ago. I hate to see it go into the dumpster, but that's where it's going if I can't find some one who needs it. Hankison Corp. Model#...
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    Welding chrome vanadium steel

    I need to weld sime flat stock to a socket wrench. The steel will be .250"x2.0" HRS, and the back of the socket is just a little smaller than 2.0". I will grind all the plating off of the socket where the weld bead will go. I think 7018 rod will be OK, but I'm not sure about preheat. I plan...
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    slow-motion stick welding

    I'm not sure if I posted this here before, but I thought people would like to see this:
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    Tractor drawn grader

    I forgot to take a pic while I was using it, so you can't see the hardened cutting edge on the bottom edge of the leading 18"-20" of the front blade. It is welded on about 1/2" below the bottom of the front blade. That cutting edge goes on the ditch side of the road and scrapes up a little...
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    Porta band Mounts

    this is a pic of the milwalkee stand.
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    Suspension bridge design

    This is the result of a calculation. It shows .200" deflection for a point load of 500 lbs in the center of a 48" span with simple supports at each end.
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    Getting gas out of car.

    I had to use the generator at my parents house last weekend to keep the heat on during the big blizzard. They don't keep much gas stored as it goes bad so quick now, and they haven't lost power for many years. So I went through what we had in short order warming up three apartments. The...
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    getting my $$$ worth

    I think I'm getting my money's worth.
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    I need help with TMP sensors for winter tires on Ford.

    mine look threaded: now that i look closer, it's the stem that's threaded not the rim. my bad.
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    Smartphone Photo of the Day

    This is the on the other side if the high school from me.
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    stickweld 140 review

    Some pics: The box arrives: The welder and leads: The DINSE connector: 6011 top and 7018 bottom: Best weld I did that day, 7018:
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    stickweld 140 review

    So I got my new welder last Thursday and over this weekend I got a chance to mess around with it. The construction is more substantial than I expected. The front and back panels are of a much thicker and stronger plastic than the pictures would lead you to believe. The fit is tight, nothing...
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    Thoughts on this used welder?

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    Cup wheels for 41/2 inch grinders

    Looks like this? But diferent thread. Could you take a 5/8 bolt and drill and tap it to fit your grinder, making your own custom adaptor.
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    homemade road grader

    More pics of construction: This is the 5" channel and the pieces of 3" channel that the cutting edge(from snowplow) will bolt to. This is a closer view with the cutting edge in place. What you can't see is the braces that are on the 'inside' of the 5" channel. They are to reinforce the...
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    homemade road grader

    The boss lets me work in the shop anytime I want. A nice perk. That ground plate was a drop(cutout piece) from a job we did. Had to rescue them from the dumpster(scrap guys only take Al and SS). All the welders are mine. Sorry the picture is sideways. A miller Dynasty 200DX And a lincoln...
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    homemade road grader

    And here is a shot from the back. You can see the trailer jack I used as a poor mans hydrolic cylinder. It pushes the wheels down to lift the blade up. This is one of the pivot hinges: and this is the the template to cut them: hope these pics are not too big. I can't resize them on my...
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    homemade road grader

    Here is a shot where you can see where it has cut the tops off of a few high spots.
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    homemade road grader

    I just registered and would like to share a project I made last winter. I have been keeping busy since my horse died a few years ago by maintaing a field that was donated to the town. Mostly just mowing, but I also built a picknick table and some jumps(for horses). The dirt road that runs...