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  1. PineRidge

    Steering out and I’m stumped

    A few weeks back I was clearing land and digging stumps using the backhoe on the New Holland 2012 TC40D. This particular tractor uses a SuperSteer axle and 2 hydraulic cylinders work the steering and articulate the complete axle. Anyhow I caught a short stump with the longest of the 2 cylinders...
  2. PineRidge

    Tired of mowing around our 1/3 acre pond

    In the past we have always used a string-trimmer to cut/trim around the pond and that痴 getting really old (me too) Could buy a sickle bar mower but those are another hassle altogether. I have a snowplow that I modified years back that uses a QA to the front of our New Holland TC40D SS. I pull...
  3. PineRidge

    Do any of you guys do this for a hobby?

    Looks like some expensive fun to me
  4. PineRidge

    Unlimited hot water

    I wanted to share one of my latest projects with you all. Our water heater was going on 13+ years and was affording us less and less hot water. We have no chimney or B-vent for the furnace or water heater to vent to so the furnace and the original water heater both vented out the side of the...
  5. PineRidge

    Need plastic PTO shields

    Anyone here know where the PTO plastic safety covers can be purchased? I have a damaged one and need replacements. Thanks
  6. PineRidge

    Have you noticed that they don't build vehicles like they used to.

    Yesterday we took a new 2012 GMC Savanna to the dealership because of a loud tapping noise that started out of the blue. It sounded to me like a collapsed hydraulic lifter. Anyway this van has something like 9,500 miles on it. The service manager listened to the noise and advised us not to drive...
  7. PineRidge

    God Bless Texas

    This was an actual Texas commercial. Note: We wouldn't get away with this in Ohio :laughing: commercial
  8. PineRidge

    Are you old enough to have used one of these Parlor Stoves to heat (not by choice)?

    I grew up in the HVAC industry and years ago my dad had one of his heating companies located in Toledo, Ohio. He installed a new furnace for a guy that had this old Favorite Parlor Stove actually heating his home. Told my dad he could have it if he took it away. Brother and I inherited it when...
  9. PineRidge

    Got a new guard dog

    I got a new dog to guard our house. It was a little more than I thought I should pay but I think when word gets out we'll be a relatively crime free neighborhood. The nice part is he is a year old and already fully trained. For your safety you might want to call the house from the driveway and...
  10. PineRidge

    Do you transfer carbon dioxide between cylinders

    I'm sure more than a few of you either make your own beer or use a paintball gun and if so you use carbon dioxide. My question is this is there an easy way to obtain materials needed to transfer liquid carbon dioxide between 2 tanks both having a CGA-320 type valve? The local welding shops...
  11. PineRidge

    Stihl chain saw with malfunctioning brake

    I have a Stihl chain saw, approx. 9-10 years old with a chain-brake problem. Was using it and when I hit the brake heard something snap and it no longer functions. This isn't a case of something wearing out like a pad or band as it suddenly stopped working. Are these brakes repairable and if so...
  12. PineRidge

    Give me your thoughts & ideas for a community garden

    The wife and I are seriously thinking of setting up a not-for-profit community garden for the 2013 growing season. I posted on Craigslist and there seems to be a lot of interest among folks that really need a space to grow vegetables to put on their table. Other than a bit of information posted...
  13. PineRidge

    Spending spare time flying a MikroKopter

    Haven't been around in a long time lots of things have changed for the wife and I. I have lots of steady work and I'm thankful for that. We put our place on the market, the house is too large for the wife and I since the kids have all moved elsewhere to start their own lives. We have 4 that...
  14. PineRidge

    What's your July 4th Tradition

    What do you all do for the 4th of July? Around here we start with a lot of good food & conversation. And the kids like tractor rides.
  15. PineRidge

    Mother, whats the best way to make a good fodder

    OK so I got your attention with the title, I'll ask your help. :rolleyes: I have a few acres on our property where high tension wires cross the land. Can't build on it because of easements and I'm thinking of putting it to work and make it earn its keep, so to speak. For years I have just...
  16. PineRidge

    Hydrogen generator to save gasoline

    Months back when I was using electrolysis to remove rust from a snow plow a by-product of the process was hydrogen gas. The concept really fascinated me and the wheels started turning in my head..... Now I'm wondering if any TBN members here have made a working (key word working) hydrogen...
  17. PineRidge

    Backhoe Dolly

    Now that I finally have additional web space I'm trying to once again get my New Holland projects back on-line. I was able to save the old pictures but I lost all of the old text aargh. :eek: If there are any TBN members here that may have saved my past projects please contact me as you can...
  18. PineRidge

    I need HTML help, any grus out there?

