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  1. RickB

    My first post over here

    I saw the recipe for pork chops in onion gravy in Our State magazine and wanted to try it. I'll slice the onions a little smaller next time but there certainly will be a next time. Served it with plain rice (smothered with the gravy)and green beans as sides.
  2. RickB

    Extension cord

    Looks like the slag got chipped from the extension cord thread in the welding forum. Good job!
  3. RickB

    NC High Country

    Celebrating our anniversary in the Blue Ridge. Dumb luck had us at the summit of Mount Mitchell this morning. Highest peak east of the Mississippi, it was a near perfect day. Got there about 11:00 AM and there were exactly 6 people on the observation tower. We were able to see Clingman's Dome 70...
  4. RickB

    Do you remember?

    I sure do.
  5. RickB

    GMC Canyon input requested

    I am considering upgrading my pickup. No trailering, not a work truck, just a daily driver. There are a couple 2017 Canyons on dealer lots that look interesting. Both are V6s, one 2wd SLE, one 4wd SLT. Anyone have opinions or experiences to share? Full size trucks are too big, too tall and not...
  6. RickB

    Glory Days Tractor and Engine Show

    I am heading to the show in Yadkinville NC tomorrow (9/27). Anyone else going?
  7. RickB

    Progress report from探he Other Guy

    I am reposting this from another forum for the benefit of those that claim they do not need safety equipment or devices and stuff like this only happens to the other guy. Tomorrow will mark 2weeks since I was run down by my little utility tractor. I might have been out of UAB hospital and into...
  8. RickB

    Tires for 7K car hauler

    I'm looking for brand recommendations for replacement tires for my 7K trailer. Load Range C or D. Low mileage requirements but will be making long trips when it is being used. Not overloaded.
  9. RickB

    Meaningless statistics

    I happened to notice that TBN is creeping up on a quarter million members. That led to me poking around the members page and I discovered a couple things about my own time here: In September I will have been participating here for 14 years. I was among the first 1250 to join TBN. Of those who...
  10. RickB

    Hose Crimper

    Time for a new hose machine for the dealership. We use Weatherhead Coll-O-Crimp U series fittings 1/4" to 3/4" and probably average a couple or three hoses per day. Tell me your likes and dislikes of crimping equipment you use on this style fitting, and where any recent purchases were made...
  11. RickB

    Ballast 80lb Rear Wheel weights

    Any reason I can't mount 4 (2 on each wheel) 80lb Kioti wheel weights on the rears of a DK45SC? No liquid ballast, and it isn"t an option.
  12. RickB

    This shouldn't be here

    Probably should have posted on the Front Porch, or other generic forum, but I wanted to wish all my friends here on the Ford/New Holland forum a Merry Christmas and healthy, prosperous new Year!
  13. RickB

    Moderators---Rural Living

    There's a thread there by a new member that I find disturbing. Please review and respond as you see fit. "Free house" or somenthing similar. Thanks, Rick
  14. RickB

    Upcoming Milestones

    I see we are getting close to two million posts and 80,000 members. Doesn't seem that long ago we reached a million posts.
  15. RickB

    Ford 3 bottom mounted plow

    Ford 3x14" mounted plow. Excellent primary tillage tool for gardens, small to medium food plots, annual bird cover plantings. Category I hitch, trip beams, not automatic reset. Rolling colters, Rear rolling landside. Moldboards, trash covers & shins excellent, shares & landsides very good. $725...
  16. RickB

    Tiller Taylor Way tiller

    Anyone got input on a 5' TaylorWay tiller? I see one in an upcoming auction. Forward rotation, seems to be chain drive. It would probably do what I ask of it. Opinions and experiences welcome.
  17. RickB

    L3830 service indicator

    How does one go about resetting the wrench icon that indicated a service interval has elapsed on an L3830 HST with a digital dash? I am a New Holland tech that services several Kubotas along the way, and this issue came up today. The customer can't find their op manual, which surely has this...
  18. RickB

    Parking tips

    I hope the title made you curious. I have thought about posting this for a while,and this morning is the time. Many of us use our tractors in winter, and store them in unheated buildings or out of doors altogether. Here are a couple things I try to do year-around, but especially in cold weather...
  19. RickB

    Backhoe Need Spec's for Arps 80 Backhoe

    Title says it. Thanks in advance, Rick
  20. RickB

    M4700 not charging

    Not charging, no indicator lamp lit. Battery voltage at the alternator output terminal. Switched power at the smaller red wire in the two terminal plug at the alternator. No power at the white wire at the same two terminal plug. Fuses OK. Where does the white wire lead to/from? Could the problem...
  21. RickB

    Cordless impact wrenches

    Looking at Dewalt (because I have other 18V tools & charger), Snap-On, and Matco (because they service the shop I work at). SnapOn CT4850HO advertizes 400ft/lbs to the Dewalt DW059's 300 and Matco MPTL192WVS with 240ft/lb. Is there a misprint in the Snappy website, or are they really that far...
  22. RickB

    To 1bush2hog couldn't reply by PM so here it is

    To 1bush2hog couldn\'t reply by PM so here it is Happy to help if I can. I bought a set of pliers specifically to reach the fuel filter on TN cabbed tractors with loader. They work extremely well and at about $30 a bargain, as they get used several times most weeks. KD tools #3508, available...