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    J.D. 3000 Twenty vs 3203

    What's big difference between the 3000 Twenty tractors and 3203??? Has anybody prices a 3203 with FEL recently? I'm thinking of trading my J.D.790... Richard...
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    Belarus Tractors

    I run across a Belarus 250-A in really nice shape and less then 1000 hours on the meter... I was unable to locate any US dealers, nor did the Belarus home page list any... Just wondering if Belarus is now a orphan, is there any part available and what could be the worth of a 250-A in nice...
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    Oil & Fuel JD 790 Transmission Oil Change???

    I have a JD 790 purchased new in 2001, it still has the 91 cu in 30 hp engine. The owner's operators manual is copyrighted in 1998 and it does not agree with where the oil drain is located on my 790... The Manual shows the drain to be between the two final drive housings ahead of the draw bar...
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    Plow Question

    I was watching TV, this was the start of a movie with a tractor plowing a field. There was something odd about it but it took me a few seconds to realize what it was. The plow furrow was on the wrong side of the tractor. On every tractor I've had the furrow always ran on the right, the...
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    Need Info on A.C. 5030

    Would like some info on a A.C. 5030, engine HP, PTO HP, engine displacement and who built these tractor for AC... I know there is a web site where I can type in make an model an it'll give a run down on the tractor but due to a hard drive replacement I no longer have the URL... Any help...
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    Wrong oil or wrong cap?

    I have a 790, one of the last with the 91 cu in engine, bought it in late 2001... To engage 4WD it just slips in with ease but to disengage sometime requires both hands. It almost never comes out easy but seem to be more difficult when on a hard surface. The oil filler cap says 90 # but...
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    Yanmar YM 145 ???

    I'm looking at a 2 cyl. diesel, Yanmar YM 146, 3 sp trans with power shift. Think it has hydraulics an maybe a differential lock, not sure about that... I would appreciate any information on this tractor. What year made an what would be a decent price in very good condition. The only...
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    The Visitor

    The feeder is about 10 feet outside the dinning room window. It gets regular visits from our avian friends an occasionally a fuzzy tailed rat will attempt a raid but first time for a turkey this close to the house. She seem to favors one leg so that may explain why she's not hanging with...
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    Ready to battle Mother Nature

    Ready to battle Mother Nature I really hate to put the plow an blower on the tractors as it renders them useless for anything else but there come a time we must prepare... Let it come, we are now ready for almost anything within reason... Richard West Michigan
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    Pat's Easy Change Pat's Easy Change System???

    Pat\'s Easy Change System??? I have two question regarding Pat's Easy Change System. 1) Do you need to use a sleeve on the Cat.1, 3 pt pins? 2) What range of adjustment does the optional stabilizer bar offer? I presently have a TSC Quick Hitch, it's works well with most of my equipment...
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    Kubota BX 22 keys

    I have a Steiner 230 turf tractor with a Kubota diesel engine. It appears to be the same or similar engine used in the BX 22. In the past year an a half I've broken three keys without much effort The keys are the same as used by the BX tractors.... Is this a common problem with these keys or...
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    Converting J.D. 70 loader to Quick Attach?

    Have A J.D. 790 tractor with 70 loader. Would like to convert to J.D. Quick Attach. Has anybody else done the conversion and what problems did you run into... Thanks in advance.. Richard...
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    Kubota B7800 2WD only???

    I'm looking at a flyer for the Kubota B7800, the picture shows what appears to be a 2WD tractor. No where in the advertisement does it state there's a 4WD option. This is from a Kubota flyer I picked up from the dealer... Atachment: Picture of Kubota B7800 front end...
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    Equipment Used In Tree Harvesting.

    I'm having a few acres of Popular tree taken out before they start falling over on their own. Popular is a fast growing soft white wood best suited for the paper industry but I've seen a few log cabins & cabinets built with Popular. Thought some of you maybe interested in seeing some of...
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    First Compact Tractor

    I found it intesting that the McCormick-Deering Model 30 tractor was considered a compact. Wisconsin Historical society has over 200 posters ads of IHC, McCormick-Deering Farmall Tractors. Wisconsin Historical Images click on agriculture.
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    J.D. Quick Change ???

    While at my John Deere dealer I notice the new FEL equipt with Quick Change. You can switch front attachments like pallet forks, bucket an snow plow quick & easy... The JD dealer said that Deere doesn't offer this parts for after market installation but he said there is a company making...
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    I hate the 3 Pt Hitch

    Most of my life I had old Farmalls & Internationals with Two Point Fast Hitch. Just line up the points, there's a little room for error an back up, Click click, pick up an go. Same is for removal, just reach down with your wire hook, lift the paws, give it a jerk an it's off. Unless you...
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    MF GC 2300

    The MF GC 2300 looks to be a competent garden/compact tractor. Think it'll give the BX 2200 a good run for the money. The hood, fenders and floor pan are steel, the side panels are plastic. Front axle is cast iron but transaxle an hydro unit is aluminum alloy. The fuel filler is on the rear...
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    Testing New Pallet Fork

    The Tractor is a John Deere 790 with 70 series FEL. The Pallet Fork is Woods small Model 20A... Think the loader was near it's limit as it was slower then usual picking it up...
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    MF 1205 HST Bucking

    Put down a deposit on a MF 1205 with intent to purchase providing the dealer takes care of a couple of problems. The cosmetic damage to the rear fender doesn't worry me but the bucking when starting out in low range does. If you easy down on the peddle unnaturally slow, it will start smooth...
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    MF 1205

    I'm considering purchasing a new MF 1205, 4WD, HST drive with 54 in belly mower. Does anybody here have experience with this tractor or know of any pros or cons. Thanks in advance.