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  1. George the Beagle

    Super udt2 price shocker

    Time to change the trans fluid on my BX2370....Amazon is selling Super udt2 for $69.96. My local dealer, MB Tractor in Gorham, ME, has it for $26.75. I guess you know what I did. It's not often you come out of a Kubota dealership feeling like you've saved money. :-)
  2. George the Beagle

    BX suspension seat....again....

    This appears to be a relatively recent offering. Has anyone bit the bullet on one of these yet? Kubota BX1800-BX2300-BX2600 Series KM 136 Seat & Suspension Kits |
  3. George the Beagle

    BX Grass collection system compatibility

    The homeowner's association next door to me has a BX2360 with the Kubota grass collection system. They don't care for the grass collection system so they haven't used it in quite some time. They've offered it to me from time to time but I'm not sure I want to be bothered with it either...
  4. George the Beagle

    LA243 weight

    OK, I've looked all over and can't find the weight of the LA243 loader. I'm thinking about a new trailer and am trying to calculate the weight of my BX2370, 54" mmm, Curtis Cab, and loader. I've found all the weights except the loader. I"m quite sure someone here knows. Thanks!
  5. George the Beagle

    Topheavy BX with Curtis Cab

    I've just installed a hard Curtis Cab on my BX2370. It's very nice, as expected. It also makes the tractor more topheavy, which I expected, but it can be tricky at times when I'm mowing. Do any of you install rear wheel spacers on your cab-equipped tractors to help with this situation? My...
  6. George the Beagle

    How to bleed air from cooling system BX 2370?

    I've recently installed a Curtis hard cab on my BX 2370 and am about to install the heater. The instructions say after installation to refill the cooling system and "bleed all air from the system. The cooling system will not operate correctly with air present in the lines." How does one bleed...
  7. George the Beagle

    New BX80 Curtis Cab: $3125. Hand slaps forehead.

    How about this?? Kubota BX8 Standard Cab - Curtis Advantage Series This includes the heater. The least I can find one for my BX 2370 is around $4200, and that doesn't include the heater. My understanding is that Kubota offers a factory cab for the 80 series. I wonder what is going here?
  8. George the Beagle

    Difference between 2370 and 2370-1

    Difference between BX2370 and 2370-1 Trying to figure out which one I have. It's the last year before they went to the 80 series. Thinking seriously of ordering a Curtis cab for it. Thanks.
  9. George the Beagle

    What is this part for my sweeper?

    I just bought a used BX2537A that had no instructions. In spite of that, I managed to get it on the tractor and it works great. It has hydraulic angle and gauge dollies. However, I have a part for it that I can't ID. Any ideas? DSCN2174_zpswo8o8c6z.jpg Photo by teebud | Photobucket
  10. George the Beagle

    Kubota BX2537 sweeper questions

    I've been trying to find one of these sweepers used for many years and finally found a very nice used one with the dollies and hydraulic angle. I am completely unable to find an operator's manual for this. Parts manual is available, but no operator's manual. I plan on using it for springtime...
  11. George the Beagle

    Sweeper manual????

    Anyone have any leads on a Kubota BX2537A manual? It's the 47" sweeper that attaches to the front. I've had no luck at all trying to find one online....
  12. George the Beagle

    Shipping Kubota sweeper from Michigan to Maine

    I've been in the market for a BX2537A sweeper for quite a few years. I really don't want to buy a new one given the amount of use it'll get, but used ones rarely turn up in these parts (Maine). For some reason, I've found at least four in Michigan, one in Toronto. I've never been to Michigan...
  13. George the Beagle

    Landpride 4 in 1 bucket for BX?

    This looks like it could be a pretty useful item for my bx2370. I believe it works with either the quick tach or without. Anyone here used one of these? Thanks.... CB5 Series Combination Bucket | Land Pride
  14. George the Beagle

    Sputtering BX

    BX 1860 occasionally sputters and dies. I changed both fuel filters last fall and still had problems over the winter. Hoping that I had water in the fuel, I change both filters again. When changing the one underneath the tractor, I figured I'd drain off a quart or so from the tank (after...
  15. George the Beagle

    FEL lines refuse to connect. Huh????

    I have FINALLY removed the snowblower on my BX1860 and went to attach the FEL for the first time this spring. None of the four hydraulic lines will click into place. They'll go almost all the way, but won't make the final latch. What am I doing wrong here?
  16. George the Beagle

    BX 1860 headlte assembly broken....twice!

    When I did the 50 hour service on my BX, I was doing fine until I went to re-install the lower engine shroud. Wrestled with it just a little bit and broke the headlight assembly, grrrr. I glued it up real nice and a few weeks later whilst mowing it broke again so I bit the bullet and spent...
  17. George the Beagle

    BX mower attachment: BLECCCHHHHHH!!!!!

    I've had my BX for three years now, and you'd think that by this time I'd be more skilled at putting the MMM on. Of course, I only do it once a year so I don't get a lot of practice. I just finished up putting it on the for summer, and--what a nuisance. I had a 1970 Cub Cadet that had a mower...
  18. George the Beagle

    BX1860 & Salsco chipper--yes!!

    I'm into my third year of ownership with my BX1860, and I've never wished for more power...except I really wanted a wood chipper. I have a large stand of pine trees on my property and boy do they make a mess in the springtime. I have a brushpile that's approaching Mt Vesuvius in size. I've...
  19. George the Beagle

    BX 1860 wood chipper decision

    I've had my BX 1860 almost two years now and it's worked out well. I don't regret not getting the one of the larger models except that I supposedly don't have enough PTO hp to power a wood chipper, which I really need. I've researched all over the net and on this forum and today I took a trip...
  20. George the Beagle

    Rotary Cutter LandPride 1542 question

    I purchased a used 1542 which was stored outdoors. I'm thinking the slipclutch should be checked to make sure it's working, but I can't figure out how to remove the plastic shroud around the pto shaft to gain access to the clutch. This has to be easier than it looks...I must be missing...
  21. George the Beagle

    Rotary cutter for BX 1860

    I have some areas of my property that make me wince when I mow with my MMM...very rough, rocks, etc. I'm thinking of a bush hog type mower for my BX 1860. I've looked at TSC "County Line" 48" (made in India, I believe), $879. I visited my dealer today and looked at the Landpride RCR 1548...
  22. George the Beagle

    G2727A sweeper on BX 1860?

    I have the BX 2750D blower with its quickhitch. I'd like to have a sweeper, but wouldn't use it often enough to justify buying a new one. Would the G2727A 48" sweeper, which came off a G2160 tractor, work on my quickhitch?
  23. George the Beagle

    First use of snowblower w/o chains

    Got to use the bx with front snowblower the other day for the first time. Having read the opinions about tire chains, I was waiting to see how it would work without them. My first few passes were directly out of the garage down a moderate grade, then reverse to the garage. I did notice a very...
  24. George the Beagle

    BX 1860 snowblower fitment

    I'm seriously considering a front snowblower for my BX 1860, and am told that the proper one is the BX2750D. I have found one for sale locally that was on a BX 24. Am I correct that this will also fit on my BX 1860? Included is the quickhitch and hydraulic chute rotator.
  25. George the Beagle

    Gotta love it when you break a new piece of equipment

    BX 1860, had it a couple of months. 38 hours. I've had pretty good luck mounting/dismounting the loader, but today was different. I wrestled with it for almost an hour and gave up. When I came back I noticed I'd bent the bracket on the right side. :( Now I gotta figure out some way to bend...
  26. George the Beagle

    BX 1500 possible purchase

    Am considering this: Kubota BX1500/Loader/Mower A bit pricey, perhaps? Thanks...Jeff