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  1. cat fever

    Rural living beauty

    It's early here in SE Idaho for growing since the snow just melted off my place about 3-4 weeks ago, but I really enjoy this time of year. Green fields, snow capped mountains and blue sky. That little bit of watering going on is a line 800' long. It doesn't look like much but it sure makes a...
  2. cat fever

    The last Barn. (maybe)

    Pictures will be slow coming I'm still trying to resize everything. Here's a start though. I held off building in 2020 because of covid, that was a mistake! It cost much more in 2021 than it should have but I was tired of having all my stuff out in the weather. The Barn is 70'X96'X13'.
  3. cat fever

    Wood that doesn't want to burn.

    Was wondering if anyone could explain this. I have lots of firewood. Some of it could be 20 years old. (time of cutting) I am now trying to burn it. The wood is dry (always under cover) not rotten in any way. Not sure what type of tree it came from other than to say some type of pine tree that...
  4. cat fever

    Might have made a mistake

    I had several gofur mounds and such in my hay pasture. My neighbor was harrowing his fields and ask if I wanted mine done. I said yes. The field looks great except now I have many, many rocks that were pulled up. Looks like I'll be going around putting rocks in my tractor bucket for some time...
  5. cat fever

    Starting our new life

    I posted in a different thread that I have retired. We have now sold our home (under contract) have a piece of land picked out in southeast Idaho and are currently moving to my brothers ranch while we build our new home. My first purchase to move all my crap was this PJ trailer. It's a 30 footer...
  6. cat fever

    First day of the rest of my life

    Here is a picture of my control board at the refinery. In 3 more hours I will be RETIRED!!! The units I am responsible for include; The Tank Farm meaning all shipments of crude oil coming in or finished product shipments out and all the tanks at the refinery. The Sulfur recovery unit and Tail...
  7. cat fever

    Seeding next week for this year.

    Looking forward to seeding my field next week. I put new tires on the drill seeder and I think they are a little taller than the old tires. I did a test run after greasing it up and adjusted the seed depth. Hope I got it right. I will for sure check it once I start seeding. Fertilizer is coming...
  8. cat fever

    Old Man Winter is clearing his throat.

    Here's a few pictures of what Sunday looked like at my place. At the back of the field (2nd picture) you can see where I was trying to turn the dirt over. I had to wait, it was just a little to muddy. It's all done now.
  9. cat fever

    My son is finally tying the knot.

    My son is 28 and finally found the girl who he can't pass by. She really is beautiful in every way. Now she does come with two little terrorist. A 6 year old and a 3 year old this month. Cute little girls but man it's like a storm hit the house when they show up. Total chaos and the noise level...
  10. cat fever

    Not really a full on project, but needed to be done.

    I'm sure you all have that annoying little project that needs to be done, yet we all just keep putting it off. Well, I was just sitting here and thought OK it's time to get the Spring tooth fixed. The problem was the one depth adjuster (wheel) was crooked from hitting something. Previous...
  11. cat fever

    Removing dirt and going with concrete for barn.

    So this barn has been used for 15+ years with a dirt floor for storing hay. We have used a tarp to keep the hay off the dirt but we decided to just go with concrete. We had a guy that was supposed to come and dig it out with his bobcat. After waiting for a few weeks my better half got tired of...
  12. cat fever

    Drill seeder help

    I have a John Deere Van Brunt drill seeder. As you can see from the picture it does not have the small seed box. Here's my question; could I duct tape the seed outlet mostly closed and then seed with alfalfa? In my head it would work but I'm not sure it would in the field. :laughing...
  13. cat fever

    The duh moment

    Am I the only one who does this? I have owned my baler (NH 316) for two seasons now. I have never been able to get grease into 3 of the zirks on each knotter. So a week ago I took the time to take (forgive my lack of using the correct name) the arm off that holds the twine knife. It has two of...
  14. cat fever

    200 hour service

    I have been dreading the hydro/trans fluid change out. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. My tractor holds 16 gallons of fluid and I was stressing over how to manage that much. Well, I siphoned out about 7 gallons. Then drained the rest having to put the plug back in one time to empty...
  15. cat fever

    Sad day in our neighborhood

    While mowing his field my neighbor hit a fence post with his bush hog. He got down off his tractor to check things out. He got to close to the still engaged PTO and his pants got caught up in the PTO. Long story short his left leg is badly hurt and they had to amputate his right leg just below...
  16. cat fever

    A happy Kioti owner

    Now that I've owned my RX6620PS for a couple years plus, I thought I would show a few pics of the work I've gotten done with it. I will say I am a very happy owner, not one problem thus far. Digging up leach line. Maintaining drainage ditch. Setting post for new barn. Help with the...
  17. cat fever

    2016 Hay season started for me.

    Due to the warm weather we have had for over a week now. I have been able to work my pasture, fertilize and over seed my alfalfa with oats. Now, if Mother Nature will help out over the next 3 months I should have plenty of hay. I am getting a new V-Rake this year, looking into the Befco brand...
  18. cat fever

    Tires Loaded tires

    I have a question about loading the tires on my tractor. I understand the benefit for loader purposes; my question is will the tractor act differently at higher speeds like moving from one field to another, and will it be more or less stable turning while going at higher speeds? Thanks I look...
  19. cat fever

    Raising a barn

    So it's finally cooled down enough that I can start building my new barn. This will be a simple pole barn 45' X 72' with a 12' X 72' awning. (closed in) Height from floor to bottom of the trusses will be about 12' in the main barn area. I tore down an old woodshed so I could utilize the...
  20. cat fever

    Rear hydraulic lines

    My question is this; The Stock hydraulic set up on my tractor lifts and lowers my haybine just fine slow or fast just move the lever and it works. The 2nd hydraulic I had added at the dealer lifts just fine but there is no control of the lowering of the haybine. It just drops like a ton of...
  21. cat fever

    Oil & Fuel Need advice on trans/hyd. filter

    I have the 2015 RX6620PS the owners manual says change the tran/hyd. filter after 50 hours. At 200 hours then fluid and filter. So I loosen the filter and fluid starts coming out, no problem I think its just what's in the filter and lines. Well it just keeps coming out. So the question is; how...
  22. cat fever

    New Holland 316 bailer

    I'm looking to buy a bailer. I have not seen (only picture) this bailer in person yet but the seller claims its in great shape and has been taken care of well. Is 4000 bucks a reasonable price for a 316 New Holland? The picture does look good like it has been stored indoors. Thanks in advance...
  23. cat fever

    Hello from Utah almost a new kioti owner

    I just recently bought a new Kioti RX6620ps cab model with FEL. I do not have it yet, but am very excited to get it.:) Maybe a week or two it should be here. I will be using it to grow hay and work around our 6 acre lot.