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  1. clemsonfor

    Help me identify this noise.

    I haven't even looked at the parts breakdown or opened it up. I heard this noise coming out of the garden after disking part of it under. I think it may be a bearing noise. Look at this video I made and posted to YouTube so I could link it here.
  2. clemsonfor

    Check your hydraulic screen/filter

    I went to change my fluid. It's not been 500 hours but that would take me forever to get that many hours on it. It's been quite a few years since I changed it. Full change maybe 12? I did partial changes I believe or either drain and refills when I did axle work I believe. But this thing works...
  3. clemsonfor

    Not Charging

    My battery is 4 years old. I keep a HF solar charger maintainer on it. I wanted to check the health of my battery. It's been parked since last weekend. Put meter on it 12.15v , ok that's low but I bought a cheap battery. So after I used the tractor for like 30 mins I get back to shed leave it...
  4. clemsonfor

    Disking food plots with the YM2000

    I figure everyone likes pics and especially videos. I made a video as I was disking my food plots a few weeks ago. If it looks like it keeps cutting and jumping it's because it is. I had to stop it to make the turn so the video wouldn't be all ready as I used my two hands. Just some raw footage...
  5. clemsonfor

    Oil light on!!

    I have been useing my ym2000 a good bit this weekend. Today I had bushhogged a few hours and tdrove it down into the woods to cut a tree out of the road. When I got to the tree I brought it down to an idle and was going to leave it running. When I got to about 1000 Rpms or lower the light lit...
  6. clemsonfor

    Head Gasket

    What do you think about re-useing a head gasket. If it wasn't blown but pulled to check cylinder health. I have a non running 186. As I spin the motor over by hand by fan it spins very easily like there is no compression. The previous owner pulled to head cause the motor was locked up. It was...
  7. clemsonfor

    I'll be getting another tractor!

    Well it's not a Yanmar but it is red..or was, or had a reddish undertone under the years of "patina". It's a FarmAll cub! I guess I need to move on over to the Farmall/ International forum and post a similar thread but I thought I'd let some of y'all who know me better know first. Nothing...
  8. clemsonfor

    Picked up a Project

    I got a project tractor today. It's a 186. Not running currently. Missing a few parts and unknown condition. The electrical system is there....but hanging to describe it! Tires hold air though!
  9. clemsonfor

    Electric Instant Hot water install.

    Ok so the time has come to finially get around to this project. I bought it awhile back on sale. Anyway I am putting it into a closet basically across the hall from my main panel. The Heater requires three (3) double pole 40amp breakers. The decision I am trying to make here is do I install a...
  10. clemsonfor

    Metal roof over shingles roof.

    I'm sure this has been discussed but this is my go around for it. So let me hear your suggestions, things to avoid, how you did yours. What trim did you use on sides, is it a mistake to not use trim on your sides. Metal directly over overlay, use perlins over felt, did you run two layers one...
  11. clemsonfor

    Moving a storage shed

    Throw some ideas out there for me. My neighbor is giving me his old 12x16 shed. It's at least 35 years old. Frame looks and appears solid so pulling from the skids should be an option. My plan is to wait till it's dry and put a chain or rope between the side skids and pull with a tractor. If...
  12. clemsonfor

    What would you use to glue seat back down?

    I was given a zero turn that needed some work. It's low hours. I did the needed repairs to get it back in service. Now it's just things like the hour meter doesn't work and the fuel float is sunk so the gauge doesn't work. But the question I have is the seat has pulled away from the metal seat...
  13. clemsonfor

    Three point valve broken!!!

    I was disking today. And as i was passing too close to my feeder i slamed on brakes so the disk would not catch the leg of the feeder. I had just lifted the disk and put the throttle in so i was maybe going half to 3/4 speed i guess when i went to hit brakes. All was well i went on by slow...
  14. clemsonfor

    A Quick easy mod to make your lights flash in unison as flashers.

    Not sure if this has been posted here, but I have never run across it. This will allow both flashers to work at the same time like a slow moving vehicle should have on while on a road. The way there set up is like turn signals, only one side on at the time, I guess they use them as turn...
  15. clemsonfor

    Free Advertisement for Hoye on Nat Geo channel!!??

    Just watched last week's season premiere episode of NatGeo's Life Below Zero. I have come red before about And Bastitch having a yanmar before. I think its a ym2010 with a Coldwater loader. But this episode as he was picking up the logs from his boat landing you could see the Hoye sticker on the...
  16. clemsonfor

    Anyone else see the article about the new Yanmar Outboard?

    I will try to link to it tomorrow but the other day I read an article about yanmar anouncing it will produce a turbo diesel outboard. I think it was a 50hp. It will use way less fuel than comparable outboards and have twice the life. It will be a 2 cyl and have twin crankshafts and 2 connecting...
  17. clemsonfor

    Got some new tires.

