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  1. Frankenkubota


    First of all, I knew this going in and it ain't the end of the world but.......I do love to stir things up. I'm trying to figure out a way to get on the gravy train. I'm too old for a govt job, I doubt I can have a child out of wedlock, and I have emotional issues, free $ would help. Duke...
  2. Frankenkubota

    Wellness days

    I guess i'm just trying to stir things up but....... There is a developing trend here in NC. Possibly going on elsewhere? I'm curious. In the last month or so, i've heard on the news about a number of k-12 public schools giving the students a......"wellness day". I'm not sure if the staff...
  3. Frankenkubota

    What would Edison say?

    TV news just said GE to split into 3 separate companies. Medical, energy and........i forget. Funny, many asian companies do just the opposite.
  4. Frankenkubota

    Front Tire Popped Off Bead

    I was lifting the biggest stump yet and while slowly backing up I turned the steering wheel all the way and heard POP. Front left tire. My first real job was at Art and Bills Enco gas station changing oil and plugs and tires etc etc. It was a "service station". Sometimes when changing tires...
  5. Frankenkubota

    Quick Attach pin stuck

    As usual, this is probably old news but..... Many times when changing implements i have a hard time releasing the pins on the QA. Turns out, in my case, once i get the attachment "almost" to its storage spot, i hop off and release the pins before i set the attachment on the ground. In other...
  6. Frankenkubota

    US Hwy 1 how things have changed

    I had to take new pup to vet and always try for the first appt , of any day. I was on US Hwy 1 heading south, nothing outta of the ordinary. US Hwy 1used to be the big dog. National geographic actually did a cover story on it years ago. First, all the traffic was stopped. A big accident had...
  7. Frankenkubota

    Trackman in Baseball

    Don't know how many baseball fans out there but i just saw on the news they have introduced an electronic tracking system to help with balls and strikes. They use it in golf to generate all kinds of statistics.
  8. Frankenkubota

    john deere on strike

    i usually don't tappy tappy during the day but just saw that jd is on strike. good luck getting service parts!
  9. Frankenkubota

    back hoe side saddle?

    it's been almost 2 years since i got my tractor and the BH has never been off. i use it all the time, not every day but almost every time i'm out and about i see a rock or stump and i just gotta rip it out. i drive around with the BH in what i'm calling the standard configuration, it sticks...
  10. Frankenkubota

    loose grease fittings, shame on me!

    my tractor, mx5800, is almost 2 years old and just passed 300 hours. soon after buying, during an early greasing, i broke off one of the zerks because it was loose. not the end of the world but a PITA to get out and then difficult to find correct replacement, until i went to the dealer. I...
  11. Frankenkubota

    injection molded plastic hard to read

    i know i'm not the only one who has lots of trouble reading anything that is molded into the product. it's obviously the same color, usually very small writing's the cheapest way for the manufacturer to put on safety warnings or operating instructions. have you ever found yourself...
  12. Frankenkubota

    Very cool tractor

    last nite our little musical group played at a country fair. at no time were there more than 3 people listening! directly across from us was a line of vintage tractors. i saw this one and fell in love. i thought it might be a diy job but someone said they came from the factory like this.
  13. Frankenkubota

    Flood Cars

    News just had a brief warning about how the used car market is soon to be flooded by flood cars. (pun) i bet there are some bargains out there.......i bet there are some gremlins out there too!
  14. Frankenkubota

    Chinese Gaming Limits

    My son grew up just before the gaming craze. He had plenty of other electronic distractions but a little too old for the online gaming craze. First of all, i don't understand how it works, they must buffer this stuff to death? Don't matter. The Chinese govt has just put in place regulations...
  15. Frankenkubota

    Love Letters. Real Estate

    Apparently there is a new approach to buying a house. They said in NC There is such a housing shortage that buyers have taken to writing letters to the homeowner and leaving them in the mail box. It was implied that this was not kosher and possibly against the law. 10 years ago, while selling...
  16. Frankenkubota

    BH Stabilizer droop

    I did this a while ago but thought it was so obvious, i didn't post it. My BH is kept from drooping by a big hook made of heavy duty steel that grabs a big pin. I was going to weld up a similar solution for me BH stabilizers. They droop and, if you don't pay attention, they turn into bat...
  17. Frankenkubota

    population shift

    no surprise there, our population has been morphing for years. only reason i comment is because i remember i had to take a genetics course and the prof said........ in 100 years 90% of the worlds population will be grey....gray....? The other 10% will have blonde hair and blue eyes. Guess...
  18. Frankenkubota

    Craig's List

    I've used it for as long as I can remember and like lots of folks, Ive got a few stories. i posted my POS 24 ft 20 year old 5th wheel camper for sale a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised by the number of inquiries. I was very honest about it's condition! I believe most responders on...
  19. Frankenkubota

