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  1. hazmat

    Need Help Picked up a Project RTV 900 won't start

    I picked up a project RTV900 from my dealer. It had been abandoned at the service department and sat for a few years. Paid $1,000 even for it. If I can get it running, the deal of the year, if not, well at least its keeping me out of other trouble. I'm guessing its a 2006+/- (serial...
  2. hazmat

    Snow fighting decisions. Loader mounted straight or v plow or rear blower? Kubota L

    Pictures as requested. Really enjoying the lift capacity and height on the new tractor. Dealer owes me a cutting edge and hydraulic adapters from JIC to pipe thread The straight on picture is a bit misleading, it doesn't stick past the tractor that much.
  3. hazmat

    Snow fighting decisions. Loader mounted straight or v plow or rear blower? Kubota L

    Have a new to me kubota l5460 picture below. Trying to decide on snow weapon(s) Considering my options for snow removal. On my B3030 I have a front mount blower which works great, but requires removal of loader to set up. Also, the kubota blower for the L is only 74" which is the same width...
  4. hazmat

    Kubota l60 defrost relay location?

    David That is exactly the spot. Thanks a million! I was tearing apart the headliner, apparently in vain. Photo below for future reference.
  5. hazmat

    La1055 assembly instructions?

    Anyone got a PDF copy or a link? Trying to install third function kit, didn't come with any instructions. Was hoping to spend some time on it tomorrow. worst case, Will call dealer on Monday Thx
  6. hazmat

    Kubota l60 defrost relay location?

    Greetings all. It's been a while since I last posted. Just picked up a new to me grand l5460 cab tractor. I bought the rear defrost glass and am in the process of installing it. I can't find the location where I am supposed to install the relay. It is item 30 in the picture. There is no...
  7. hazmat

    B3030 difficulty steering under load

    Back for a visit after 3 years of mostly MIA Work has been rather insane for me since Jan 2009, plus with the 2 kids growing up fast, I've spent very little time on tbn in the last 3 years. Back for a visit to search for answers since my B3030 is having steering issues with a heavy load...
  8. hazmat

    Explaining (pending) loss of pet to 3 year old?

    First I must apologize for not posting much in the last few months. A new baby & busy work schedule are consuming most of my free time. Anyway - I always find TBN is the best place for answers to tough questions so here goes: We made a very hard decision last night - We are going to have our...
  9. hazmat

    Need Help!!! Where to buy BSP Banjo hose assembly?

    I need to re plumb my CCM toplink cylinder. I tweaked the banjo fittings when it made contact with my toolbox:o and quick hitch:mad: . My local guy doesn't have the stuff in stock. Being the heart of hay season, CCM hasn't been much help (I understand that they need to keep the farmers up...
  10. hazmat

    unable to access amazon - anyone else???

    Can't get to yesterday or today - a coworker is having the same problem. Oddly we both tried last night & it worked, but it was late & I went to bed w/o placing my order. Just trying to figure out if Big brother is shutting me out... Usually the firewall/proxy has a notice that you...
  11. hazmat

    Benefits of higher (20MPS FiOS) speed internet?

    Currently have Verizon FiOS 5/2 service. They want to sell me 20/20 for $10 more per month. I really don't have to wait for downloads, but the future in movie rentals is via the internet - ie apple TV or similar. My question is this - if I rent/buy a movie from itunes etc. who is the bottle...
  12. hazmat

    How Many BX's sold over the years???

    Just curious - it seems they are the most popular "compact" tractor. My question applies to all the various models & configurations .
  13. hazmat

    Grading Anybody got a 72" zero turn or front mower Kubota - blade help

    Looking for a high lift and / or mulching blade that "will fit" my RC72-30B mower. If anybody has a ZTR or front mower with the 6 foot deck - I'd love some measurements on the blades. Thanks!
  14. hazmat

    Premium 5 foot box blades - Gannon???? Woods, Landpride, Gearmore, Frontier, Other?

