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    McNaught vs Lock N Lube Coupler

    Long and short of it:
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    McNaught vs Lock N Lube Coupler

    I have a KY+ XL unit on a lever-operated grease gun. Macnaught is an Australian company and has been making lube equipment since 1948. They are well known on both sides of the Tasman Sea and have a good reputation for quality.
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    Touch up paint

    Same here. JD's own rattle cans work great IF you use JD's own primers first. There are two different-coloured primers. Use the 'Buff' colour primer under JD Yellow. Use the other primer (I think it's grey but has been a while since I had any need) for under the JD's own Green. I'll...
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    Mowing JD X300 transmission problems

    Your ignorance is your bliss. | have no connection to the company.
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    LA125 Overhaul

    The fender deck will be fine. Minor rust and very repairable. I did see your other Deck Repair Fail thread - It was clear that there were areas close to your 'cut line' that were too thin for a successful weld and you could have gone wider to get to more solid metal. The idler bracket being...
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    John Deere LF8 drop spreader help needed

    Hi, Welcome to TBN. I have no experience with these spreaders but I'm looking at the Parts diagram - It seems the hub runs on the straight axle using simple Oilite bushes. So if you've got the hubcap off you should see the retainer of some sort and once that's removed you're into wiggle & tug...
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    4110 turnbuckle (?) on 3 point hitch is too tight, can't move it at all.

    In the photo's posted by the OP the bushing (#29) is seen to be 'inboard' of the Draft Arm (#18) which is incorrect. (Most clearly seen in the pic in Post #4.) Both sides (L&R) Easily remedied.
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    4110 turnbuckle (?) on 3 point hitch is too tight, can't move it at all.

    Note the location of Spacer Bushing (#29) in the diagram. It should be outboard of the Draft Arm (#18) as shown in the diagram posted by 'BeenThere'.
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    John deere 3520 very hard to start but when it does eventually runs normal

    Rather than Glow Plugs I think the 3520 has the Air Intake Heater device on top of the intake manifold, A single wire connects to the terminal. You need to verify if the heater is actually working. Test for power at the connection to the heater when you press the key in. (Multi-meter or Test light)
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    BCS 735 doesn't start anymore

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    JD wam 1600

    It would be helpful if you could provide more info. What's "a certain RPM"? How old is it? How many hours? Service history. These WAMs suffer from overheating and radiator fin clearance is needed constantly.
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    Groan part quatre

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    X748 leaking oil

    It's a known issue. Age related. The crankshaft seal can leak and manifests as you describe. Not hard to fix. Remove hood. Remove battery. Unbolt flywheel. That gives access to the seal in its carrier housing. Remove housing and seal complete. Replace seal. Press fit. Reassemble in reverse...
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    JD 770A 2nd oil fill at injection pump

    Welcome to TBN.
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    JD 770A 2nd oil fill at injection pump
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    JD 770A 2nd oil fill at injection pump

    The Yanmar engine used in your tractor and many other applications has two fill caps and you can use whichever one is more convenient. They both fill the same sump and there is only one dipstick (Which is visible in your first picture, with the yellow loop handle.) Sometimes the location of the...
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    Logging with BCS

    Great stuff !
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    Groan part quatre

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    This Day In History!!!

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    Groan part quatre

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    Groan part quatre

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    Groan part quatre

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    Groan part quatre

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    Groan part quatre

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    Groan part quatre

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    What are the ASCII codes used here?

    ° also = Alt 248
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    Groan part quatre

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    3520 4x4 splined shaft question.

    Well, I'll be danged. I missed the part in Post #1 where the OP says: So later-on when he mentioned it kicked out 4 times ... Oh never mind... <Sigh>
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    1700 Caught COVID (barely starts)

    1700 Caught COVID (barely starts) Thread Title of the Year - So far. :cool:
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    3520 4x4 splined shaft question.

    Just a query: As I recall the MFWD shaft in question is unsupported other than by the splined couplers at either end. If a roll pin is broken (Missing) and the shaft is able to move far enough to disengage the splines at one end - its weight and lack of support would probably make it drop/fall...
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    Fuel line size 4720 - year 2005
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    Broken seat spring - what would you do?

    You're welcome. Best of luck with the repair.
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    Bought a new JD Z355E Z-Turn

    Rear bumper guard is a good investment. I look after one of the model earlier Z225. Easy to maintain the blades by lifting the front and holding with a secure prop. Take-off that American hose fitting so you can use your standard Hozelok hose fitting. The draft arm that links the front of the...
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    Broken seat spring - what would you do?

    The OP says there are four (4) springs in his seat. Not two. That 'scissor-lift'/pantograph seat is common and very repairable. The springs are approx US$35 each. Buy a set of four and replace the lot. (Keep three old ones as spares) Item #2 is Part No. L114921...
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    Editing my profile

    Congrat's. Was that your Christmas or Birthday present? :cool:
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    What is this coupler used for? - JD 3038E

    The Parts List says the black oil pipe is "Oil Line - Implement Pump to RCV Manifold" That 'RCV' is the Rockshaft Control Valve that the flange fitting screws into the bottom of. The coupler looks to be a standard QC-type so I doubt it's a Test Port. There is shown a "Cap" which fits over it...
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    Best wishes from New Zealand

    I thought the same. :cool:(y)
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    Best wishes from New Zealand

    Tragically true. :rolleyes:
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    Best wishes from New Zealand

    Happy Birthday, Waggy. Have you got tickets for the 5th Test ?
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    Happy and safe new year all

    Happy New Year to all. We stayed home for a quiet time and avoided any crowds. (Champagne tasted good.) Best wishes for a better 2022.
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    JD 2305 Fuel Shutoff Diode Bad

    To follow-up. This remedy (from 'tomchiz') was an exact solution to the problem. The wiring schematic explains the situation precisely. If you turn the ignition to 'Run' you hear the Fuel Shut-off Solenoid (FSS) activate.(A heavy 'Click') - So you know the 'Pull' circuit is ok. A second later...
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    JD 2305 Fuel Shutoff Diode Bad

    Thankyou for this detailed post & photo. I'm hoping it solves my similar problem. (A possible difference between the 2210 and the 2305 is I don't think the 2305 has the Thermistor component. Can anyone confirm?)
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    Bearing removal

    That collar was the locking mechanism. As mentioned in Post #3 & #4 the collar is an eccentric cam locking device. There are several threads on TBN already discussing this. Also Google is your friend. Learn how the eccentric concept works to ensure your reassembly is successful.
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    water in hydro oil

    Ah ha! I was reading it as saying the Engine was air-cooled. Thanks for the interpretation, LD1.
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    water in hydro oil

    Huh?? (I'm confused) Cooling System: Cool-Gard™ II 4100....................................................................... 2.4 L (0.63 gal) 4200....................................................................... 5.3 L (1.4 gal) 4300...
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    John Deere X584

    💡 Take the wheels off - if you don't need them. They're only needed as gauge (gage) wheels with undulating ground.
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    Kohler Courage compression release

    Thanks again.
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    Kohler Courage compression release

    (y) Yes, of course. Thanks Ruff
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    Kohler Courage compression release

    Thanks, Tom. (I was hoping to hear from you.) I'm an OEM disciple as well (B&S MST) and that will be my recommedation. - However the owner's budget will dictate their choice. I can only advise. If I read correctly on an earlier page the valve clearance is 0.004" @ TDC ? Thanks for info in...