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  1. wallace

    Front axle pinion removal

    why would you want to attach a slide hammer? Remove that seal and then take the nut loose!
  2. wallace

    kioti dk45s jumping out of gear

    We have replace several shift forks in the DK45s over the years...That in my opinion is just a Band-Aid.... The last 2 I did I fixed it right!! Of coarse that again is just my opinion. The problem that I seen with the set up is, the shaft coming from the forward/reverse lever down through the...
  3. wallace

    Found that the DK45SE must have a tilt swtich that kills the engine

    Ran long enough to ruin the motor.
  4. wallace

    Snow Plow

    Why is this anymore riskier than shoving your loader into a bank or a pile of dirt? You dont put equal pressure on the loader arms when pushing into a pile? I have plowed for 10 years with a loader mounted plow. My first was a 30hp Cub Cadet with a Meyer 7-1/2' plow and now this one. This is a...
  5. wallace

    Please read!

    Keep in mind that they may also be looking at yours! Not just our dealer lots!!! The following notice has been reported to NEDA from a Member/Dealer: From: PSP Watch Center SP - Strabane Police Date: 04/09/12 Statewide - Auto Theft Ring: As per BCI Western Auto Theft Task Force -...
  6. wallace

    CK27 Owner Needs a Backhoe

    Woods does not list a mount for the Bobcat CT225. You have to use the mount for a Kioti CK25,CK27,CK30,CK35 Same mount, bolts right up!
  7. wallace

    reviews and pricing comparisons for current diesel UTV's?

    I would say take a closer look at the Bobcat! Its powered by a Yanmar diesel, comes standard with power steering.
  8. wallace

    New Max series...

    Well this may help all your questions..... Now for the BIG ISSUE..Got a call from my rep today, seems there is a very limited supply of max 22's I received 1 max 22 and 1 max 28XL I took about 10-15 pictures in the areas that differ the most. I am not going to post all the pictures on here. If...
  9. wallace

    Skid plate

    I would be all over doing this! I love to fabricate! If I was so busy doing this!
  10. wallace

    mid PTO not engaging

    Make sure you did not shear off the roll pin.#21 If I am reading your post correctly, I am thinking something got jamed up in there and forced the lever hard enough to bend the bracket for the micro switch. You also mentioned you had to tap the lever (#20?) back onto the shaft #16?. That really...
  11. wallace

    Tractor News Kioti CS2410

    This is just a orange paint job.
  12. wallace

    Need to know part number or attributes of bolt

    What number you need?
  13. wallace


    Looking for a very low hour JD 4300 hst 4wd mid mower and loader a plus! Will travel anywhere if the deal is right. CASH IN HAND! Send pictures to [email protected]
  14. wallace

    Price Check KB2475 Backhoe

    No disrespect taken. Okay so $6,000 installed with remote valve. See just like Staples! $1,000 savings :licking: Need it financed? I'm sure we can do that also!
  15. wallace

    Buying a side by side

    Bobcat 3400 w/yanmar diesel
  16. wallace

    Custom Tractor Paint Jobs

    Here is one thats I can appreciate. My mother in-law is a survivor of Brest cancer.
  17. wallace

    Mechron 2200

    Wonder why Deadong wants to keep re badging all of their product? Seems if they would keep some kind of exclusiveness, the product would yield better profits?
  18. wallace

    KIOTI Facebook Page

    Looking at all his past posts, sure looks like you Kioti owners now have a inside Kioti person on the forum.
  19. wallace

    Stolen UTV's

    I just received this...This is in northeast Pa Subject: Scott Twp Theft of Kubota RTV's Scott Twp PD Chief Ray KLINGLER reported to me for immediate dispursal to other officers & agencies the overnight theft of seven (7) Kubota RTVç—´ valued at $14,500 each, four RTVç—´ were...
  20. wallace

    Mechron 2200

    That's Funny....They sent me one! Sorry, Too late!
  21. wallace

    We're not just talkin', we're walkin': We gave up our Kubota dealership to deal Kioti

    You need to start reading between the lines of the BS your Kioti rep is filling you with. Why did Daedong sign contracts with Bobcat in the first place? Because Kioti sales were week and Daedong needed to sell equipment. Why is Daedong signing contracts with McCormick? Because between Bobcat...
  22. wallace

    LK 3054 Steering help

    Unless things have changed at Kioti there are no parts available. You have to buy it complete. Get ready for one heck of a bill. I would remove the steering pump/motor and pull the shaft. Take the shaft to a machine shop and see what they say. You may also want to check with Kubota. I quite sure...
  23. wallace

    PRICE CHECK on DK40-50hp hst

    Sounds okay....You may want to do something soon as Kioti is having a price increase. Or maybe you may want to jump on my deal.:D Bobcat 445hydro w/loader and a new 10k Bri-Mar equipment trailer. You come pick it up and I will do the package for $25,750:licking:
  24. wallace

    Loader Quick Attachment Interchangeability

    Not exactely...This is a self centering rocker switch that will allow you to do all 3 function at one time if your that tallanted!:laughing:
  25. wallace

    Put my gooseneck to work!