    In the market for a Medium - Heavy Duty 5 foot box blade. Been doing my homework. Requirements >700# (will be used as counterweight) Hydraulic or mechanical retraction of scarifiers (vs pull 5 pins and reposition) Unsure if I want to go with a roll over type, but it is up for consideration...
  15. hazmat

    B3030 mulching or bagging options? 60 vs. 72

    Currently have the RC72-30B mowing deck. I've been disappointed with it's lack of high lift blades, no available mulching kit or bagger. I tried using a trac vac with it, but the low lift blades left a bit to be desired. Trac vac might be sold today - so looking for other optoins. Does the...
  16. hazmat

    Haven't been around much - but warm weather has me in the tractor mood

    Been spending my time skiing (45 days/ nights on the snow this winter) but it's good to be back. Projects for this summer include finishing my fence & a new deck & patio.
  17. hazmat

    How noisy is your kubota snowblower?

    Well I got the chain fixed. Worked her for about 15minutes last night. Man does this thing throw snow. Anyway - it seems kind of noisy. Kind of makes a Wuhwuhwuh sound. Just wondering if it's normal. Wife said it sounded "sick". My 3pt blower was very quite except for the air moving. Of...
  18. hazmat

    B2782 blower spectacular until the chain broke :-(

    First time out only 4" of heavy wet snow. What a beast:cool: Well for 10 minutes anyway until the chain broke:mad: . Just called the dealer - they don't have exact chain, but have generic #50 & will make one up for me. Covered under warranty, but it's an hour ride each way:( . I suppose I...
  19. hazmat

    septic stink in basement - help!

    We are getting a septic smell in the basement. Smell is more noticeable after a shower. No leaks can be found. On advice of my plumber, I had the septic tank pumped. I imagine if it were a plugged vent, that I'd be having draining problems in the rest of the house. Thoughts?
  20. hazmat

    Help me find *good* snow brush / ice scraper

    Busted another one this morning.:mad: I'm tired of buying junk. Help me find one that won't break. Prefer telescoping for added reach on wife's SUV. I'd happily spend $100 if it comes with a lifetime warranty (and a reasonable expectation that I'd never have to use it) - perhaps a business...
  21. hazmat

    Verizon Cell phone / blackberry / wireless broadband???

    Thinking of a new cell phone. Verizon is the first choice as their coverage is better in my area (I have ATT/Cingular now & often can't get a signal or dropping calls). Stopped by the Verizon booth at BJ's wholesale last night. I was overwhelmed with choices... So - someone please school me...
  22. hazmat

    Contemplating Career Change - small business networking questions

    Since we don't have a business forum yet (hint hint) I'll put this here. I'm currently employed as an engineer at a large company. I'm having a bit of an early mid-life crisis. I don't enjoy my work. I'm on my second "career" in the company currently working as a six sigma / lean blackbelt...
  23. hazmat

    A bittersweet day - sold the TC18

    Someone snapped it up on ebay last night. Scheduled to pick her up on Saturday. I'm going to miss her - though I'm really enjoying the (slightly) bigger Kubota...
  24. hazmat

    Interesting 4 board gate design / hardware

    Well I was gonna post here for help choosing hinges etc. for the gates on my fence project, but I stopped by the local fence place on the way home last night. I ordered up 4 "packages" of snug cottage hardware agricultural hinges. See attached pdf that shows installation / gate building...
  25. hazmat

    Biodiesel price check?

    Nearest place (Burke Oil) wants $209 + sales tax for 55 gallons of offroad B20 = $3.80 per gallon delivered. They charge you a $20 drum deposit & will exchange old for new. Hand crank Pump is $30. Last week, On road diesel was just south of $3 a gallon including the road taxes. I'd like to...
  26. hazmat

    After 10 hours, not convinced I've got the new seat on my B3030...

    I've got a call into my salesman - but perhap's y'all can help me figure it out... After using the machine a bit side by side with my NH - I feel like I'm falling off it - especially going downhill. At first my backside was really enjoying the suspension vs. the relatively fixed NH seat, so I...
  27. hazmat

    How to set fence along slope? Tips/tricks?

