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  1. bdhsfz6

    Concrete step

    For non structural concrete surface repairs, I've had good luck using Bondo epoxy automotive body putty. I use a wire brush to clean the damaged area, drill a few shallow holes to aid adherence and trowel it on. I sand lightly to match the concrete surface texture and paint the area with gray...
  2. bdhsfz6

    Road Rage, revisited.

    My life may well change once I pull that trigger but at least I'll still have a life. If someone breaks into my house at night, I'm not going to wait to see if he plans to do me harm. I'll shoot first and ask questions later. In a situation like this, there can't be any stakes greater than...
  3. bdhsfz6

    Road Rage, revisited.

    I keep a replica Remington 870 shotgun in the gun rack of my pickup. Never had any incidents.
  4. bdhsfz6

    Portable work benches?

    I use a pallet topped with 2x10's clamped to the FEL forks. Easily moves to wherever it's needed and the height & angle can be adjusted to a comfortable level.
  5. bdhsfz6


    Yes, I got the same email. I'm glad to see the FCC has taken steps to prevent Dish from interfering with Starlink.
  6. bdhsfz6

    Hearing protection

    It depends on how you use them and the type of noise involved. These devices do a great job of suppressing loud hum and drone but, as you say, they don't do much for sudden percussion from gunfire or heavy...
  7. bdhsfz6

    Hearing protection

    I have the Apple AirPods Pro which have true noise cancelling: Definitely not cheap but they work very well for...
  8. bdhsfz6

    Hearing protection

    Try a pair of these: I use Apple AirPods and they work very well. Definitely better than plain earplugs. I like that they are Bluetooth enabled so I can listen to music.
  9. bdhsfz6

    If there are aliens, what will they look like?

    They should use this stuff: I use it on my grill. It works great!
  10. bdhsfz6

    Am I nutz?

    A couple of years ago, I picked up a used cement mixer at a yard sale for $5. It was in good physical shape but the electric motor was missing. I installed a hydraulic motor, welded a SSQA plate to the legs of the mixer and used the 3rd function valve to power the hydraulic motor. I use the...
  11. bdhsfz6

    Pouring fuel from cans

    They are indeed a great product. I use them to vent water jugs. I usually get them with the retainer strap to keep from loosing the cap:
  12. bdhsfz6

    Locked Out

    Many vehicles, including our Buick & GMC, allow you to turn these alert options on or off via a menu. I find some annoying but hesitate to disable them since they are sometimes useful.
  13. bdhsfz6

    Level Your Mower Deck

    This may be second nature to most here but to me, I never really thought much about it. Last season, I replaced a Befco 72" 3pt finish mower with an 84" LandPride. I noticed the LandPride cut was nowhere near as smooth as the Befco. I just thought it was due to the wider deck design. When it...
  14. bdhsfz6

    Snow plow on FEL

    I've used FEL plows on all 7 of my Kubota's for over 40 years to plow 1.25 miles of private road. I did manage to break the FEL arm welds on the B7100 HST but I was using a 7' Western plow at the time which generated a bit too much side pressure on the small machine. In my case, plow shoes are...
  15. bdhsfz6

    So many "advice givers" want us to declutter.

    My "hardware hoarding" dates back to the late 70's when I built my house. Back then, it was an hours drive to get to the nearest hardware store. I held onto every extra screw & nail and saved countless hours of driving. Now, some 40 years later, there's a Home Depot two miles from my house...
  16. bdhsfz6

    Locked Out

    With the battery removed, the fob still starts the vehicle and prevents it from locking. These Faraday bags do the trick:
  17. bdhsfz6

    Locked Out

    Both our cars have that same feature (GM vehicles). The removable "key" part of the fob will get you into the vehicle but it won't start it without the rest of the fob. It seems kind of useless so I asked the salesman. He said it's designed to get you into a locked vehicle when the fob...
  18. bdhsfz6

    Locked Out

    I'm the type of guy who is always loosing his car keys. As a result, I used to keep a spare key on a magnet under the bumper. My old vehicle finally gave up the ghost and I had to get a new one. Wow! Talk about culture shock. The new one doesn't have a car key or even a bumper to hang a...
  19. bdhsfz6

    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    I bought several 20' lengths of used 4" well casing from a local well driller to use as light posts. They will require quite a bit of concrete to make a secure base for the load you plan to attach.
  20. bdhsfz6

    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    It's now costing me $50 in fuel to cut the grass every week, I'm thinking of buying a baler and selling the hay. :)
  21. bdhsfz6

    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    My wife and I had this grand plan to save a bundle on a 2 week fly / drive vacation to the southwest this spring. We booked air, hotel and car rental a year in advance to take advantage of the low covid related prices. Everything went great until we showed up at the airport only to find our...
  22. bdhsfz6

    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    With the price of oil going through the roof, I thought it would be appropriate to revive this thread from last year. When I built my house 40 years ago, oil was the most economic solution for both heat and domestic hot water. I installed an oil fired boiler with a tankless coil for providing...
  23. bdhsfz6

    Push Mowers, Battery Vs. gas

    I'm on my third season with my DeWalt battery powered push mower...
  24. bdhsfz6

    Any advice on getting rid of foxes?

    If you can't trap & release, then trap & shoot. Not very sporting but at least you aren't out laying in the bushes all night.
  25. bdhsfz6

    Any advice on getting rid of foxes?

    Years ago, I used a catch & release trap to solve a fox problem...
  26. bdhsfz6

    SSQA plate to three point adapter?