    I have a particular page residing on my website that needs just a bit of tweaking HTML wise. If there is a TBN member here that can assist me I'm sure this is only a 5 minute deal and I would really appreciate the help. Maybe drop me a PM if you can. THANKS!
  19. PineRidge

    Needed an easy way to pull fence posts

    Thought this might be interesting to other members that need a way to easily pull fence posts or the like. Over the past summer I installed my share of fencing. In the process of finishing a homeowners yard that had just installed an in-ground pool and an ornamental aluminum fence a...
  20. PineRidge

    Time to hook-up the snow plow UGH!

    Ever since I converted a Myers snow plow to work with the TC-40D-SS my snow removal duties have been much, much easier. However making the hook-up to the tractor has in the past always been somewhat of a challenge. Here's what the plow looks like as you pull up to it with the tractor.
  21. PineRidge

    Ever have a hard to find vacuum leak?

    Vacuum leaks on cars, trucks, and the like can be a real PITA to find, even with the use of spray carb cleaner, which is also flammable presenting problems in itself. Anyone here ever try to make a simple smoke generator to flood the vacuum lines and fittings as an easy way to find the leak...
  22. PineRidge

    Chicken Coop & Garden Tools Get Together

    Hey guys haven't been around much lately since we started doing the home remodeling and such scene. Seems like now there just isn't enough hours in a day or days in a week for that matter. Anyhow the wifey and I have had numerous conversations about garden tools and how they never seem to be...
  23. PineRidge

    Do you use a GPS? huh, huh, well do you

    I worked in the HVAC as well as the service station business since I was just a young man (now out of both and a lot older too). Whenever we needed to get from point A to point B a good street map was indispensable and I remember buying many of them from Sohio, now BP. Just recently however...
  24. PineRidge

    Are you running a whiskey still?

    Anyone here have any advice on operating a legal whiskey still? I have a friend residing in Ohio that's looking at a 54K unit and has absolutely zero experience. Any input would be appreciated. Copper Still
  25. PineRidge

    Electrical problem might have ended badly

    The neighbor down the road called me this past Tuesday and asked if I might help him with an electrical problem that he was having. Seems over the summer months he had used an older dehumidifier in the basement to keep things dry. The latter part of the summer the dehumidifier quit working as...
  26. PineRidge

    TN70 injector pump removal

    A friend of mine has a TN70 and the injector pump recently started leaking. The tractor was sent to a servicing dealer because he was unable to find out how to pull the bolts that secured the pump. Have any of you experienced needing to remove an injector, is there a trick that we don't know...
  27. PineRidge

    Open heart surgery tomorrow morning

    Tomorrow at 5:30 AM CT time a good friend of mine Paul Steinberg aka: The original Junkman will undergo open heart surgery to either repair or replace a defective heart valve. If all goes as planned his hospital stay will be 5-7 days. I am including all contact info so that some of his...
  28. PineRidge

    Att: all gru's, computer question

    Need bit of help from you computer gru's out there. (you know who you are) ;) Lately one of our computers seems much slower than normal at times. If I attempt to reboot a screen tells me it is closing down a program running in the background that I expect is hogging the resources. Once...
  29. PineRidge

    Questions on Powerpoint

    Don't know if it's practical or not but I would like to set up a laptop computer to run a Power-point slide show in the background. The presentation would actually be displayed on a remote, wall mounted 26" flat screen monitor that will be around 37' from the laptop itself. While the...
  30. PineRidge

    How do you dispose of your old hydraulic oil

    How do you guys dispose of your old hydraulic oil? I usually give mine to a friend that uses it in an old leaky log splitter. The leak always means that he'll need the next batch from me. :D
  31. PineRidge

    I'm open to suggestions at this point

    Recently the wife and I opened a store within Hartville Market Place and herein lies our problem. We have no inside space for a stock room to replenish merchandise that is sold through the day. We started by loading the SUV to the gills with excess merchandise but it's just not handy loading...
  32. PineRidge

    Web-servers and cron jobs

    Can those of you that are computer savvy tell me if all web-servers have the ability to run cron jobs? Do I need do anything to the server myself to be cron enabled or will I need contact the company that hosts my web site? I need to run software that automatically checks at pre-determined...
  33. PineRidge

