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  1. corl

    pto backup generator

    Does anyone have experience using a PTO generator for backup power for their home? I am looking at them for back up electrical power using a transfer switch for our home. Since I have an MX5100 I could use a 20KW generator but the closest one I can find is 15KW which should work for me. I was...
  2. corl

    Frequency of greasing a MMM for BX2380

    I have a new BX2380 and was reading the manual where it stated that you should grease the deck mower daily. I have a F2100 and the manual says to grease the deck every 50 hrs. What changed? and how often you grease your mower deck and drive shaft?
  3. corl

    Noisy hydraulic system?

    I have a new BX2380 and after it warms up it sounds like there is another engine running behind the passenger seat. It changes its sound when the 3 point lift is raised. It sounds a bit like a flock of blackbirds with a whistle component. I believe something is wrong but wanted to know if the...
  4. corl

    F series vs BX series

    As I have had an F2100 for the last 28 years and loved it I am debating about a new F series or a BX series machine. The $10,000 difference makes me wonder if I could do almost everything with the less expensive tractor. My mower deck is getting holes in it and it can not be replaced. Kubota has...
  5. corl

    F2100 tension pulley on R60-F24 mower deck

    The tension pulley went on my mower deck and I ordered a replacement Didn't think much about it until I picked it up at the local dealer for $584.23. I nearly fell over as it wasn't even gold plated. Just a pulley with a bearing and an arm. Sort of like a wheel bearing already pressed in...
  6. corl

    Kubota seat cushion

    I am looking to replace my torn seat cushion on my 28 year old F2100 mower. Don't need a new seat just the cushion. Any idea where I should look. Thanks!
  7. corl

    Kubota F200 - can't engage the PTO

    Kubota F2100 - can't engage the PTO I have an F2100 front mower with 1900 hours on it. After being gone a week I was unable to engage the PTO - it grinds- when I try to engage it. The clutch works fine and I can change the 2 speed transmission without difficulty. In reading the manual I...
  8. corl

    42 or 48 inch pallet forks

    I have an MX5100 HST Kubota and am contemplating buying pallet forks. I can see a lot of uses for them but don't know enough to make a decision. Prices are all over the board and I have no idea if I should get 42 inch or 48 inch blades. Dealer has suggested 48 inch. I have rigged the tractor so...
  9. corl

    Mahindra vs Kubota

    Well I never thought I would be looking at a Indian made tractor. I always thought I would buy a Kubota. I have a Kubota F2100 machine that I bought new 25 years ago and its a great mowing, snow removal machine. I have a 35 yr old IH 574 RC that I will be trading in on a hydrostatic drive...