    Sorry, I posted the wrong link. This is the 3pt to ssqa adapter:
  27. bdhsfz6

    SSQA plate to three point adapter?

    I tried doing the same thing a while back using parts I had laying around. By the time I figured out what else I needed to buy for the project, I spent a few $$ more and bought this one from Titan...
  28. bdhsfz6

    Adding a Right Side Grab Rail on An L6060HST

    Looks Good! I was concerned that cutting that much off the base would affect the rail stability since it's bolted to a fairly thin sheet metal fender. That's why I opted for drilling the second hole as in post#1. I'm glad it worked out for you though! I've since traded my L6060 for a cabbed...
  29. bdhsfz6

    Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank

    I had a pallet mounted diesel transfer tank in my pickup for many years. It worked well but I eventually got sick of having to load & unload it every time it needed a refill. the tank took up too much space to just leave it in the truck. A couple of years ago, I installed this rig and now...
  30. bdhsfz6


    I imagine Starlink will impose throttling or time per location restrictions on this RV service if too many customers attempt to install these systems for home use.
  31. bdhsfz6

    Carpenter Bee Wars

    I've been fighting carpenter bees for over 30 years. They're burrowing into the beams and eves of the house & deck. Chemical sprays work fairly well but I'm at the age where climbing a ladder to apply the spray is getting difficult. I tried different traps over the years but none worked very...
  32. bdhsfz6

    Battery powered chainsaw

    Anyone tried the new Stihl electric saws?
  33. bdhsfz6

    The high cost of cutting grass

    Some say the high gas price is a government conspiracy to force consumers to go all electric: I doubt it's true since it's an election year and could lead to a voter backlash in November.
  34. bdhsfz6

    Restarting My '70 Nova Project

    My father's 1963 4 cylinder Chevy II with 3 speed manual trans: It was the car on which I learned to drive a stick shift. Yours might be a bit faster though ;)
  35. bdhsfz6

    The high cost of cutting grass

    You'll use more fuel mowing high/thick grass so the economy is questionable.
  36. bdhsfz6


    Dishy may be able to handle the simple rolling motion of a boat but not necessarily a 180 degree wind / tide shift when at anchor. I installed my dish is several locations and each time it was moved, it took several minutes to re-adjust. There is also a limited range of motion for the...
  37. bdhsfz6


    I ordered the 150' cable when I ordered my Starlink system 18 months ago. The kit arrived in March without the longer cable so I had to install it temporarily with the 75' cable. I just received the shipping notice for the 150' cable yesterday. Hopefully, your wait won't be as long.
  38. bdhsfz6


    The Starlink dish will have to be redesigned for it to work on a boat unless tied up at a marina. When under way, the existing dish will not react to rocking motion or pivoting when at anchor due to wind & tide.
  39. bdhsfz6

    Taxes on tractors

    Unless you have a farm or business, there is a 6% sales tax on tractors here in PA.
  40. bdhsfz6


    I'm also shown in the wait area on the map, about 40 miles east of the nearest active cell, but I've had Starlink service for a month now. I suspect the map is out of date.
  41. bdhsfz6


    Starlink just announced a portability option: STARLINK Starlink is excited to announce Portability as an add-on feature for all Starlink customers. Portability enables customers to temporarily move...
  42. bdhsfz6

    Cleaning Landscape Rock in Flower Beds

    We have rock beds around our house as well using 2-3 " Delaware Valley stone. We use landscape ties as borders with landscape cloth underneath. We call them our "box o' rocks" :) Since there are no plantings nearby, we use spray bleach to control mold and, like you, occasionally blow out...
  43. bdhsfz6

    B2601 rear tire full of hydraulic fluid?

    If it is almost clear, has no smell and feels slippery, chances are it's calcium. It was often used as tire ballast before beet juice & synthetics. Dip a finger in it and touch it to the tip of your tongue. If it tastes salty, it's calcium. Don't forget to spit it out and wash your mouth out...
  44. bdhsfz6

    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    $6.49/gal for diesel!! NUTS !!!
  45. bdhsfz6

    Carrier for lopping shears?

    +1 on the PVC pipe. I have sections clamped to the ROPS and/or FEL arms to carry long handled tools. I also use the FEL cross tubes to carry tools, with a bungee to keep them in place.
  46. bdhsfz6

    Hearing protection

    As you've discovered, the dialogue emphasis feature isn't meant for music. With certain programming which includes music, there is a tradeoff. When you look at HA's, models with adjustable sound tuning (bass, treble & midrange) can compensate for distortion caused by the dialogue emphasis...
  47. bdhsfz6

    Hydraulic Top Link?

    I'm not sure about the Mahindra, but with my Kubota, I can open the side window (not the cab door) and reach the valve levers from outside. I'm not aware of any top link cylinders with a push pull action.
  48. bdhsfz6

    Booster Battery Packs That Last ??

    I have that same Honda EU2200i generator. It can be used to power a battery charger and some models also have a 12V output but both take a long time to charge a battery.
  49. bdhsfz6

    Compressor for a shop

    A lot of good comments above. The only thing I can add is use at least 1/2" hose / pipe for your remote runs to maintain PSI & CFM.
  50. bdhsfz6

    Booster Battery Packs That Last ??

    During my lifetime, I've gone through almost a dozen of these booster battery packs. None have lasted more than a few years before the internal lead acid battery fails. I've replaced a couple of these dead batteries but the cost is so close to buying a new pack that it doesn't seem worth it...