    Cold weather hydo filter number

    Can anyone verify that cold weather hydro filter for the TC-40D is a SBA340500980 which is listed for the TZ tractors? Time to get mine changed.
  34. PineRidge

    A question for all you wood workers

    I need to find a source for the whatchamacallit hangers that can be flush mounted in wood (see picture). Can anyone direct me to a source? I have checked Restoration Hardware and carried the part into several local hardware stores with no success so far.
  35. PineRidge

    We're using a router for a general store sign

    Recently the wife and I decided to open a general store within the Hartville Market Place here in our area. Since the store opening is planned for sometime in early Nov. we have a bit of wiggle room to get things together. Since the store will be based on an old west general store theme we...
  36. PineRidge

    Take it all off

    Last fall I purchased a used Myers snowplow that was mated to the TC-40D for snow removal duty. I didn't spend a lot of time making it look nice since the main priority was to find out 1st how well it worked. Since it performed well last winter I decided that it was now time to disassemble...
  37. PineRidge

    What's your take on the WalMart prescriptions

    Maybe you've already heard that WalMart will soon be selling generic prescriptions cheap. I heard the pilot program is to be rolled out in Florida 1st. Will you be getting in on the savings or continue to support your local pharmacist? Everyone needs a prescription filled from time to time.
  38. PineRidge

    Sobriety check point, whadda think??

    Today in while heading home from a family gathering the traffic on the main route that we were traveling came to a slow crawl. Pretty soon I saw the signs posted sobriety checkpoint ahead. Not only that but they had several cruisers parked at the side of the road watching the traffic to be...
  39. PineRidge

    Good news and bad news, ugh my back

    Yesterday I saw a couple of Davey Tree trucks parked in the road in front of our place. Since I needed a couple of loads of chips I put a note on one of the windshields telling them to stop by the house when they could. About an hour later there's a knock on the door and one of the guys...
  40. PineRidge

    Choosing a default mail client

    Whenever I click on an email link the following error appears: Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly set. So how does one set the default mail client to Eudora so that these annoying messages go away?
  41. PineRidge

    Need HTML refresher in CSS

    Need to enlist all you HTML Grus :) I'm re-designing our home page to get better rankings within the various search engines. I am aware that the majority of search engines give a boost in relevancy to words placed within the <H1> tags. They associate the <H1> tag to specify page or topic...
  42. PineRidge

    Anyone use Quark Express

    Do any of you guys use Quark Express software? If so are you happy with the product? I would like to get a little input on the product before I make a purchase.
  43. PineRidge

    Keyword Search Software Needed

    Can anyone recommend an easy to use program (is there such a thing) to assist in keyword search? In other words I would like to find software that if given a keyword phrase like western spurs it will tell me how many times that phrase was searched and any similar related phrases that might also...
  44. PineRidge

    Software needed

    Guys I am looking for software that is user friendly that will enable me to make pages with graphics and text like the following example. The easier to use the better.
  45. PineRidge

    Your favorite tool and why?

    If you haven't already figured it out I'll freely admit it, I'm a bit of a gadget freak. :rolleyes: Whenever I see an interesting tool that looks like it will make a job easier I try to snatch it up. Wanted to share with you what I consider to be my favorite tool. It's a Eliminator socket set...
  46. PineRidge

    Glycerin pressure gauge blows

    In the process of searching for information regarding PTO driven boom sprayers on the Internet I ran into an interesting story about a chap that built one and told his tale (in part). Did any of you guys that are more familiar with glycerin filled pressure gauges ever hear of such a thing, think...
  47. PineRidge

    Hypro PTO pump question

    Tell me how you guys stabilize a PTO pump from spinning, are the chains that I see from time to time the only method that is used for this purpose?
  48. PineRidge

    Free, yes FREE gas for our SUV

    My wife does most of the grocery shopping at Giant Eagle these days. They currently have a plan called "fuel perks" in place where they give you value points toward each gallon of gas, dependent upon your total grocery purchase. Each time you purchase groceries you hand them your card and they...
  49. PineRidge

    Have you been affected by flooding?

    Lately there's been an awful lot on the news about the various areas in the US that have experienced bad flooding. Has the area in which you live been affected by any of this strange weather? So far, we are still high and dry here. (knock on wood) :rolleyes:
  50. PineRidge

    Is 60 MPG really Smart?

    Think this would be a fun second car, not to mention the savings that one might realize in gasoline alone. Smart