    Billionaire Space Shots

    Looks like a new space race. Good luck to everyone. When i was in that business the joke was....... How would you like to be the pilot on a program awarded to the lowest bidder? (just a joke)
  20. Frankenkubota

    carpenters helper

    This could be old news but maybe it will help someone. I'm putting up ceilings in 3 outside porch areas. Im using tung and groove material, 12 ft long with about a 5 inch reveal. I guess it's about 5/8ths inch thick? I'm doing it solo so, it's a PITA! I wish i'd gone with ship lap...
  21. Frankenkubota

    Gravely Zturn throttle adjustment

    I bought it used with 10 hours on it. Original owner said he didn't like the controls and already had a new lawn tractor in his driveway. I know nothing about many things so I took a friend who works on lawnmowers. When started, I immediately thought the engine ran at a too high RPM but both...
  22. Frankenkubota

    Watering new grass seed

    First....a rant I think 2020 broke every record related to rain fall in NC. For a long time it rained EVERY OTHER DAY! I've got the calendar with my notes to prove it. Miserable We got a little break about mid april so I planted seed. 5 weeks no rain and now beware of the drought. I...
  23. Frankenkubota

    Taps at 3pm today

    For any musicians out there.......i guess there is a national? movement for every one to play taps at 3pm today. Nice gesture, i hope i remember. If you can't play anything stop by, i can show you how to play taps in about 15 seconds, except....not with a bugle!
  24. Frankenkubota

    Geezers Rule

    Man oh man, is this one off topic! Golf has 4 major events a year, they are called majors. In that world, it's a big deal. Yesterday, Phil Michelson, at the ripe old age of 50, won a major event, called The PGA. Oldest ever to win a Major! He whooped the flat bellies! It truly was...
  25. Frankenkubota

    Tail...tale...of the trail

    I walk the logging trails every morning. About 2 miles and 1/2 again in the afternoon to pick up discarded coats and gloves etc. I think Mr coyote is back. For a long time he would leave me a duce dead in the middle of my driveway. You would need a tape measure to see how close he/she gets...
  26. Frankenkubota

    Crown fell off tooth

    I would never do this but.....a close friend had a crown fall off one of his back molars. Crown was probably 35-40 years old, the old fashioned The crown went back on perfectly and.....he felt normal so he decided to super glue it back on. That didn't work and after...
  27. Frankenkubota

    The Sky is Falling

    I watch the tv with the sound off......and i really don't watch very close i get snippets. TV News just said Chinese rocket gonna fall outta the sky. That's all I know. Ya just can't trust them. Of course I mean the news.............hmmmmmm
  28. Frankenkubota

    lumber dimensions

    Can you believe a 2 x 4 is not 2 inches by 4 inches. What will they think of next? I cannot think of another material or industry that operates like that. I guess everyone knows about lumber dimensions's getting worse. I've done siding before. I usually use a 1 x 4 vertically on...
  29. Frankenkubota

    Job Fairs

    Seems every morning on the local news they are announcing job fairs. Apple just announced their first new campus in 20 years, Raleigh NC. 3000 new jobs, probably people to interface with their Chinese workforce! Raleigh is where barney goes to party. I guess it's tuff to hire people? When I...
  30. Frankenkubota

    sprayer with separate concentrate tank

    I've got a sprayer with a separate concentrate tank. The unit combines water and concentrate as it sprays. You control the amount of concentrate by an adjustment knob. To me the benefit is i can just dump the remaining clean water and put the remaining concentrate back on the shelf, leaving...
  31. Frankenkubota

    Brilliant seeder hydraulic connectors

    My mx kubota has flat faced connectors on the front. I have not yet removed the bh but i assume 2 hoses on the bh also have ff connectors? The county rents a brillion seeder that you hook up to your 3 point hitch and connect the hoses. Here is a picture of the connectors on the seeder, they...
  32. Frankenkubota

    z turn advice

    First of all, i know there is a thread about zturns but after reading it for 2 weeks, i can't find it. I've searched etc. I'm not good at this kinda all, a man needs a maid. Sorry. I just found a virtually new Gravely Z turn, zt xl, 52 inch, kawi motor. 10 hours, 6 months old...
  33. Frankenkubota

    Mr Magoo

    1st... this is pretty much tongue and check but.....lots of truth here too. I'm becoming one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time, Mr Magoo. Actually his main problem was eye sight and mines great but, like Magoo, every other system is failing. I bet most you male geezers out there...
  34. Frankenkubota

    Who writes owners manuals?