    Was looking for some cheap mud tires for my old wood and farm truck. Was looking at the new modern patterns over the classic mud tire. I loved these Milestar Pategonia tires and they actually were the best deal I could find on 33s. They have been out for about a year and you see them all over...
  18. clemsonfor

    Do we have a "for sale " section?

    Looks like the private party add forum under the top sticky says it closed but to go to the classifieds at the top of the page, I can't find that? I have some parts off a bish hog I want to try and sell. Help me and someone looking for these older parts out.
  19. clemsonfor

    Got some firewood, and used my YM2000 to unload part of it.

    I got this load of wood last week. I have put off unloading it till yestwrday. But I had to get it off to use the trailer for the weekend to haul the tractor. The top layers I sawed them off, but for time reasons and to make it easier to not cut my trailer I pulled the lower level off. I will...
  20. clemsonfor

    Bush Hog TM4 finish mower

    I just picked up one of these for free. Spindles feel good, so does the gear box, which was tight and full of pure oil no water. Changed the oil out, greased the spindles and the wheels and have them free. I need to test it before I buy new blades as the ones on it were shot like 2 seasons...
  21. clemsonfor

    Washing Air Filter

    I have read on here about the original Yanmar air filter being washable. Those who have washed it what did you use. Did you use diesel, gas, mild soap and water or just water? I was just curious of what you did and was it successfull. I have one that need to be cleaned out beyond blowing it out.
  22. clemsonfor

    Cyclical brake noise in Toyota Sequoia

    2004 Toyota Sequoia This started after I did the front brakes. I replaced them with top of the line quality ceramics. I cant remember now if they were Weaver, Raybestos or Advance auto Gold , I have used each in the last few years on vehicles. I had a local shop turn the rotors, I used brake...
  23. clemsonfor

    Replacing rear wheel seal and Brake shaft seal and Rockshaft O ring on YM2000.

    I thought I posted a thread on this when I did the one side a few years back. I don't see it so I will start a totally new post. I know I posted about it, but maybe it was in another persons thread and not a post started by me? I just went back through all my started threads for like 7 years and...
  24. clemsonfor

    Brake shaft seal replacement.

    I had my brakes torn down on one side of my tractor. I had a post about the brakes comeing out of ajustment. Ran out of adjustment, so I tore it down. The drum was covered in rust and brake crud. I took the wire wheel to it on the grinder to clean it up. I EmaileD Aaron and he said cause it was...
  25. clemsonfor

    YM2000 Brake Help...Again

    Ok so about a year ago some of you might remember me getting the brake cam unstuck. Well that was a success and I put it all back together and sometime in the first few uses something happened and I had no brake on that side. SO I took it all back apart this spring and checked it , all looked...
  26. clemsonfor

    Any one pick up any of the Hydraulic tractor fluid at TSC this weekend?

    It was $19.99. I did not even see that on the site till i got there. I went there specifically to get the 10,000# straps for $7.50 but i figured that id buy a bucket of it since i might change it this next summer..maybe the next one after? I know we have talked about it here before and the temp...
  27. clemsonfor

    Had to redeck my trailer

    I bought a new car hauler typer trailer in 2009. I noticed some rot a few weeks back on some of the boards. I was told they were treated and assumed that but then i started to question that as the boards only lasted 6 years. Then i called the maker of the trailer and they said they never made...
  28. clemsonfor

    Setting valves on YM2000

    I am going to set my valves when I get a chance. I have referred to Hoyes page on how to do it and will follow the directions they list. But my question is should this be done on a cold or warm engine or does it mater? Link to Hoyes direction on setting valves.Easiest way to set the valves on...
  29. clemsonfor

    Stuck Brake cam on YM2000

    has anyone else had this issue. According to Hoye on thier page on how to do brakes this is the common problem, with stuck petals or hanging brakes. Well i have this problem on my left side of the tractor. I have it all apart and am trying to get the shaft/cam out and i see that hoye says...
  30. clemsonfor

    Upgraded the fuse panel on my Ym2000

    I have been looking at the upgrade frome Hoye for years. My fuses were wound solder and have cracked from vibration I guess? And sometimes make contact and others not. I ordered some fuses a few years back to put in place but they were longer???and bunched up in the gap. Being cheap I saw where...
  31. clemsonfor

    Size of the fuel line out of the tank

    I have a YM2000 and when i was at the farm this last weekend i noticed that my fuel line from the tank to the filter is weeping fuel. Not really leaking but looks like its sweating deisel fuel as the tractor looks like a few drops have hit it under neath. Also looks like the oring in my filter...
  32. clemsonfor

    Yanmar On Nat Geo's "Life Below Zero"

    This was pointed out last year i beleive in a quick clip you saw a yanmar tractor sitting on the sled dogs guys property. Last week on the new season you see him useing it to erect his post and beam pole barn. Its a YM2020 with a coldwater loader. I should of taken a pic but it was the episode...
  33. clemsonfor

    Looking for a larger replace Highander.

