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    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    Definitely recommend driveway sensors on the access points. I have the Mule buried sensors on my drive. Doesn't get triggered by wildlife like the motion sensing ones do - has to be something w/ metal in it to trigger it.
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    Out of the norm question

    If you don't need the tractor for anything else, you might come out cheaper overall if you sell that lift and buy a spider lift. Self propelled on tracks and is great if you have uneven terrain.
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    Draining my backyard swamp

    Let the swale do the work of starting the drying. Here in NC we just had the second wettest winter on record (just 0.03" shy of a new record). Things are finally drying out around here. Depending on where in eastern NC you are, you may also be dealing with clay near the surface. The...