    I've always thought owners mans were poorly written, for the most part. A well written manual stands out! I also believe the folks that write the manuals are probably exactly the wrong people. I guess the team that just spent 18 months developing a product is then tasked with writing the...
  35. Frankenkubota

    $5000 rock picker upper

    I have a 4 in1 and have been digging up rocks with the bh and moving them with the 4 in 1, no problem. A friend warned me about horse shooting the bottom edge of the 4 in 1. IE don't squeeze too hard with rock in the middle of the bucket, use the corners. Good tip. I went online to find a...
  36. Frankenkubota

    Subscribed threads e mails

    FWIW.....about 6 months ago i stopped receiving e mails on the threads i was interested in. no problem. i've said it before, at the first hiccup, i give up. I don't even try to fix it. Yesterday i received 1 e mail with a few threads, i think. I don't interface well with this IT stuff so, i...
  37. Frankenkubota

    Months with 28 days

    Years ago I read a book about the number 13. Think that's odd? I also read a book about the number zero. That was fascinating! In the #13 book it explained why 13 is considered unlucky by so many cultures, not just the west. I don't remember the many reasons why 13s on...
  38. Frankenkubota

    Duck Dynasty's & Kubota

    I received an e mail from Kubota announcing the duck dynasty boys are doing a video series showing them working their land using Kubota equipment. I tried to reopen the e mail this morning and got an error message which to me dictates, immediately give up so, sorry but no details except...
  39. Frankenkubota

    MX series. 200 hour oil change

    Just have to say, easiest oil change ever! 2nd time. The first time I drained the oil and pulled the filter only to find the FEL was in the way when I tried to refill. I had 3 funnels and of course none of them was just right, made a mess. This time, I raised the FEL, much easier...
  40. Frankenkubota

    Mx 5800 $500K. Package deal Central NC

    Just fishing but you never know. NO.....I will not sell the tractor or anything else by itself, please don't even ask. 200 hours. Buy everything or nothing. 55 acre mature tree farm, deep in the woods. lots of work done so far, lots of equipment, attachments etc. 2 bd rm House and garage...
  41. Frankenkubota

    mx fuel filter

    My mx5800 is 1 year old, I think the 5200 and the 5400 have the same engine, just different turbo? This is probably old news but if it saves a little heartburn..... The fuel filter looks to me like a regular oil filter and of the 8 other factory installed OEM kubota filters ive removed in the...
  42. Frankenkubota

    Floor heat. under tile

    Has anyone used the electric mats you install under your flooring, used to heat the floor in your house? I'm done with laminates etc etc. The big box stores sell a tile that is about 36 inches by 6 inches and looks like wood. I'm sure there are other options. Probably using that. Tile is...
  43. Frankenkubota

    Kubota Tractor Technical Survey

    I received a request to complete the subject survey a couple days ago. Normally I would not but I was curious. I took it and in a nutshell, seems like Kubota is thinking about adding lots of tech to their tractors. Lots of questions about things like remote start and smart phone/app based...
  44. Frankenkubota

    Economics of home delivery

    Not a tractor issue except if you have your oil and filters and parts delivered etc. I'm not sure what to think. I've been single for almost 20 years and do ALL the domestics, including keeping the shelves full. of whatever, food, anti freeze, dog food etc etc tc. I used to have a piece of...
  45. Frankenkubota

    Materials advice needed.

    Seems there a a lot of well informed builder types out there, thank goodness! I'm building my house and garage, using subs of course, but trying to do some myself. The grader guy said I could help but his quote triples when the customer helps! Growing up in Wisconsin, I became a huge Frank...
  46. Frankenkubota

    picture of skull

    My neighbor is the former owner of my land, been in the family for 100 years, never inhabited, it's a loblolly pine tree farm, ready for harvest but not on my watch. I'm always finding something on the morning dog walk and the other day i found a skull bone that stumped my buddy. He's is the...
  47. Frankenkubota

    Diesel Stank

    I spilled a little diesel fuel in the trunk of my car. It stinks and continues to stink. It's a convertible but winters coming. I mixed a bunch of sand and saw dust together and put it in the trunk and drove up and down hills etc. That did a good job of soaking up the oil but, still have the...
  48. Frankenkubota

    Stump Dump

    Not sure where to put this. I've cleared about 5 acres and have generated maybe 75 stumps. The smaller ones, I call them squid stumps, all burned up no problem. I have about 10 big stumps that the previous owner says have been stumps for at least 75 years. Mostly white oak and so heavy my...
  49. Frankenkubota

    zero turn mowers EXPENSIVE

    Surprise. since retired, I try to buy nice used cars. Im finding out I have to spend 2 to 3 times what I spend for a car on a lawn mower! This time, I'm buying all new stuff! If I choose Kubota, it's 4 to 5 times as much! i'm going to have appx. 5 acres of pretty smooth grass to mow, just...