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  1. CDsdad

    Powering an electric fence

    We lost about 1/4 of our garden to deer last year. I planted more this year but plan on losing less to the deer, so I put up an electric fence. I used metal posts with insulators and just 1 strand of wire about 300-350 yards total length, so far because nothing is up high enough to attract...
  2. CDsdad

    New Masseys? Anybody seen one?

    I found this on tractorhouse. Says it's a 2007. Anybody else seen these in this color? I've got one a year older and it's red.
  3. CDsdad

    Bleeding 1533 hydraulics

    I just changed the hydraulic filter and fluid in my 1533. As usual, I had no hydraulics when I got through. I worked all my hydraulics slowly but never got anything going. So, I backed out the bleeder screw on the main hydraulic pump, nothing coming out. I backed it out some more and...
  4. CDsdad

    Where are recent threads?

    The most recent threads in the Massey Ferguson forum are gone. There is one for 6/19 and then the next one is 6/1. Where'd they go?
  5. CDsdad

    Spreader Broadcast Spreader

    I'm looking at a P400 Poly hopper broadcast spreader from Agri-Supply. Anybody got one or used one? The picture has Cosmos written on the hopper. What about Agri-Supply? I've never used them. Is there stuff OK?
  6. CDsdad

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Jesus is the reason.
  7. CDsdad

    Do you hunt with your kids?

    I guess living where I live, and being raised as I was, I always assume most fathers take their kids hunting. My daughter loves to go, and this is the first year she's gotten to try out my 30-30 rifle. She's a pretty good shot, 3 in a pie plate at 100 yards, and she's only shot it 10-12 times...
  8. CDsdad

    Too cold to crank

    I'm in the Gulf of Mexico and it was 39 F here this morning, so I know it was cold up yonder for some of ya'll. I'm asking because my grandfather fired my tractor up at 29 F this morning at home at 6 AM with no problems. That's the first time it's been cranked that cold, we just don't get that...
  9. CDsdad

    Old Ford

    I am trying to help my neighbor identify his old Ford. I can't post a picture of it right now and only have 1 mildly helpful detail besides a description. It is originally Ford blue, has the round front hood with headlights either side like an 8N, not sloped front to back like the 3000s and...
  10. CDsdad

    New operator

    He'd never get off if I didn't make him. He's also a lot more handsome than I am. He'll be 3 soon. I thank the Good Lord everyday for him. There was considerable trouble involved in his arrival, not only for him, but his mother. If I never get another blessing, he has been more than enough.
  11. CDsdad

    Bushhog guards

    I'm looking for front and rear guards for a Bushhog SQ600. Does anyone know where I could purchase these online? I've seen them at Bushhog's website but not to buy, and can't seem to find them locally. Plent of stuff for RFMS but not for bushhogs.
  12. CDsdad

    International 240

    Growing up my dad had a 1959 International 240 gas burner. He ran it from 1975 until he replaced it in 2000 with his Kubota L2900. I found one locally, thought it was his old one but wasn't. Hour meter doesn't work as well as other gauges. It's stuck on 2900 hours. The guy wants $2000 for...
  13. CDsdad

    Rowbuster plow/cultivator

    I guess this is the right forum since this equipment is used in the garden. I'm looking for a Rowbuster brand plow/cultivator. My father has one that's 30 years old. It has a 5 hp engine, the large rear wheel is chain driven, front wheel is small and can be adjusted for a deeper or shallower...
  14. CDsdad

    1533 shop manual

    I get tired of calling the dealer every time I get stumped with some tractor quandry so I decided I needed a shop manual. Called local dealer parts and he checked on ordering one. He called back and said MF manual was $175. I was figuring $50-$75 for one. He also said he could get them...
  15. CDsdad

    Anti-scalp front roller

    Anybody know where online I could order a front roller for a Landpride FDR 1672 rear finish mower? I'm never going to be home long enough again to drive to the dealer it appears, so I may as well order. Current dealer doesn't sell online.
  16. CDsdad

    Landpride and more pricing

    What do ya'll think of $1495 for a Landpride 6' rear discharge, brand new, believe it's the 1672 model, anyhow not the real hi-dollar one. I can probably get a package deal of a 700# spreader with stainless fins on bottom and agitator in hopper, a single shank subsoiler/middlebuster combo, and...
  17. CDsdad

    1533 pto lock up

    I took my loader off this morning, hooked up bushhog and get ready to take off AND no pto. Handle wouldn't budge. I actually bent it slightly, no movement. I got down and looked around while ciphering on the problem. Everything looked fine, hopped on, no pto. I finally figured something had...
  18. CDsdad

    Touch up paint?

