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    3-Point Hitch PTO Shaft Quick Pin Yoke

    Over the years on browsing through the forum, I've seen numerous threads about people with some difficulty on connecting the PTO shaft. Some people like the pin style, others the collar style, etc. Some time ago, I was watching a video on a flail mower and noticed the guy in the video just...
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    2010 LS R50 with 6840 hours!

    Every time I hear or read people saying that these Korean tractors are this and that or are just good for a hundred hours a year, the classic non sense thrown, usually, by green and orange owners. Well, I just laugh at that and think to my self, these people really haven't not seen any of these...
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    Tiller Fixed rotary tiller to hydraulic side shift conversion

    I'm back with a new project. This one will be the conversion of a traditional fixed 3 pt tiller to an hydraulic side shift tiller. My dad has a couple of orchards with various types of trees and a bunch of varieties of the same trees. Fig trees, avocado trees, orange trees, plum trees, loquat...
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    One of many uses for a front 3 PT hitch

    I've seen comments wondering about front 3 pt hitches on compact tractors and I just happen to find a very good example:
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    10kW Generator revamp (Pic intensive)

    I was browsing OLX (our Craiglist) and come up to this ad for a [email protected] RPM air cooled diesel engine for a great price. I though: Well, this would make a very nice upgrade in power over the current engine on my backhoe. Went there to look at the engine, only to find out that thing was...
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    New Kubota EK1 Series in Europe

    Although it won't be for the US market, I think some of you may find interesting learning about tractors other countries. So Kubota in a collaboration with Escorts Limited, an Indian Indian multinational conglomerate and automotive engineering company, launched their new compact tractor series...
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    John Deere + Deutz = JohnDeutz??

    Let's just say, this is not the ordinary JD tractor. :)
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    New Branson 5520C

    Big Tex tractor just released a video for the new Branson 5520C with some changes versus the other 20 series. Things to note: - Transmission with 4 ranges and easier to get in gear - Regen button, which means DPF. (Wondering how Branson did that with a mechanical engine) - Slightly tweak...
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    Kioti DK5010 doing some heavy work

    Not my pictures. Just found those on a Portuguese logging group on Facebook and thought some of you guys might enjoy this. Here you can see a Kioti DK5010 pulling quite a load of logs. This tractor have to pull this loaded trailer, sometimes up to 50 Km (30 miles) on roads with some decent...
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    Kukje building small engines for Deutz

    Just found this article where Deutz entered a long-term agreement with Kukje to produce the D1.2 and D1.7 engines for Deutz, being 1.2L and 1.7L respectively. This a very nice vote of confidence on Kukje by Deutz. It's nice to see that big brands like Cummins and Deutz have trust in them to...
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    1962 Italian tracked tractor restoration

    I was going through some old pictures and decided to make a slideshow video about the restoration of the 1962 Toselli 226 I had back in 2015. I got this machine basically for free. I traded a very old and small 2wd tractor with 13HP for this one. This tractor comes with a 28 HP air cooled VM...
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    Branson tractors 2020 Agritechnica Germany

    Found this video on new Branson stuff for the European market. This happened in Agritechnica in Germany. A big agricultural fair where pretty much all brands will display some new stuff. I'm surprised Branson didn't have any K series (45 series) there. Probably there isn't anything new on...
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    New stuff from Branson tractors

    Looks like we are going to get some new tractors from Branson. I've been following some dealers that attended to the BransonNational Dealer Meeting 2019 and they are showing some interesting stuff. So far I've seen new stuff on the sub compact tractor range, front mounted snow blower for the...
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    Branson future in the US and new stuff to come

    Found this article about Branson's future in the US. Branson Tractors Aims to be Market Leader Within 5 Years | Rural Lifestyle Dealer
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    New Branson 2515

    For those wondering if Branson would still build tractors after being bought by Tym. The answer is Yes. They are still building tractors and going strong! Here is the newly launched tractor. It's a Branson 2515 both shuttle and hydro. They call it a large frame compact tractor since it has the...
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    New Branson tractors

    Just found a Facebook page from a Lithuanian dealer where they show some new stuff from Branson. First is the Branson P110. The numbers suggests that it will be around 110HP. They say it is already available in the US. I can't find anymore specs or info about this. From the pictures looks like...
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    Homemade loader for Branson tractor

    Hi there So after owing a Kubota B7000 with a loader I've built, I know how versatile a tractor with a loader is and the amount of things that it allows for us to do. Since this new tractor didn't come with a loader, mostly due to the price that would add. This lead me to search for an used...
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    Branson loader question/help

    Hey guys, Due to the fact of loaders over here being quite expensive and since I have most of the steel for the loader frame and mounts, I've decided to design and build one using what I have already. I've mostly figured out apart from the loader mounts that I'm still figuring out what to do...
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    Hydraulic winch

    Most of my work is done on some steep hills with some hidden holes and such, I find my self on situations that requires a lot of diff lock work and I've been getting away with it but I want to have another place in case the diff lock doesn't make it. So I decided to build a hydraulic winch for...
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    Branson F36Rn (3515R) Fuel injection pump question

    Hi there, I have a new Branson F36Rn which is the same as the 3515R over there in US, apart from not having the DPF system and have a mid mounted ROPS instead of a rear one. It has 45 hours and I've been really pleased with it. Lots of power and very stable on steep hills. Anyway, I was doing...
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    help identifying hydraulic pump

    hi, i need help to identify this hydraulic pump, i want to know its brand or specs. I tried every reference on google and found nothing. Thanks.