    Here's a couple small loads on my F450....
  26. wallace

    Anyone have a MAHINDRA 1816 HST?

    This tractor is a little fire cracker...We sell a boat load of these a year! The 1816 replace the 1815.
  27. wallace

    Got 3 machines that need homes!

    Hey guys I have a 440,445,& 450hst tractors w/loaders and R4 tires. These machine are brand new and I have to move em out!:licking: I will also add anything you need such as backhoes, 3pt attachments....etc... I will not email or quote out on paper. phone calls only! These are for pick up only...
  28. wallace

    New front blade

    This blade set up is made to fit Bobcats new quick hitch set up for the front mounted attachments. The hitch is designed to use the front mounted snow blower and this new plow. There will also be a front mounted broom available in the future. I received a phone call from someone at BC, they...
  29. wallace

    Korean made Deere

    Well... They sure can make the hp!
  30. wallace

    Did Kioti shoot themselves in the foot once again?

    I just don't understand why Kioti would allow Daedong to do this again. I'm talking about allowing Daedong to sell yet another color Kioti. I remember back when Kioti announced to us that Bobcat was going to get "our" tractors. And now this. Man am I glad I am not sitting in North Carolina right...
  31. wallace

    Front mounted snowblower anyone

    Well I might as well offer it....Anyone looking for a front mount snowblower for your Kioti. You just may be able to pay for it with this storm:drool:. We can even give you financing.:)
  32. wallace

    Smallest tractor with a cab

    Check out the new Mahindra 3616 cab. It will blow the doors off the Kubota!
  33. wallace


    Man I thought we were going to get the big one!!:mad: Looks like it will be just a dusting or so!! CRAP!!!:mad::(
  34. wallace

    Quick attach set-up for KL1450

    I might be able to save you a bunch of hassel... I can sell you this one. All you will have to do is put your holes where you want. $475 to your door!
  35. wallace

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Here's one more of mine! Believe it or not it is actually a 15 year old doing manual labor! Please don't feel bad for him...He is only on his second machine...after he gets to the 30-40th machine I will let him jump in the cab tractor and plow so more snow:D.
  36. wallace

    MF 2340 Blade

    First off let me say, you are getting a VERY good price on that blade! I would jump on this quicker than........... I only stock the 60"HD and it is a very well built blade. I have a picture of the blade which we mounted on a Mahindra for a customer...
  37. wallace


    My wife is selling here Mega Cab. 2007.5 Dodge 3500 Mega Cab Laramie Cummins 6.7 Diesel Auto 4wd 3" suspension lift 20" wheels 35" tires 29k turbo spray in liner factory dvd engine brake $35,000 You can pm or call me.
  38. wallace

    0% financing on attachments

    Guys nows the time to go out and get the front mount snow blowers or a backhoe. Bobcat is offering 0% financing for 2 years on any attachments over 3K:licking:
  39. wallace

    Who wants to be the first????

    Okay so who wants the bragging rights??? Anyone want to try a front mount blower? Pm me for pricing and shipping. I have 2 62" in stock for the 25-35 hp and 2 72" for the 38 and up hp's
  40. wallace


    We checked out our sales last year, with out any special sales our numbers were way up. So here it is!
  41. wallace


    Hey guys does anyone go shopping for tractors on Black Friday hoping to get a great deal?
  42. wallace

    Smoken Deal on a REPOED DK55Cab TLB

    Guys I have a repoed DK55Cab Tractor that I will be selling off here shortly I will be posting pictures and details on my web page tomorrow. Feel free to Pm or email me with any questions.
  43. wallace

    who makes

    Guys, just tell me when you want me to chime in here.
  44. wallace

    Carry-On Trailers

    I am a Carry On dealer. With that being said Carry On is a entry level trailer. (you get what you pay for) They make a decent cheep trailer. If your looking to haul across country get a higher end trailer such as a Car Mate or Wells Cargo. You may also want to look into getting torque flex axles...
  45. wallace

    Seat replacement on CK30

    It seems as the suspension is softer and responds quicker. It also has a larger seat bottom that seems to come out under your legs for better support..
  46. wallace


    I am now offering a block heater kit for those of you who have wanted one for your machine. Go to Wallace Tractor and Equipment NEPA Compact Tractors Lake Ariel Poconos Honesdale PA and scroll down till you see the advertisement.:thumbsup:
  47. wallace

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Here's one of mine...