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    Protecting Blueberries

    We have a small blueberry plot of about 12 bushes - southern varieties. The plants are not huge as they have only been in the ground for 1 - 3 years. Last year we used bird netting to protect from bird robbing. It worked well, but was a pain to duck under for harvesting and caught quite /...
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    Kioti NX Maintenance Intervals

    I am not looking to start yet another thread on preferred oils, fluids, filters, etc. I have a very simple question for Kioti NX owners. In looking at my new NX5010C shuttle shift owners manual, I see engine oil / filter replacement at 400 hours, hydraulic fluid / filter intervals at 400 / 200...
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    Spray Foam Insulation

    My heater went out sometime last night while the low was 26F and the daytime high was about 58F. My house stayed above 68F all night and day. Very pleased with the insulating qualities of the spray foamed attic and blown in fiberglass walls. I know that these are wimpy temperatures for you...
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    First NX5010C Regen

    I was a bit surprised when the "regen in progress" light came on in my NX5010C at just under 25 hours. I was expecting a regen at 40 - 60 hours based on posts here and dealer input. I was grappling at 1500 rpm and boosted it to 1800 rpm since the label in the cab says to increase speed to over...
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    Question on Float Valve

    I have only a very basic understanding of hydraulics. I two remotes, one with float. Can the float detent be used like a regular valve with detent to send fluid continuously to a motorized attachment like a Lane Shark? I would like to feed the Lane Shark via the float valve in detent and...
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    Texas 2011 Mahindra 3616 With Loader for Sale (East TX)

    I am looking to sell my open station 3616 Shuttle Shift with ML115 FEL. I bought the 3616/loader new in 2011 and have put 887 hours on it. I recently added 2 rear remotes. There is some minor cosmetic damage. All maintenance was done on-time using OEM parts. I have the original operator's...
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    Flail Mower Peruzzo Ditch Bank Moweron Mahindra 3616

    Peruzzo Ditch Bank Mower on Mahindra 3616 After a lot of research, I have decided to buy a Peruzzo ditch bank mower. I keep going back and forth between the Fox Cross 1600 (640 lbs.) and the heavier Elk Cross 1600 (860 lbs.). I think that the Elk Cross is better suited to my intended uses. I...