    After many delays - weather, sick dog, other activities, I've actually set 3 posts on my fence project. I have found my new england rocks - they were hiding under the fence line.:mad: Anyway - the ground slopes a bit. I'm getting ready to nail the boards to the posts. I've set the posts...
  28. hazmat

    online trailer hitch accesory store? - need fast shipping

    Need to purchase a 2" to 1-1/4" receiver adapter (to mount bike rack to 2" hitch). Will place order tomorrow AM, need it by Friday at the latest. Any recommendations? I've used a couple places in the past, but they weren't particularly quick. Amazon (my #1 goto) doesn't sell any "direct" -...
  29. hazmat

    This might restore your faith in the youth of America - teen buys farm

    Mass Teen buys Farm 18 year old bought a farm in Westport, MA for $32K. Looks to be driving a new Kubota (or could be Kioti). Town helped out by buying development rights for $1M...
  30. hazmat

    New B3030 / B series seat vs. old - with pix

    After looking at the B series brochure - I think I did get the new seat with my new B3030. It looks very similar, but doesn't seem to drop off in front. I haven't noticed any comfort issues yet, but only have a couple hours on the machine. So - I'm going to snap a few pix for y'all tonight...
  31. hazmat

    B3030 rear remote problems ????? help!

    Can't seem to get the hydraulic toplink to work. It extended, but won't retract. I re-jiggered (that's a highly technical term) the connections a few times. Figured perhaps there was a problem with the toplink so I swapped it out for the one that worked just dandy on my TC18. No dice...
  32. hazmat

    It's here - new B3030

    Sorry for the junk pic - the weather has not been cooperating. Got it Friday afternoon - then took off to go sailing for the weekend - darn "other" hobbies:rolleyes: Next two weekends are booked as well.:o I feel a case of orange fever coming on if the sun comes out...:rolleyes: Here she...
  33. hazmat

    Help create a hydraulics "wiki" in honor of Madreferee

    I'm sure all are saddened by the loss of Paul. I for one am starting to really see how invaluable a resource he was here at tbn. We are struggling to answer hydraulics questions that he knew off the top of his head. I'd like to create a "wiki" on tbn for all things hydraulic. I need your...
  34. hazmat

    Does the tooth fairy visit tractors? - broke my toothbar

    Maybe if I put the busted tooth under the seat? I'll order a new one & a spare when I order the toothbar for my new B3030. Should have ordered a spare when I had the toothbar built, but I figured I'd have a hard time busting one on an 18 HP tractor. Funny thing is I've continued to use it &...
  35. hazmat

    need HELP - removing rocks from re graded lawn area

    I had a nice writeup, but lost it - so this will be quicker. Regrading where the pool used to be (lots of gravel & concrete chunks buried shallower than I thought:o ). Having trouble removing rocks w/ landscape rake. Tilled the area, then raked. Pulled a bunch of midsize rocks out. Plan A...
  36. hazmat

    Bye, Bye, little blue - hello big(er) Orange

    Sorry guys, I'm bailing on y'all Sealed the deal last week on a new Kubota details in the Kubota forum here I in addition to more HP, I wanted a backhoe & also a MMM - no deal on the NH (subframe not compatible with MMM). I'll still hang around a bit - got to keep up with Dad's TC40DA...
  37. hazmat

    Urgent help - is it OK if blueboard gets wet b4 install?

    They are supposed to be delivering the blueboard for my attic project this morning - I think I just saw the truck go by - maybe he is lost? Anyway - we are having a huge downpour right now. Should I refuse the delivery? Will it be OK to work with? A google search didn't turn up much info...
  38. hazmat

    B3030 Top and Tilt measurements?

    My B3030 is on order.:D I wanted to get a toplink & sidelink ordered up from CCM so I"m ready when the tractor arrives. :cool: I grabbed the length of the toplink closed (18") and the fixed sidelink (16.25") but didn't have a set of calipers with me to get the top & bottom pin diameters off...
  39. hazmat

    Like it or not - you're going to see more of me - new B3030 coming soon!