    We have an 01 Highlander. We are looking at Expeditions to replace it. Looking in the 10 year old range. $10k or less. Were looking at the Tahoe I know they do a bit better on fuel but that third row seat sitting on the hump makes it u useable for adults And the fact that the seats tumble...
  34. clemsonfor

    Rotary Cutter My new project/Bush hog

    Here is the Bush hog Razorback rz60 that I picked up a week or so ago. Well used. And has the classic tears on the corner that this model suffer from while looking at google images of it. No idea what they did to tear the skids off. But that weakened the skirt to hit the blades. And one corner...
  35. clemsonfor

    Rotary Cutter Any idea what this bush hog is worth?

    I was wondering what this john deere 4ft bush hog is worth? Any ideas. The gear box leaks a bit but runs fine.
  36. clemsonfor

    Anybody Know where Car Doc is?

    Was he run off?
  37. clemsonfor

    Where did the cat post go?? ?

    i was reading and about to post. i wrote my reply and it said something about permission? im on a phone so i thought the app messed up so i just got out of the reply and went into it an try to read the last page and again no permission. then went back to the rural living main page an it was...
  38. clemsonfor

    How many hours a year do you put on your yanmar.

    I know this may have been posted here before, but not in the last few years i think. Its probably on the owning forum all the time i just dont go there and pluss its irrelevant to me someone that has a total different tractor how many hours they put on because its hard to relate another tractor...
  39. clemsonfor

    Carb trouble on blower/vac thing.

    I got one of these for free. Ran fine when i got it, then it rotted fuel lines from ethonol/sitting. I replace the lines and the carb is flodding, its spilling fuel out of carb and bogging down, only way to keep it running is switching from choke to half and back n forth as it idles up and...
  40. clemsonfor

    seat springs.

    After hearing others have done this I decided to do it my self. After about 2 years of thinking about it and forgetting until a long weekend on the tractor I finally did it. When I was at the small engine store to get fuel lines for rotted ones on a blower thanks to ethonol I asked if he had any...
  41. clemsonfor

    just saw this on interstate.

    I just got a smart phone. I took this pic today on the road and remembered I have the tbn app so I can post it. I actually took this pi to post it! It was short maybe 10 ft yet had tandem axles! What could u put on such a small trailer to need tandems? Maybe a wire spool?
  42. clemsonfor

    Aw.. its just surface rust!

    Saw this last weekend while in Charleston. The pic is not great but I took it because their trailer hitch was rusted through at least on the back side on each side of the ball. Scary thing is that there was a receiver in and it looked like they might of still be TOWING with it!!
  43. clemsonfor

    Adjusting valves.

    This has been on my mind lately. With various threads discussing it and me having the tractor for 3 years now and over 100 hours, im thinking about adjusting the valves. I have never adjusted valves on anything, watched a video on youtube about adjusting my 4wheelers but never did it. Is it...
  44. clemsonfor

    Tire fill results

    If you follow here you have read about me filling my rear tires with Winshield washer fluid. Well i wanted to report back my results. If you mostly mow in an area you care about tracks i probly would not do it. My property was entirely watterlogged and there was not a place shy of the driveway...
  45. clemsonfor

    The differences in Silicone sealants/gasket makers?

    Ok if i have been told o dont remember the answer, but what is the differences in all the clors of siicones? I know the red is a bit higer temp, but the colors all seem to have little variances of applications on the package? & read Cardoc describe the anerobic sealants before, but reeducation...
  46. clemsonfor

    Thoughts on filling Rear tires

    This is a little different that the normal topic that we have beated to death. Im not asking should i do it or what with, but how. I have decided on -20 winshield washer fluid for fill. I have a drill (cheap) pump i bought for this. The plan was to fill 5 gallon bucket with Fluid then just...
  47. clemsonfor

    Clemsonfor's Hydraulics rebuild.

    Inspired by Winston's Hydro oring replacement i decided to finially do mine. I have been thinking of doing it for over a year or more. When i bought the parts for my rear wheel seal, i bought the necessary orings for it as well. Since i had the tractor at the house i deceided to do it as well...
  48. clemsonfor

    Rear wheel seal on YM2000

    I have the tractor home. I am going to change the hydro fluid and fill my rear tires. But yesterday i notice that the back tire has fluid leaking out from the axle shaft out on the tire side. Now is the time to do it before i fill the rears and put new fluid in. I know a few of you have done...
  49. clemsonfor

    Ranger Update.. Radius arm bushing replacement.

    For those of you following my Starter replacement thread, i thought i would start a new one to not jumble and confuse the original thread. So my question is do i need to measure the thread exposed on the radius arms after installing the new bushings, to ensure there the same, or will it not...
  50. clemsonfor

    Starter going bad in Ranger

    I never know if im suppose to post repair help in here, cause its cars/trucks therefore transportation or put in in the repairs forum? The repairs forum looks like tractor repairs, heck i dunno. This will be a shortlived one anyway. Problem 1990 ranger 2.3L. A few weeks back (its an extra...