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  1. bill in ny

    jd 4005 with rake & tedder?

    what do you guys think about using the 4005 on the rake and tedder? i have a kuhn rotary rake and hyd fold tedder. i'm trying to save on fuel over the two 85hp tractors i use for haying. will this tractor hold up for ten years doing this type of work? i only bale around 7,000 a year.
  2. bill in ny

    jd 2320 price

    does 16,000 sound like a good price with 200cx loader and 54d mmm with independent lift?
  3. bill in ny

    2305 snowblower ?

    will my 2305 run a buhler 50" snowblower ok ?
  4. bill in ny

    bush hog sq142

    will a bush hog sq142 with cat. 1 hitch fit on my limited cat. 1 hitch? the tractor is a jd 2305.
  5. bill in ny

    jd 336 baler problem

    i'm having a problem with the kicker on my baler. quite often it will kick the bale almost straight up. the twine comes off at the same time. acts like the bale catches on something. i've tried to watch it, but i can't tell what's wrong. i just replaced the three dogs that hook into the bottom...
  6. bill in ny

    sbx 520 caseih bayler

    does anyone have any experience with one of these, good or bad?
  7. bill in ny

    iowa farm equipment company.

    anyone own any iowa farm equipment attachments? i'm looking at their 8ft. hydraulic back blade. it looks compareable to a similar bush hog blade.
  8. bill in ny

    kubota M8540HDC12

    just traded in my 06 8540 two wheel drive for this tractor. i really liked my old tractor, but with my loader i think i'll like the hydrolic shuttle better. also the cab and 4wd can't hurt either. wasn't planning on a new tractor, just stopped into the dealer to say hi and he made me a good deal...
  9. bill in ny

    1410 newholland discbine

    thinking of buying one of these. any feedback welcome.