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    New Yanmar SA and YT manufacturing location.

    Does anyone know where the new SA and YT models are manufactured ? I was under the impression that the main components such as the engines, transmissions, driveline etc were built in Japan and then assembled in Georgia. Is this correct or are the main components manufactured and assembled in...
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    Gill/Woods SR65 Box Blade Weight

    Hi all! I am searching for a box blade to use with my Yanmar YT235. I am looking at a Gill/Woods SR65 box blade and at a 65" Dirt Dog roll-over box blade. However, I am having trouble finding a weight on the Gill SR65. From what I can piece together by looking online, it appears the Gill...
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    New YT235 Implement Selection

    So, I finally decided on the YT235. Thanks to all that gave input to help me make my decision! It should be delivered in the next couple days. I am now looking for a rotary cutter and box blade. I am partial to Woods/Yanmar brand as I have been using Woods brand with my Terrapro and have had...
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    YT235 Experiences and Opinions

    Hi all! I am looking at the Yanmar YT235. Unfortunately, I am finding very little in the way of reviews. Those of you that have a YT235, what has been your experience so far? Any issues that have required a trip to the dealer to fix? Any known issues with these tractors yet? All the dealers...
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    Buying Advice 3520R Reliability/Problems

    Hi All! I am looking at a 2013 Branson 3520R. It has under 50 hours on it and appears to be in very good condition. It would see light use, bush hogging, light loader work hauling dirt for flower and garden beds etc. on my 5 acres and some of my neighbors property on occasion. My question...