    Sealed the deal today.:D :D :D Should get the new machine in about 2 weeks - lots of setup to be done... B3030 HSDF w/ loaded (Rimguard) turfs LA403 FEL w/ ATI skid steer quick attach & 60" bucket 72" MMM 2 rear remotes - one valve floating 40 amp alternator Bradco 2,000# front forks BL2782...
  40. hazmat

    XP File Backup utility???

    Want to set up my machine for automatic backups to a usb hard drive. Just data files - pix, music, etc ~20GB. I tried Windows XP Backup utility but it konked out after 15 minutes and 4GB. I even had to manually install it - seems like something that should be built in. Looking for other...
  41. hazmat

    3 board fence help - post setting, preserving, and finish (stain etc)

    Our fence is litterally falling apart. previous owner used rough sawn untreated pine. It didn't last long:mad: Wife insists on painting or staining the new fence white. I tried to convince her that we should go with cedar and let it age - no dice. I figure I'll paint it when installed, in 5...
  42. hazmat

    Test Drove the B3030 - help me decide on options (epecially bucket)

    Nice unit - a foot or so longer than my TC18 but not any less manuverable. Really liked the 3 range tranny. Below is my laundry list - perhaps I am going a bit overboard, but with the 0% financing I figured endure the sticker shock once instead of over time... It is more a question of getting...
  43. hazmat

    Thought I could save $ on a used B3030, but 0% finanacing makes it hard to do...

    Local dealer has a used B3030 available listed for $13,900 with loader (200hours). Add mower, rear remotes, front forks, quick attach etc, I'm at about $20K (at full MSRP - no dealing yet). New setup (no dickering ) would run me about $24K. Cost of money calculation is quickly closing the...
  44. hazmat

    B3030 owners - need measurement - will it fit in my garage?

    I have a small garage - 18 feet deep. My standard operating procedure is to take my loader off in the garage (bucket against the wall) and then park the tractor behind it. Sooo - how much space does it take up to drop the loader & then park the B3030 behind it? In the BX brochure, it looks...
  45. hazmat

    ChipZilla !!!!! (Bearcat 73554 Chipper Shredder)

    Picked up my new Bearcat 73554 Chipper Shredder on Thursday. Got to run it for 5 hours this afternoon. It has a new name - CHIPZILLA :D :D :D Here is a mini review & some pix. I tried to convince my wife to take some video, but she wasn't inclined to help me contribute to your deliquency...
  46. hazmat

    You know you have tractoritis bad when.....

    You take your (20 month old) daughter chipper shopping for "family time". When you return home, she spends more time looking at the chipper (and tractor) brochures than you do. You attempt to make it a learning experience by pointing out the colors of the equipment to appease your "unamused"...
  47. hazmat

    5 x 10 utility - galvanized or aluminum?

    Price is the roughly the same Tasks include picking up home improvement materials & trator implements Tow vehicle is 2004 Honda Pilot 3,500/4,500# tow capacity (box trailer/boat) Option 1 Load Rite UL510-2600 5 x 10 tilt 2,600 GVW 470 # empty $1,700 with aluminum sides & rear ramp $1,150 w/o...
  48. hazmat

    Hose lengths/pics for Class 1 (TC18) Hydraulic Top Link?

    I have the NH rear remote kit. Want to add the CCM hydraulic top link. What length hose are y'all running? Any pics of the setup? Thanks
  49. hazmat

    trac vac 662 or "truck loader" with existing dump wagon for leaf & grass pickup?

    trac vac 662 or "truck loader" with existing dump wagon for leaf & grass pickup? Hi gang, I've got a side discharge mowing deck on order to replace my rear discharge unit. As such I'm ready to declare war on grass clippings and leaves. Tractor - 18HP New Holland TC18 small compact (not sub)...
  50. hazmat

    "New Old Stock" 54" 914A MMMs on ebay

    ebay 914A MMM For all y'all who maybe aren't happy with your 60" rear discharge, here's an opportunity to swap out for < 1/2 the price. I contacted the seller & they are the OEM for New Holland. Seems that New Holland forecast sales higher than actauls on these units & they are moving out the...