    While unloading my disc off the trailer with my FEL, I scraped my hood. Its not bad, only an inch long and about a 1/4 inch wide. Does MF have touch-up paint or should I just get some Wal-Mart stuff? I've looked around but haven't seen anything. I know it's kind of an anal question. If...
  19. CDsdad

    1533 pulling power

    Ya'll reckon the 1533 will pull a 6 1/2 or 7' disc harrow. I know my dad has a 2wd 29 hp that pulls a 5 1/2' well, got to be real wet to bog it. I figure I shouldn't have any trouble, got 4wd if I need it. Has anybody used this sized disc harrow with their 1533? What about you 1540 guys, I...
  20. CDsdad

    Hellooo, Jerry G

    Can I find the operators manual for my 1533 online and print it out? I looked around at the MF website and didn't see anything, but I'm gonna look again. I need some reading material out here.
  21. CDsdad

    FEL hydraulics making noise

    If I curl my bucket and lower it at the same time on my 1533 I hear a slight hiss and then a popping/crackling sound. Nothing bent or broken, and I can't find a leak. It's all still new, less than 5 hrs, so might I have a loose fitting or a small leak. Hydraulic oil where it was when...
  22. CDsdad

    Mowing MF 1533 w/6' finish mower

    Only 4 hrs on new tractor and already need more attachments. I purchased a 5' bushhog w/tractor, and was told it would handle a 6' FM. Is a 6' too big? And would it handle a 6' bushhog? I know the rule of thumb of 5 hp per foot of bushhog and I have 26 pto hp. Tractor seems it would pull it...
  23. CDsdad

    Help me out

    OK. I'm planting 20 acres of pine this winter so my bushhogging just got cut by 3/4. I now can buy smaller (30-35 hp) instead of larger (40+ hp). Loader work not heavy enough for larger tractor. Got a good financing deal on a MF 1533 w/FEL. Have a good deal on L3430 w/FEL. I have been a...
  24. CDsdad

    Montana pto HP

    Where can I find pto horsepower ratings for Montana machines? I looked on Montana website and didn't see them. Did I miss them? Do they post them? Are there any dealer websites that post them?
  25. CDsdad

    Gator blades

    Where can I get Gator blades for a Poulan mower? Has 42" deck. Have looked at several site that have gator blades, but none to fit my mower.
  26. CDsdad

    SE dealers

    I've seen a couple of dealers mentioned in TN. Any Montana dealers in south MS or AL. I'd like to look at the tractors if any nearby.
  27. CDsdad

    Price Check Is this a good price for L4400?

    Dealer quoted $15660 for L4400 4wd, $3950 for BushHog loader M246, and $1350 for SQ 720 BushHog rotary cutter. Total out the door $21197. Is this about right for my part of the world? Cutter price seemed high. MX 5000 about $1000 more but I think it's more tractor than I really need. Don't...
  28. CDsdad

    L4400 vs MX5000

    Narrowed my choice to these two. Pretty well eliminated the Grand L's. Any pros or cons anyone know of with these two. MX5000 is a little more HP but for my bush hogging and dirt moving I think either would do. Price difference is about $1500 more for MX5000. Loaders are different but not...
  29. CDsdad

    Grand L 4330 and 7' rotary cutter?

    Grand L 4330 and 7\' rotary cutter? First time here, so hello everyone. Wondering if anyone has used 7' rotary cutter with 4330? I will be purchasing one in the near future and the dealer said probably best with only a 6' cutter. I will be cutting 20+ acres with it, terraced but not too...